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Groupon Should Be Part Of Your Weekly Coupon Savings Challenge Habits

Using Groupon can save you at least fifty percent on all kinds of purchases! 

Groupon isn’t just for you to save some money at your local restaurants these days. You can find great deals for various activities, in your favorite shops and increase your savings on everyday necessities.

 This is a sponsored post brought to you by  Groupon to help you save money and increase your overall savings. Please check out my affiliate and sponsors disclosure if you have questions.

There are hundreds of places to save money on basically everything you need and want to do on Groupon. One of the popular places is Walgreens, another is Target and so many other places. Both Walgreens and Target offers lots of great deals already, so getting additional savings is just a huge bonus! 

Save 15% off right now at Walgreens

Shopping at Walgreens using Groupon is very easy too. Just go into your account, grab the code and save money! Do not forget to add all your savings into your savings planner, Groupon savings should go into your Coupon Savings Challenge section. 

Head To Groupon To Start Saving Money Now

It takes less than five minutes to open your free Groupon account and when you sign up, they give you some great offers right away to use. 

  1. Open Groupon Savings Account
  2. Shop As Often As Possible Using Groupon Codes
  3. Log Your Savings Into Your Savings Planner

Right now Walgreens is having lots of sales going on both clearance and back to school. 

I bet that you can easily save $50 and add that to your savings planner this week. Imagine saving $100 per week using as many Groupon Coupon Deals as possible. What can you do with that savings? I’ll be using my Groupon Savings on another trip later this year. 

Some other great things that you should take advantage are getting a massage, new hairstyle, grab some family fun deals and go make some family memories too. 

Here is what my Groupon Shopping list is looking like:

  • Save 15% At Walgreens
  • Kohls Back To School
  • Rue 21 
  • Old Navy
  • Amazon
  • Swan Boat Rides In Orlando
  • Airheads Trampoline
  • Massage 
  • Mini Golf
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That is just the beginning! I know that the savings will allow me to go on a trip later this year and also put some savings into our home buying fund and emergency funds too. Using Groupon as a regular shopping option ensure that I am able to get things I want, wish for, desire and need without going over budget and without sacrificing some extra along the way. 


Save 15% off right now at Walgreens

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