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These Gifts Under $20 Will Keep You Within Your Allocated Holiday Budget

Finding gifts under $20 seems easy, but it can be hard choosing something that will be worth the money. You want to get the greatest gift without going over budget and you want to be sure the person will love and use it too.

Christmas is an extremely financial stressful time of year. Not only do you have to worry about budgeting for thanksgiving, but there is also the pressure to get your family the ‘perfect gift’.

If you have not put together any Holiday Planning into place, be sure to check out our Holiday Spending and Planner post.

Sometimes they ask for the most expensive especially if their own budget doesn’t allow for it.

Here are many different gifting ideas, all under $20.

Cosmetic Gifts Under $20

Burt’s Bees make a variety of gift sets ranging from $4.99-$15.99, and are all available at Target.

The $4.99 sets contain a chapstick, and a cuticle cream, and comes in different flavors such as vanilla bean, beeswax, and pomegranate and is in a cute ornament like packaging.

The $9.99 set comes with 3 of their famous tinted lip balms, with two different options, a cool toned pack, and a warm toned pack. The cool tones contains a lighter set of pinks while the warm tones, contain darker pinks and reds.

The classic chapstics are $8.99-$10.99 for a pack of 4 ranging from the regular beeswax, to the holiday flavors such as chocolate mint, chai tea, and peppermint.

Lush bath bombs and bath oils are perfect for the teen or adult with plenty of stress in their life. Lush is a Canadian company that ethically makes organic products that keep your skin soft, and you feeling relaxed all night long.

Lush bath bombs start at $5.95 for the basic bath bomb with subtle scents, and very subtle colors. The bath bombs can go all the way to $10.95 for a double fizzer. These are basically 2 small bath bombs in 1.

Bath oils are small scented balls of oil. Even when touching it, the ball will slightly melt and leave your hands feeling soft, and smelling amazing. These are great alone, or even better when mixed with a bath bomb.

If you are planning to mix multiple together, I highly recommend the intergalactic bath bomb mixed with the you’ve been mangoed bath oil. Its the perfect sweet scent mixed with very pigmented colors and shimmer!

Makeup Palettes for $10, that is right! $10 for beautiful colors and metallic too!

Bath, beauty and skincare are all great gifts under $20 that will definitely get used, it is affordable to you and it helps the person who get them practice self care regularly.

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Gifts Under $20 for Teen Girls!

Advent Calendars are perfect for any teen who needs a pick me up in the morning before school, or work. There are many different types that are all decently priced. From chocolate, to socks. These are more of an ‘early’ Christmas gift, however, it is always easier waking up in the morning when there is something to look forward to. No matter how small.

Fanny packs are perfect for adventurous teens. These are perfect for traveling to theme parks and other areas that has lots of crowds, yet keeps their precious items close by them. They are typically okay to wear on roller coasters, and fanny packs hug your body making it hard for thefts.

Mini backpacks are the new replacement for purses. Many teens are switching over because mini backpacks are more comfortable, they can hold more, and tend to be more stylish.

These are really hard to find in retail stores however, there are plenty of options under $20 on amazon that have hundreds of amazing reviews.

Coloring books are amazing to get a teen who needs something to get their mind off of what is going on.

Again, the best place to get these are on amazon. There are some for more mature and older teens such as cuss word coloring books, and some for younger teens that are more basic, like a sea-life coloring book.

These are perfectly paired with colored pencils, or felt-tip markers. Colored pencils and felt tip markers on its own is a great stand alone gift for the teen who loves to doodle and draw on their own.

Gifts Under $20 for all Teens!

Controller charging dock is perfect for the teen boy who loves to play video games. Typically you can find them for $10-$15 and they can charge 2 controllers at once, making this convenient for a mid-game switch.

They make these docks for both Xbox and PlayStation controllers.

Wallets are always a great gift, especially for your teen with a job. As teens grow and mature quickly, they may go from a childish, animated sense of style, to a more sophisticated and mature style. Getting a nice, basic wallet this will give them room to mature without feeling insecure about what they carry around every day.

Insulated water bottles are perfect for any gender of teens, but these can go for $10-$15. You do not need to purchase an expensive Hydro-Flask for your teen to have cold water all day long.

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A current trend is to place stickers on the teens water bottles to express their personality and what they like. Typically these include animals and memes. Many teens strive to get more water bottles after theirs fills up completely with stickers.

Exploding Kittens is a $20 before-tax game that is perfect for the party type, or a teen with lots of friends, this game is extremely competitive and strange to play at first, however this game can keep a group of people entertained for hours.

New Phone Who Dis? is the new most sought after card game. Many individuals are enjoying this new game, and it is geared towards teens.

This game is made by the creators of ‘What do you meme?’ and displays a text message to which the players have to place down a reply card, and the current rounds ‘host’ chooses the best answer.

Cards Against Humanity Expansion Pack is a perfect game if your teen already has this extremely popular game. There are a large variety of expansion packs including a college edition, Christmas pack, world wide web pack, and many, many more.

These expansion packs start at $5 a piece, meaning you can purchase 3 and still be under $20. Plus these packs give a chance to get a variety of new cards instead of them all belonging to one expansion pack.

Wireless Speakers are great for teens with extra-curricular activities. Especially those who participate in sports. This gives teens a way to play music that others enjoy while on the road.

Speakers always contain a range of prices, and you can easily spend hundreds of dollars on the latest and best model, however target sells a brand called Heyday, that sells amazing quality electronics.

Heyday has wireless speakers for $10 and $10, and they have loops on them, that allow for a key-chain to be attached, so the speaker can be attached to a backpack. Christmas Scavenger Hunt Hide and Go Seek Your Gift

Gifts Under $20 For Adults

Many if the ideas above are also suitable for adults as well. But if you are looking for more adult specific gifts under $20, let me show you some ideas.

  • Games for game night with the neighbors or your best friends
  • Kindle Subscription for those who love to read
  • iTunes Gift Cards, so they can easily purchase apps or pay for anything from iTunes.
  • Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts gift cards

What are some gifts under $20 you received and truly appreciated?

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