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You Can Still Save Money As A Disabled Florida Resident With An ABLE United Savings Account

Disabled Florida residents can now save money without it negatively affecting their benefits too much. 

Being disabled is tough, and it is costly too. Many people think that because they are disabled and receive benefits such as Social Security Income (SSI) that saving money will never happen. 

 This is a sponsored post brought to you by ABLE United  to help you find a resource available to you and your child with saving money. Please check out my affiliate and sponsors disclosure if you have questions


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What Exactly Is ABLE United?

 ABLE United is a registered not-for-profit and direct-support organization of the Florida Prepaid College Board.

In July 2015, the State created Florida ABLE, Inc. (d/b/a ABLE United) to be Florida’s qualified ABLE program.

This program was created following the December 2014 enactment of the Stephen Beck, Jr., Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act, which created Section 529A of the Internal Revenue Code, authorizing each state to establish a program that offers tax-free savings and investment accounts.

  • ABLE United offers seven investment options, including four fund options and three portfolio options, for individuals with disabilities to encourage and assist people with disabilities to save private funds to support health, independence, and quality of life.


ABLE United Website | Facebook Fanpage | YouTube Channel


able united helps disabled florida residents save money


I Was There Unable to Save For My Disabled Child’s Future Medical And Living Expenses

I thought the same thing when my oldest son was younger!

 I am so glad to now see this being an option because you just really never know when you will need those benefits for your life expenses. 

My oldest is deaf in one ear, and when he was younger it was really hard to hold down a job. I had to quit two jobs because I didn’t want to be fired as a result of having to call out so much from my son always being sick. 

With the threat of being fired from my third job, I was a mess trying to figure out:

  • How to keep my son from being homeless
  • How will we pay for his therapies
  • How will I pay for his medications
  • How will we get to his appointments – he had three to four per week! 
  • How was I going to feed and cloth him
  • What is the monetary future for him
  • How was I going to pay for services and programs for him to become independent and live on his own

He wasn’t  just partially deaf, he also struggled to live with severe asthma, allergies, then later diagnosed with both ADHD and ODD. Then further diagnosed with severe social anxiety and depression. 

It was so hard to save money! I’d quickly go through my savings when I was not employed. Thankfully I was finally connected with someone to show me that SSI existed and helped me through the application process. 

Though he was approved, and his medical expenses were covered… with me not being able to work, saving money just wasn’t an option back then. 

Thank you, Florida for creating the ABLE United program so that disabled Florida residents can finally save money for those inevitable situations that I have previously been stuck in. 

I currently have other children with various disabilities such as learning, autism, Aspergers, ADHD, ADD, juvenile arthritis, ODD and a few other medical conditions. 

I now can help my children have a better future because I can be proactive by utilizing services and options such as ABLE United.

I want Your Child To Get A Chance To Be One Of Five To Win A $500 Jumpstart On Their Own ABLE Account! 

5 Winners Will Each Win $500 To Add To Their ABLE United Account

 Enter ABLE United $500 Sweepstakes Here Now – Good Luck πŸ™‚


Achieving a Better Life Experience

Thanks to The ABLE Act which was created to help disabled people save money to pay for things like living expenses, medical needs, and other qualified expenses. 

It truly allows these disabled people the ability to not stress and worry so much, especially their caregivers. It is an intense lifting of such a load off their shoulders. 

The stress and struggle along with what used to be an impossible battle are now over! 

Who Qualifies for an ABLE United Account

  • You or your child has a Qualifying Medical Condition that was diagnosed before age 26 years old and is a Florida resident at the time of opening their ABLE account.


Check Here To Easily Find The List Of Qualifying Medical Conditions


Here Are Some Benefits That Enables A Disabled Person To Have A More Quality Life

  • Save beyond the $2,000 resource limit for SSI.
  • Up to $100,000 in an account is not a countable resource
  • Keep funds for future disability expenses

Family and Friends Can Add Funds To The ABLE Account

  • Contributions are not income β† HUGE!
  • Anyone can contribute
  • No federal income tax deduction
  • Contribute up to $14,000 per year

 What I Like About ABLE

I love that it now exists! But seriously, with four younger children with various medical issues, this is really going to be helpful for them. 
I remember struggling with my oldest, between fighting my high school that I deserved my diploma because despite being legitimately absent 87% of the school year due to his illnesses – fighting for his life….. I still got all my work done, with A’s and B’s, just a C or two. 
They Actually Tried Giving Me The Ultimatum Of Your Child Or Diploma! I fought and I made sure that both were going to happen, it took 2 years, but I can now say I have a high school diploma and my son never once was without me by his side. 
I remember praying that I got through my college classes, most times falling asleep on public transportation and him in my lap…. imagine the passengers and bus drivers, Thank You for helping me through those days haha!
Imagine being in the emergency room for over eight hours or watching over your struggling for life child for three to four days… plus being in the clinic at least two times – yes per week!
During this time, my son had no insurance, I was forced to quit my job right before his birth due to my own health concerns. My son had no insurance for the first few months of his life. Until both the ER and our local clinic for low-income people. Thankfully they taught me about the public insurance and how to apply. I wasn’t able to work, his medical bills piling up… They couldn’t figure out what he was sick with. 
Imagine trying to pay for life-saving medications without insurance. Go to your local pharmacy, watch how insured people struggle to pay over $400.00 for one medication
Imagine the stress and depression it causes caregivers not just with the care of the disabled child… But everything else too. 
  • Imagine not just having bills piling up but the inability to save money for future medical and living issues that are a huge possibility when you are disabled!


The Bills Kept Piling Up! Never Mind How Can I Possibly Save Money For Him

Each time I went to an appointment my heart, mind, and spirit were so hurt watching other children who were sicker than any of my own… Including those of my children that they fought to live through the night.

I think about that families financial struggles… How can one possibly pay for on call or in-home care nurses? How can one get and pay for some respite care?

What about children’s financial status and struggles that await them as they get older? What happens financially when if they got lucky to go into remission or a pausing period but luck runs out and it returns later on?

  • These Are Just A Couple Of The Reasons Why I am Happy To Tell You About Going Right Now To Open An ABLE United Account.

If you know someone who disabled, they really need to know about this option. If your family member is disabled, be sure they get their ABLE Account opened right away and give them a lift, add a little money to their account to help them out.

Get them to enter this really helpful $500 ABLE Jumpstart Sweepstakes too! 

5 Winners Will Each Win $500 To Add To Their ABLE United Account

 Enter ABLE United $500 Sweepstakes Here Now – Good Luck πŸ™‚


What Do You Think About This Great Money Saving Option Now Available? Let’s Chat Below

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