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Gifts Men Secretly Want

Men, it seems so simple to buy items for them; But is it really? Men these days want many things just like the ladies do. They just may not tell you, at least not directly. Men, they too like to pamper them-self not just mess with tools and cars. So, what did we find for you to check out for the men in your life. Check it out, this gift guide for men has everything you need

Gift Guide for Men

Weybridge 1761 Shoreham Red Self-Tie Bow Tie – Weybridge 1761’s Shoreham Bow tie An awesome plaid check in shades of red and navy blue. This one stands out in the crowd, and you will, too. In a good way, of course! Pre-Tie Bow tie has an adjustable neck strap for 13 ¾” – 19 ½” collars. Bows are 2-1/2″ tall.

blue polka dot

ShotTracker – ShotTracker is the wearable technology for basketball players that automatically tracks shot attempts, makes and misses. ShotTracker is comprised of three pieces – a net sensor, a wrist sensor, which slides into a wristband or compression sleeve, and an app, all of which work together creating a personal shooting profile for each user. These sensors help players and coaches track and analyze a player’s game in real time, as well as give them the tools to improve and compete at the highest level.

ShotTracker - For Purchase

The Drinking Jacket – Having a hard time drinking in harsh winter climate? The solution:The Drinking Jacket. The Drinking Jacket is a stylish and comfortable premium hoodie with an integrated beverage system. What that means is: drinking made easier. Imagine a jacket that facilitates drinking and includes everything needed to make drinking in freezing climate a whole lot easier. Don’t bring the party indoors, keep the party going outside with the Drinking Jacket; the hoodie includes 12 features that you didn’t know you needed. A bottle opener zipper, slip-resistant drink grips, deep pockets, hidden flask pocket and holders for money, accessories and much more! It’s the most versatile jacket to keep the cold away and the party going. Keep the good times rolling with the Drinking Jacket, also available in four modern colors.

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DrinkingJacket White Background

Word. Notebooks – Pocket notebooks designed with style and productivity in mind. Each notebook features a unique bullet point system that makes managing to-do lists just that much easier. Each is sold in a 3-pack.

Adventure Log - 02

Cards Against Humanity""“>Cards Against Humanity – this is one of the most popular games for adults to date. The men in your life will love to play this both with family and friends and when they have the guys over. Cards Against Humanity is a “party game for horrible people”. Unlike most of the party games you’ve played before, Cards Against Humanity is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends – great for all men! With a simple and straight forward card game like this one, the men are sure to love to play this game and enjoy lots of laughs too.


Amazon Echo""“>Amazon Echo – This is the ULTIMATE gift for all of the men! It’s the best smart device on the market to date. You can play all of your music just by using your voice, use hand-free control and can even hear you from across the room. What is the one thing that all men want? To be able to control light switches without getting up – the Echo will do that too! As it appeared on Oprah’s Favorite Things of 2015, this item is extremely popular – so get your hands on it ASAP!

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