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Have you heard of the Freeloader? It is a backpack style child carrier! Goes on like a backpack and folds for easy storage in the car. 

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I was looking for a way to carry my youngest on my back. Sometimes I just want him on my back instead, more to distribute the weight plus give me more space right in front of me. 

And I found the Freeloader 2, they asked if I can do a review and I of course said yes. While I have received it in exchange to talk about it with yo, this doesn’t change the way I feel about it at all. 

I didn’t realize it was so easy to carry my son on my back! The Freeloader is easy to use and it really does distribute the weight for me. 

I am used to using a sling, then went on to a wrap, and now that he is older it can be hard to do front carrying. 

My oldest son was the first to try it on, he even did some pushups with his brother on his back, they are silly like that!

He said it was easy to use, even for him, he also sai when he comes with is and we needed a break, he would be willing to use it as well. We all know ow siblings can be haha. 

Getting On The Freeloader

It is a backpack, so easy to put on including the straps to ensure your childs safety. At first I didn’t think it had enough straps, I thought it wasn’t going to be safe. I quickly relaized that it was safe, easy to strap I did need help though getting it on. 

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