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Grab These Farm Fresh Chicken Breasts Sale Today For $1.48/Pound

Farm fresh chicken breasts are so good. I can tell the difference between meats purchased at different locations, can you? 

What is even better are these chicken breasts will come to your door! I don’t always have time to go to the store but while I am doing my daily life’s tasks, I can easily place an order. 

We use chicken breasts in so many ways that we are always in need of it, does this happen to you too? Well, grab these chicken breasts, they are on sale today! Order lots of farm fresh chicken breasts, season them up and freeze them or get some cooked up in your favorite flavors, add to freezer safe single serve meal prep containers and bam, lunch on the go. 

What Are Zaycon Farm Fresh Chicken Breasts?

These plump, fresh double-lobed boneless breasts are super in slow cooker meals like chicken chili, with the delicate white meat so easy to pull apart with just a fork. Oven-baked recipes are perfect for these extra meaty breasts that stay tender and juicy. Each 40lb case of whole, minimally processed double-lobed “butterfly” breasts is delivered to you fresh, not frozen, packed only in its natural juices. Put them to the test in your kitchen and you’ll quickly see why so many Zaycon families come back again and again for two and three cases at a time. Share this legendary taste with

Share this farm fresh chicken breast taste with your family today!

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