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Dogly Has A Great Sale And Mission To Help Your Favorite Rescue!

I really like Dogly, they have a great mission for our bully breeds and their products are made tough to endure bully play. 

dog products.

I have two bully breeds, a female American Bulldog and a Blue Nose Pitbull. They can be hard to buy things for because they are so rough. 

I am glad I found Dogly because they specialize in the bully breeds and they also have a great mission to donate some of their sales to help bully breeds in need. 

Companies that donate are important to me, and I do have a rescue, the Blue Nose Pitbull was a bait dog, left for dead, after a fight. The guy who found him and a few others cleaned him up, made sure he would make it through the night and handed him off to me. 

Dogly allows me to get quality made in the USA items by a mother-daughter team and I know when I buy from them, they give back by donating to reputable rescues. 

What Items In The Treat Dreams Section Did You Get? 


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