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Looking For For A Gift That Helps Mom With Her Breastfeeding Decision?

This breastfeeding gift guide will help you put together a great gift for parents who are choosing to breastfeed whether it is full time or part of the time. 

breastfeeding gift guide

Breastfeeding is supposed to be this magical time between mom and baby. Sometimes it goes really smooth, some have little hurdles to go through and others have a very hard time. 

The items in this breastfeeding gift guide will help her from day one. It is important for mom and baby to help helpful and supportive people around her, even if some of those people don’t know or understand breastfeeding. Just the support you offer, even a shoulder to lean on is going to help her out. 

You may not like or agree with breastfeeding, but you do need to accept and respect her decision to feed her baby as she chooses to, especially when it is the most biologically normal way that humans get their optimal nourishment. 

Show your acceptance and support by getting her a breastfeeding gift to use on herself and with the baby that lets her know you accept and respect their breastfeeding decision and journey. 

Gifting something as simple as a nipple cream to help soothe those nipples when baby begins to cluster feed will let her know you care about her selfless act. 

Putting together a nursing bag with multiple items inside to help her through those many growth spurts will be greatly appreciated and will be so helpful, she will surely appreciate it. 

Help mom with her breastfeeding experience and create an opportunity for her and baby to breastfeed for as long as possible, WHO, AAP and the CDC do recommend at least two whole years. Get something to help with nursing a toddler, not many people think about older babies still nursing. Mom can certainly use things to help through the toddlerhood nursing period. 

What Exactly Can A New Breastfeeding Mom Use

Yes, breastfeeding does help save money, but there are also some helpful things mom and baby can use to get started. 

During the first eight weeks of the babies life, they are expected to basically stay latched onto mom. She will need lots of encouragement, some helping hands, understanding, and patience. 

Helper: You can offer mom a gift certificate for a mothers helper or maybe offer a few hours of your own time to help her with household tasks. This is especially helpful is she has older children that she also has to care for or if she had a cesarean section. 

Nourishment: It is important for mom to stay well nourished and hydrated as well. If you know her favorite meals, maybe you can prepare some ahead of time, freeze them and they will be easy for her to heat and eat. Or you can splurge a little and gift her a food delivery service for a few weeks, this will be so helpful and is a very tasty thoughtful gift. Help her get in those calories and her water too.

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You can make a few batches of this Tasty Oatmeal Bars, they are homemade and will not only fill her up, but it has foods that can help her increase her milk production too. You can freeze them and she can thaw them out as needed. 

She will need healthy wholesome foods to help her recover from pregnancy and delivery plus producing great milk for the growing baby.  There are foods that help encourage mil production as well, including these foods will be so helpful to her, especially with peace of mind as many moms always have a concern about their milk production. 

Clothing: Breastfeeding in front of people is actually very stressful, very hard, very emotional and gives many moms anxiety. You can help ease these feelings and thoughts with offering some items for her to use when breastfeeding in front of others. 

Shirts that help her baby easily get the milk they need for optimal survival will be really helpful and is a very important piece mom uses daily. Items such as a hands-free pumping bra is going to be super handy to help her with the need for pumping. 

Nursing covers are helpful, especially in the beginning while mom and baby get into the rhythm and routine of breastfeeding in front of others. 

Baby Carrier: A baby carrier is very helpful to a nursing mom. She can get some things done hands-free like light chores, reading a book, even shopping for the family and she can easily and discreetly nurse baby without having to worry about any nursing embarrassment. 

Nursing Accessories: Some moms find a nursing pillow to be very helpful to help prop baby at just the right level comfortable for both. This is especially helpful for a mom who is nursing twins or tandem nursing a smaller baby with an older baby. 

Some moms benefit from items like nipple shield, nipple cream, gel packs, milk storage items, or even a bracelet to remind them which side to start with at the next feeding.

Help her understand how babies development with great apps such as the Wonder Weeks and she can get great use from apps such as Kidfolio, this has a section where she can track babies nursing schedule and pumping sessions as well. 

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For those with older nursers things like an amber necklace, nursing necklace or smaller items that the baby can play with while they are drinking their milk. These things help keep the distractions down so the focus is to quickly eat. 

Pumping Moms: Some moms feel more comfortable with being an exclusive pumper and others have to pump due to returning to work or school. Pumping is much harder than nursing directly from the breast, it is time-consuming and can be stressful. Despite the many hard days and nights of pumping, many do successfully pump for at least the first year of the child’s life. Others are able to produce enough milk to become milk donors, which is just as crucial of a need as blood donation is. 

Put together a pumping bag that enables mom to become the successful pumper she wants to be. Things like a photo frame for her to look at while pumping can help relax her enough so pumping becomes less stressful. If you can capture babies cry, cooing, gurgles, and babble onto a little recorder, this will be sweet and helpful. Anytime a moms brain hears a baby cry it triggers their body to respond with a milk letdown reflex, it is pretty amazing. 

She will need lots of storage bags, healthy snacks, ice packs and if you know the pump type she has, adding some replacement parts to help ensure her pump is working at its optimal performance. 

Gift her some books whether they are actual books or through Kindle, it can help her relax to keep busy while getting through the pumping session. 

Lactation Support: Most mothers who are breastfeeding or pumping will need some sort of expertise help. There is still lots of misinformation being passed around even from a pediatrician as they aren’t required to educate themselves on it. A great breastfeeding gift for a mom especially if she is a new breastfeeding mom or has a baby in the NICU will be a lactation consultant. They are really helpful for mom to help answer any questions she has, help with latching issues, weight issues, milk production concerns, weighted feeds and more. Find a reputable lactation consultant that can possibly come to mom and help her out. 

Check Out The Items In This Breastfeeding Gift Guide And Don’t Forget To Grab A Free Printable Breastfeeding Bundle

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