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Today is Prime Day! It was exciting watching their count-down to Amazon Prime Day. It is a day where Amazon Prime Members get to  Shop Handmade – deals. The deals are really amazing too, it is so worth it.

Is Amazon Prime Worth It?

Some of you asked if Amazon Prime is worth it. To me it is very much worth it. I get Free 2 day shipping on basically everything I order. I also get other perks too such as  music, insider deals, I get movies, Kindle books, unlimited photo storage, Dash, and a few other great benefits.

If I were to pay shipping on all the orders I get through Amazon I would be wasting lots of money that can be used to buy the things my family wants and needs.

I calculated last months orders and if I were to pay for shipping on all of those orders, I would have spent $250 on shipping!

My $99 investment has already paid for itself just on the cost of shipping. I saved $150 just by taking advantage of Amazon Prime! Imagine all the money I saved for the entire year just on shipping costs.

Shop Efficiently

My goal is to help you shop for the things you need and want without over spending, without remorse. If you are dreading every single purchase you make, this takes a toll on your health. The stress will make you sick, then you just suffer because you refuse to buy things and your problems continue.

My recommendation is to get Amazon Prime to save you money, time, headaches and reduce stress.

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Have you seen the deals just for us Prime members? I seen so many great things, things that we have wanted to get for a while but we try to shop smart. We try to wait for the deals, when we save money on our purchases it allows us to buy more.

I know that sounds really crazy, but it is better to save money on as many purchases as possible so that I can buy more.

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It is like rewarding myself for being a better shopper. I may be stopping myself from buying a large item due to cost even though I really need or want that item. I have to buy all these other things we need daily to survive. So that large item gets put on hold.

However, if I can save as much money as possible on those everyday items, I can then use those savings towards that big-ticket item we have wanted or needing.

Therefore I can buy more things by saving money taking advantage of deals I can get.

Having Amazon Prime is one way I can do this.

For example, we have needed a thermometer for the kids. I have wanted a really nice one such as the PREVE® Non Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer – Color Coded Screen for Instant Fever Detection.


Now that has an original price of $80! It is a great product, the reviews are promising and the features it gives are all exactly what I need and today Amazon Prime members can get it for only $33. So I made sure to get it today.

There are so many deals it was hard to just choose a few that I can do without going over budget too much. See even with great deals going on, I still recommend staying within your budget.

Just because something is a great deal doesn’t mean to just buy it. It needs to make sense, be something you need or want and stay within your budget.

The other good ticket items to get are school or office related. We have children still in school so tablets, laptops and computers are things we need to replace or upgrade; So we took advantage of those deals too.

We wanted to upgrade one of the kids TV’s and we needed a new surround system, so we got those items too. We did get some other smaller items, mainly just for fun stuff.

So to recap how I saved lots of money and still get the things we wanted and needed:

  • Take advantage of Amazon Prime
  • Get big-ticket items
  • Price match against other locations
  • Stay within budget

What did you get today as an Amazon Prime member?

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