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Crazy Circle Carpet Seats For The Kids Room Or Classroom – Are They Worth It?

Crazy circle carpet seats can be used in different ways with kids. I wanted to see if they really were worth it, so I took on the opportunity to give them a try. 

 This is a sponsored review post brought to you by Koeckritz. I received half a set of Crazy Carpet Seats to try out and give you ideas on ways to use them too. Please check out my affiliate and sponsors disclosure if you have questions. 

Why I Wanted To Try Them

I am setting up my toddlers play and learning spaces. I want to have certain areas that can be distinguished from one another so that he learns what each area is for and what he can do in it. I wanted a product that not only gets the job done but is also attractive too. We are making our living room into his play space, so in case anyone comes over, I at least want it to also be presentable. 

I have seen these circles of carpet inside childcare centers and preschools I have worked at and really liked how the kids responded to them. So I knew I wanted a set for my own home since we do lots of things that are also done in child care centers, preschool, and elementary school as we are now a part time homeschooling family; we used to be full time. However, I have always been my child’s first experience with education.

Let me point out that you do not have to be a homeschooler, a teacher or childcare facility at all in order to get great use out of these Cray Carpet Seats. You can be a parent and still get excellent use out of them, they are pretty versatile too. Even if I didn’t have past experiences in a child care center, I would still have been interested in exploring these carpet seats as an option for my children’s bedroom

Even if I didn’t have past experiences in a child care center, I would still have been interested in exploring these carpet seats as an option for my children’s bedroom or play spaces. They don’t even have to be used with or for children only either! 

 Ideas Of Ways We Use The Crazy Carpet Seats Can Be Found Here – Which Ones Do You Like? What Else Would You Suggest?

Circle Carpet Seat Product Info

Soft Seats | A Rainbow of Colors in a Soft Cut Pile make these 18″ Round Rug Mats fun, quirky & versatile.

  • Standard broadloom carpet turned into wonderful, fun & crazy round rug seats.
  • Great for sitting on floors, indoor and outdoor. Use in the grass or on a bench.
  • Made of a Polyester Filament Fiber – Soft Cut Pile | Made in the U.S.A.
  • Edges are sewn with a fabric tape to prevent fraying.
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What I Thought About The Quality

It is exactly as stated on Koeckritz Rugs website, it arrived with the quality and craftsmanship it talked about. They arrived in their box, nicely packaged so they arrived safely. They look so vibrant and decorative yet they are very functional. 

The top portion, the rug, where the kids will be sitting is soft and my boys including the one who has hypersensitive skin and sensory issues loved the feel of the circle seat. 

The bottom has some grip to it so that it won’t move all over the place and the kids won’t slip. I do have slippery floors and clumsy kids so this is a huge plus for us. 

It is very sturdy and I know that how it was made means that the seats will last for a very long time even with daily usage by rough children.

Why I Would Choose To Buy This Over Other Alternatives

As you know, I am all about staying within my budget and also getting the most items for my money so that I am not sacrificing too much. I know there are other things out there, but I wanted something that is versatile, reusable and is quite durable. I like to spend money once and not have to rebuy things later on. Kind of like the concept of doing it right the first time around. 

I like to spend money once and not have to rebuy things later on. Kind of like the concept of doing it right the first time around. 

I knew getting them as a rug was the way to go. I wanted them to also be colorful and bright, they are way more inviting this way. I wanted something that I can also wash when they need to without having to worry about losing the quality or integrity of the products. 

Many told me to just head to the dollar store and grab some, then cut them according to how I want or need them. However, for me this wasn’t the option I was looking for. I wanted something that is more long-term and possibly something that if I take excellent care of them, I can pass them along to someone else.

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I want and need quality without going over budget, I want to use the money I have allocated wisely so that we can fill up the play and learning space efficiently. 

Buying from a great company like Koeckritz means I know I am getting the quality I need and the prices are reasonable and affordable too.

These Crazy Carpet Seats come in sets of 6 and have multiple color options. You can get more than one set or multiple sets, there are many possibilities on ways to use these circle seats. 

Are They Worth The Money And Would I Recommend Them?

For me, they certainly are very worth the investment. I see them more as an investment than just a circle shaped piece of carpet. 

For just a few dollars per piece, I’m getting a durable versatile item. That is what I look for when making my own buying decisions. How many uses can I get with it, this is important for me because it saves me money. 

If I went to any type of discount store, I wouldn’t get what is needed to cross off everything I wanted out of it. Can I find cheap carpet in other places, I can, but it would not have held up to everything I need and want to get out of them. 

Since these are sturdy and is a rug, I can use them in various places. It is easy to wash and keep clean as well. I don’t and will not have to worry about it fraying and coming apart with use with children, since it is made with them in mind. 

These Crazy Carpet Circle Seats Do Meet My Seal Of Approval For Durability, Versatility, and Affordability. 


  • Wear and Tear
  • Price Per Piece Compared to Other Vendors
  • Versatility
  • Durability With Continuous Use With Children
  • Inviting And Eye Appeal
  • Non-Slip
  • Keeping It Clean


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