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Use Black Friday Shopping to Set Yourself Up

to Meet Next Years Goals

Use Black Friday shopping to get most of the things you will need or things you want for the new year. Have you begun to plan next years goals to meet? 

What are your Black Friday shopping and spending habits?

Many of us shop slowly throughout the year, while others use Black Friday to get most of it done.

    • Check out this graph about our Black Friday shopping habits


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Steps To Take To Plan For Black Friday Shopping

  • Get your Black Friday Planner – download, print and Fill Out Completely
  • Fill out your Black Friday Planner that makes sense – Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Realistic. Tangible system.
  • Look for deals on things you hear your family say they are interested in.
  • Get together all your coupons and organize them
  • See which stores are open, when and map out a route
  • Plan to shop with direct sales reps too. I mean, you can get some great deals and even free products!


Save yourself stress, anxiety, worry, energy, money and various other resources and spend all those resources on more important stuff. Like enjoying your coffee, enjoy hearing from a relative just enjoy life and make things easier for you.



Get Everyone’s Lists Together Including Your Own 

Do Not Forget About YOU!

Start off with a solid and firm budget with a slight wiggle room

Set a maximum amount of money that you can realistically afford without going into debt. 

You do want a little cushion in there because during this time of year stores have been known to do various flash or lightening sales.

I wouldn’t want you to under budget and blame me because I didn’t warn you about these amazing deals that spontaneously occur.

Whatever you have left,  put it into your savings account.



I recommend you asking family members to create two lists

  1. Needs
  2. Wishes 

That makes two lists for each person


 Use this master list as a guide as part of your Black Friday shopping needs and spending control.


  • The most important part of being an efficient shopper is your budgeting and shopping plan.


Working Your Black Friday Shopping Plans

When you plan it out, you have time to think of the best way to get those items. How can you get most of the items on your master list?

By thinking about how you can buy as many items you need or want; it will help you learn what to look for and how to get it.

Some of these things can get you some pretty hefty deals, especially the ones that lead to you getting it for free!

  • You can extend this planner even further by using the Christmas Planner 

Some ways you can save money by using a shopping planner include

  • Sales
  • Discounts
  • Flash Price Drops – Lightening Deals
  • Coupons
  • Host a Party with a Direct Sales Rep or Consultant 
  • Refer Customers to Your Favorite Company

++ Using the above shopping methods can get you some hefty price cuts and even free products and services. ++

Try to avoid impulse buying during the holiday season. Impulse buying is fun too, but this type of shopping shouldn’t be used often. Impulse buying can lead to various negative effects. Know ahead of time some items you must get.



Using your Black Friday Planner can help curb impulse buying and help keep you on track towards your goal


Having a complete Black Friday Planner will help you keep organized and more efficient.

I hate wasting time and money; I hate doing things more than once; I hate returning things because I either didn’t do enough planning or my ADHD got the best of me and I impulsively bought an item.


Use the right resources for improved relationship with money plus your shopping and spending habits

After you listed your budget, you made your shopping lists, gathered all the sales Intel needed for each store, it is time to map out a driving route. Make this route to begin at the farthest store location as possible and work your way towards your bubble bath or Epsom salt bath waiting to relieve your stressed and aching body from a busy but productive day of shopping.



Will you have family members helping you? This is a great way to be able to take advantage of multiple deals at the various stores. Use a plan and assign different tasks and stores to certain people. 



 Lastly, keep a log of the items you bought on your awesome shopping spree. I recommend keeping your planner, when next year rolls around it would be interesting to compare them, huh.


How Did Your Black Friday Shopping Go? 
How Much Money Did You Save by Shopping Efficiently on Black Friday Weekend?

Get this Black Friday Planner download and print. It has helpful pages that give you more control of your money, more control of how much money you can save and more control of how much money you spend.  Your family will be more happy overall and having more control creates a more positive relationship you have with money, with saving money and spending money.

I know that spending is something we associate with negativity, even for vacations. I know that going shopping, especially for parents is more than a chore. Spending money in life is mandatory, we need food, water, energy and other resources to thrive and survive. Let’s start thinking about money in a different way. 

So what are your Black Friday shopping habits?

Share with us in the comments your experience. Was this planner helpful to you?

Tell me about how you used this Black Friday Planner.

Get Your Black Friday Planner Here  by clicking on the preview photo 



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