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Order your Captain Silly Pants Baby Blankets now

Captain Silly Pants, have you heard of them? We are happy to share these fun baby blankets with you for the baby shower! Perfect timing, right, not just to celebrate your little ones but the newest addition arriving in a few weeks to our own family as well.

I know many may say, but you live in Florida, why do you need blankets? Blankets are great, I use them for swaddling, even a baby at 9 months old can be swaddled, depending on their comfort with it. Swaddling helps bring the babies hands and everything back towards their center, this is very important for their emotional status. Have you ever noticed that you can calm hyper colicky babies by bringing their hands to their chest area and covering them, like when we swaddle them? It helps relax them, it may not be a complete fix, but it gives them that reassuring and familiar “squeeze” they received from the womb all those previous months. They are great to cover baby while you do a last minute store run, rainy or damp nights, of course the cold weather is always a given.

The comforting gentle squeeze I need
The comforting gentle squeeze I need

Here are some great things about Captain Silly Pants blankets:

• Captain SillyPants Swaddles help your baby make the transition from womb to world, with a sense of safety, comfort – and style of course!
• Made with 100% Organic Cotton.
• Oversized 48 inch x 48 inch swaddle design.
• Extra soft fabric that gets even better with each wash.
• Lots of adorable, on-trend designs to choose from.
• Perfect for gift-giving to those mommas-to-be & a favorite comfort blanket for toddlers too!
• Swaddles will be ordered exclusively on Eleventh Avenue, and available for a limited time low price, during our pre-order event.

You can comfort me any day!
You can comfort me any day!

• Your satisfaction is our guarantee! If you’re not 100% happy with our 100% adorable, 100% organic cotton Captain SillyPants Swaddles, we will make it right!

Thank you for comforting me
Thank you for comforting me

Get ready to wrap your baby in the most adorable, modern designs and softest fabric around. Captain SillyPants Swaddles help your baby make the transition from womb to world, with a sense of safety, comfort… and style, of course!

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We will be reviewing this lovely blanket on our parenting and kids website, we will let you know when it is posted :).

Be sure to get your order in and follow Captain Silly Pants on Facebook,

Different patterns available
Different patterns available
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