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Disclosure Terms and Conditions

Disclosure, Terms, Policy and Conditions

This website Financially Living And Shopping is a sister site of Goody Bag Marketing. When and where it states Us, We, I and Our, includes both companies. It is owned and operated by Marilyn Arriaga

We are hired by companies to bring you awareness of their products and services. Goody Bag Marketing is where companies go to hire us to advertise, market and promote FOR them. Financially Living And Shopping is where the fun is, the goody bags are, the giveaways are, the gift guides and more are located.

We display, advertise and promote products and services through our Goody Bags, Blog Posts and Social Media. We are compensated for including each company in these areas.

Goody Bags

Our Sampling Goody Bags are Free of charge. We will not ask you to pay for the goody bags, the samples or the shipping. They are however only available to our email subscribers. When you sign up to get updates on new posts, sales, and other info about this website, you will get a separate email asking you if you want a free Goody Bag, 

These free Goody Bags can only be shipped to residents in the USA. They contain information about products and services that you have shown interest in.

The contents range from samples, imprinted promotional items, coupons, gift cards, gift certificates, full sized items, and other items that companies would like you to have.

We do carefully screen the contents and they must pass our requirements of participating inside our Goody Bags.

Each company we work with provides items to add to the Goody Bags, if they can not provide quality contents for our Goody Bags, we will not work with them. We are here to help both the company and you, our beloved and very much appreciated reader, we want you to feel comfortable buying from a company who has a strong focus on customer service.

This is the only blogger who does this, Marilyn created Goody Bag Marketing in 1997 and has incorporated these blogging sites to offer even more to consumers. 

You are never obligated to buy from participating companies, though we encourage you to give them a try and please do let us know what you think about our Goody Bag Feedback Here.


For giveaways we are not responsible for them, we may host them, and list them. Enter them at your own discretion. The sponsoring company is 100% responsible for shipping all winners the prize. If by any chance you do have an issue, please do email me marilynprteam @gmail .com

Product And Service Reviews

For products and services reviews, we 100% use it in full before telling you about our experiences with it. Sometimes companies send us products or give us services at no cost for us to use in full and talk to you about. 

No matter how we are compensated we deliver only honest Unbiased information, integrity, no exaggeration, no fluff and give you a pure experience.

Safety Of Links And Health Stuff

We carefully review ALL links found on our website. we want to do our best to only have links that are safe. All links do open in a new window so that you do not loose your place. 

For all health, wellness and fitness products and services please seek medical advice from your primary doctor before starting anything within these areas. We want you to be safe and sound.

Each company we work with goes through an application process so that we bring to you only companies that meet our high standards. If they don’t meet our quality of standards, they will not be able to participate in our Goody Bags, blog posts or social media posts.


If I won’t buy from a company, I would not expect or want you to either. That is not being fair or truthful to you. I encourage you to ask ANY and ALL questions in post comments, I will get them answered for you. I have been in Customer Service since 1997 and your needs are my focus.


Privacy Policy

Companies are NOT allowed to phish this website for customers! If you would like to use our services to reach customers, you can get started here Vendor/Brand Participation

IF you are contacted by a company from our site please email us to let us know at marilynprteam@gmail.com. If you entered a giveaway or got free customized goody bag from a company, they are allowed to contact you to make sure you get what was promised, otherwise, no company should be contacting you from our site. … other than any of these names, Social Butterfly, Goody Bag Lady, Marilyn Arriaga, Financially Living and Shopping sending you updates of More Goodies.

I (Marilyn the owner) personally create EACH Goody Bag provided by and for this site. All information collected about you such as email and mailing address are strictly confidential and are kept private. It is not shared, sold, peaked at or traded under any circumstances or for any reasons. We do not even share, trade or sell the information to vendors or brands we work with.

Our Affiliations And Affiliate Disclosure

We have many affiliations with different companies and services such as Amazon.

If you click on a link and purchase that item or anything from their website, we earn a small percentage typically less than 20% of your total purchase. It never costs you anything for this to happen, companies are not allowed to increase prices to pay out affiliate/referral payouts. 

We are part of the Amazon Associates program, which means we get a commission from sales made through our Amazon affiliate links. Amazon gave us special permission to help you find the best products and deals around.

The monies earned from affiliate links on this site allows us to fully operate these blogs. If there is anything left over a portion is donated to charity and the rest help pays our families medical expenses.

Photo And Video Attribution

We create our own photos and videos for every post. However, there are some photos and videos that are not our own and we always get written permission to use photos and videos on this website and for our social media promotions. We give full credit to their owners and greatly appreciate them for allowing us to use them. 

We follow all rules, laws, and requirements of being both a blogger and a business from the FTC, state of Florida (where the home office is), and the USA.

You may not use any of the contents, photos or videos found on this website or on any of the associated social media accounts.

If you are creating a roundup or editorial piece and want to include any of our photos or videos, you can use one with proper attribution and must link to this blog. That photo or video must have one of our own logos and or websites in it. Those would be either Marilyn-Arriaga.com or FinanciallyShopping.com 

If you would like to use any content, photo(s) or video(s) please obtain permission by email us at marilynprteam @gmail .com 



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