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These gifts for soldiers are not only practical but they will be grateful that you were really thinking of their needs, not just their wants.

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Choosing Gifts For Soldiers To Fulfill Their Needs, Not Just Wants

Being in the military is not an easy task, with the little amount they get paid, it becomes almost impossible for our soldiers to purchase everything they need.

You can help make their life easier with any of these gifts for soldiers.

Christmas shopping for your loved ones is always difficult. Try adding an active duty soldier to the mix.

These supplies for soldiers will help make things simpler for them. If we can make things easier for our soldiers, we should. They are defending our country, so we can help do our part with making it easier for them to do so.

<I want you to have a better understanding on what they could use, and what would help them think of home when they are deployed, or sent out on training.

When it is not guaranteed they will make it home for Christmas, there is always a way to send a package and express that they are always on your mind.

These gift ideas come from Marine’s themselves!

Gifts for Soldiers for Everyday Use

Gel Insoles are always a hot item. Although boots are great for preventing trench foot with the built in vents, the boots that are issued focus on function rather than comfort.

Being in the military comes with a lot of working out and being on their feet for sometimes 10-12 hours. Insoles are not typically an item they think to get themselves, making it the perfect stocking stuffer or light weight item to ship over.

Boot Cleaner Kits are a great way to guarantee their boots are always inspection ready!

In the military there are routine uniform inspections where they pick out every single speck of dirt to haze them about.

By giving them a kit to clean their boots, you are helping them be prepared for any commands criticism!

Boot Bands. Have you seen these tiny green cords? Boot bands play a huge role in boot camp. They are a privilege for recruits to earn, and not a right.

After boot camp, they continue to be apart of the uniform and are responsible for blousing their boots. keeping their cami bottoms from getting wet from mud while doing field ops.

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Traveling duffel bags with wheels are perfect gifts for soldiers after basic training, or any time in their journey.

The sea bags given at basic are great for storing all their belongings, but can weigh 50+lbs. With 2-3 sea bags, this creates a hassle to move.

Depending on the branch they are stationed at, our military can move around 4-5 times before getting to their Permanent Duty Station (PDS). Even after being settled, they will need something to pack clothes to come home, and when they move bases, allowing this to be a very useful gift.

PX Gift Cards are excellent gifts for soldiers that can always be used on base with any branch. The PX is basically a mini military mall on base. It usually has uniform components, video games, jewelry, boots, running shoes etc. All the necessities for our service members.

In the military, service members get about $200 every year depending on the branch, as a uniform allowance. Often times, this is not enough. Giving them the ability to purchase uniforms they need, keeps the little money they earn in their pockets at the end of the day.

Cover Bags are perfect for recruiters, and service members who are constantly travelling in their formal uniform. If you do not know what covers are, covers are the big white hats that marines wear to formal events. They are practically impossible to keep clean.

When the covers get dirty, they have to purchase a new one, and will go through the hassle of putting the new cover on the frame.

Gifts for Soldiers Overseas

A box of favorite snacks is always a good idea. There are a lot of snacks in the United States that aren’t sold in different countries due to the nutritional value, or what ingredients they contain.

By sending them a box of their favorites from home, they are sure to feel a little less homesick. Just don’t send any carbonated drinks! They Will Burst, and soil the package.

thank you letters
Thank A Soldier Today

Letters from loved ones will keep them positive, and keep them going. Grab some friends, talk to your community about sending letters over. Sometimes soldiers feel as though what they are doing is pointless, and we need to send something to help them feel valued and loved. Its hard being away from your family with minimal communication for 6-12 months. The least we can do is remind them we are thinking of our soldiers overseas.

More Pricey Gifts Your Soldier Can Use

New boots are a great gift as they wear through them before boot camp is even over. The Reckonings are the best out there. They run about $260 on amazon, making it a bigger gift.

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These boots are perfect for walking around everyday, and for those long 12 hour shifts.

Cami’s are another perfect gift. Sticking with the uniform theme, if you do not want to give your soldier a PX gift card, they would appreciate the uniforms. Their uniforms are not cheap, and they only get 2 sets of camis in boot camp.

The more uniforms they have, the less they have to worry if the knees are worn through while working out.

Wireless headphones like jaybirds, airpods, and beats. If the soldier works out on their own, this is a perfect gift. This way they do not need to worry about any chords getting in the way of listening to their music.

Even if your Soldier does not work out, these can be great for their room. If they have roommates, this allows them to make their phone calls more quiet so they can be polite to their roommate.

Smart Watches are amazing for tracking their workouts, and being able to check their notifications from their phone in case there is an emergency at work. Of course there are many great perks to a smart watch however they very by brand.

There is an Apple watch, Samsung watch, and a Fossil watch. The fossil watch is powered by google, but can be utilized partnered with all phones. The Apple watch is only compatible with an IPhone. There are plenty of different styles and designs. If you are planning to gift your soldier a smart watch, I recommend going to each store, and talk to a representative to figure out what would be best for your soldier.

Nintendo Switch Lite is great for day to day life in the Barracks. This game is new in 2019, and is bound to be a very popular console this holiday season. This is a smaller version of the Nintendo Switch, and is perfect for traveling.

If your soldier goes on training trips to different countries for a few months at a time, this is a perfect way to spend free time. They can load up on games, and bring their Switch Lite on their carry-on.

Regardless of what you get your soldier, just find something that would be useful and remind them of home, and you will find yourself a winner of the gifting game!

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