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Save Your Family Money Without Sacrificing Living

Saving money is one of the greatest feelings you can have. You gain confidence, become more financially stable, reduces stress and so many other really positive and beneficial things for you.

I Love To See What You Are Saving Money On – Show Me Your Haul!

Saving money doesn’t have to be a burden, it doesn’t have to take that long… but the residual effects can last a long time. Whether you are couponing in order to build your financial safety net or using the money saved for holiday and celebration spending money or your family is going on a much-needed vacation… – We are a community to help you get it achieved. 

51 Items $32.47

One of the things we don’t have much of these days is a community of cheerleaders! A group of people who are happy for you, proud of you and encourage you to save money. 

Having a Community of People to Help You Through Your Money Saving Obsession

You need people who will help you along this journey. People who love seeing you become a happy, fun, stress-less person and live a healthy life all without sacrificing every single penny that you do hard labor for.

People who will help you with each money transaction you want to do in order to save money.

People who applaud your efforts when you save money and build a stockpile.

People who are excited to see you save money and go on vacation at the same time!

Can I Be Your Cheerleader Please?

I want to see you saving money without going without! You should not have to tell yourself or your family member that they can’t have a certain thing because it just isn’t in the budget. 

I want to help you get those items in your budget! I want you to be happy, but not draining all your money into buying the things that you need, wish for and want. 

I want to see all the things you can buy without overspending. I want to know how you did it. I want to give you a virtual High Five and congratulate you on living life on your terms. 

I want to know how the #discountsavingschallenge is working for you and how it is improving your life and your families life.

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Do you need help with the challenge? Do you need help with a breakdown of the steps needed to carry out something? Ask us in the comments. 

Show Me Your Coupon And Sales Deal Hauls

In the comments below I would love to see what you are saving money on and how much you saved on it. If you have a stockpile, I would love to see it as well.

If you have any questions, I am happy to answer! Cheer others on, give them a like or high-five or some words of encouragement.

Use the comment section below to join us, if it doesn’t work for you, head over to our Facebook Post to post it there as well. Yes, you can post it in both areas, the blog community may be different from the FB community, so you may get double the cheerleaders.

This is your official Money Savings Challenge Cheerleader Community

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