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Using Amazon Prime Day To Cross Many Gifts Off Wishlists

I love having Amazon Prime and one of the times that give us the most savings is on Amazon Prime Day. This is when you get to save even more money, more than usual and you have to act fast because items and deals are all limited!

Many people consider this a Black Friday of sorts for Amazon. That’s because you can get some of the exact same deals that you would get on Black Friday at other retailers.

Some people will actually sign up for Prime a few days before this event just so they can take part in all the deals. People who sign up for this also get the two day free shipping on top of all the other deals that are offered.

This year, however, Prime Day is different. Instead of being held as usual in July, Amazon made the decision to push it further down the calendar into the year. Because of all the economic chaos due to the pandemic, the new sales date will now be October 13th – 14th.

So if you’re someone who already has Amazon Prime, you’ll want to watch out for this new date. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, you’ll want to go ahead and sign up for the service so that you don’t miss out on any of the gift items you’ll want to buy.

The kinds of deals that you can expect on this day are going to vary. But each category should have some blockbuster sale items. The trick to saving the most when this event happens is to know ahead of time what you want to buy and whether or not it’s truly something you need.

For example, saving $50 on a blender that you’ll never use is not a good savings. But if you know you’ll use an espresso maker and you see one on sale, then it makes sense to snap it up.

Also, if you plan to buy something for someone, but you’re not quite sure yet what it is, then you can shop in the general category of stuff they might like. For example, for teens who enjoy gaming, you could look at gaming headsets or gaming keyboards.

However, don’t be so quick to add it to the cart without first doing a little investigating. You’re going to want to look at the reviews to make sure that these are mostly positive. Next, you’ll want to look at the specifications to make sure the products will work for the receiver.

Be sure to check with the manufacturer to see if they’re offering any discounts or coupon codes that you can use for more savings or for rebates. Amazon Prime shopping is poised to help consumers get some of the best deals of the year long before Black Friday and Cyber Monday come along.

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Amazon Prime Day – October 13th and 14th!!

How To Prepare For Amazon Prime Day

  • Budget
  • Plan
  • Choose Gift Wish Lists 
  • Watch For Those Deals
  • Hurry Be First To Buy Before They Are Gone!

Setting Your Budget: First, you want to set your budget! I used my Money Savings Planner and other planners for holiday wish lists to help me. I set a budget per person for each person’s gift list. I then prioritized their wish list items based on what I thought they would need, want or appreciate first. 

Plan: A plan will help you keep track of what you are doing and spending. You want to grab as many of those Amazon Prime Day deals as possible but you also do not want to overspend either. This is why it is helpful to grab all the free planners, print them out and put them to some money saving use. 

Choose Gifts And Gift Lists To Fulfill: Some of us have many people to buy for during the holidays or have many birthdays wishes to fulfill. Amazon Prime Day gives some super savings, it is the perfect time to buy and get that gift wishes crossed off. 

Buy ASAP: Watch those deals, keep refreshing your page to see what is available. You do have to act fast to grab the deals though. This is why it is crucial that you used those planners so that you buy as many of those gifts as possible. You want to buy gifts for yourself and everyone else but you don’t want to overspend and take out second or third mortgages just to do it. 

How We Used Amazon Prime To Buy Gifts For Ourselves And Others

New Homeowner Gifts

We have several friends that recently bought a home or is in the process of buying one. So we picked up some items to congratulate them on such a huge life achievement. If you know someone who is buying, recently bought or is just moving, check out these gift items. This is a tiny list of items we got, useful, practical and will be used just about daily.

New Addition To The Family

Adding children to the family is such an amazing time. I have a large family so I know the cost that goes into keeping afloat. We know some new babies that just arrived and also some children who have found their forever home. So we wanted to send them some gifts to welcome all those lovely hearts to their world. Check out these gifts for families. 

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Gifts For Bigger Boys

We have boys, ages 21, 17, 13, 9 and 2! So we are getting them a couple of items off their wish list and will give it to them during Christmas time. Check out some items that were on their lists.

Gifts For Bully Breed Dogs

We have two dogs, one an Amercian Bulldog and the other is a Blue Nose Pitbull. It is hard to buy for them because everything needs to be bully approved and something that will last! I give them baths every week, so that is lots of grooming items they need. They go through toys like crazy too. So if you know someone with large breed dogs, check out some gifts they could use. 

Gifts For Toddlers

We have a toddler and since he is our youngest, we are having to buy all new items. So we are taking every possibility that arrives deal wise for him. Check out some items for setting up your toddler’s space. 

Don’t Forget To Buy For Yourself Too!

Make sure that you get yourself at least two items, unless it is a really large item, then get one. Amazon Prime Day is the greatest time to go through your own wishlist to make sure you get things you need and want too. 

Saving Money With Amazon Prime Day

How much money you save will depend on what you are getting and how many gifts you plan to buy during the Amazon Prime Day Rush. 

We made a budget of $500.00 total. This is to do lots of shopping for us though, we are a large family… We have seven members plus the two dogs. We are also buying a home, so we will need lots of new items. We are also going to buy at least two items from other people’s wish lists for birthdays, holidays, new baby, wedding and other random stuff. 

Though it may seem like I am randomly shopping, I have actually planned it all out using the Money Savings Challenge Planner, last year’s Thanksgiving Planner, and the Christmas planner to set myself up for today!. 

What Did You Buy Today? What Deals Did You Miss Out On? Hurry Grab These Deals Before They Are GONE!     Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial


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