Low Income Resources

Save Your Family Money Without Sacrificing Living

These holiday assistance programs can help you with food, toys, and bills.

The holidays are tough for many. Many seriously can not afford it. They can’t even afford at least the meal part of it. You can try to budget for it, but for many, they still may not have enough by the time the holidays arrive. Check out our zero waste Christmas post too.

Thankfully there are programs that help those people in need. Find a program near you to get some help this holiday season.

Applying for Holiday Assistance Programs

Things you may need in order to qualify:

  • Birth certificates for each child
  • Social security cards for each child
  • One month’s worth of paystubs
  • Copy of your lease/utility bill for proof of residence

Toys for Tots

When you go to Toys for Tots you can sign up for up to 10 children until age 12 years old. Make sure you check your email to see when to pick up the toys. You will need your driver’s license in order to pick up your toys. Some locations are not making calls this year and are only communicating through emails.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army helps with many things. They can help with utility payments, holiday meals and they offer the Angel Tree program where your child will be able to get picked off of a tree to receive gifts.

Christmas in the City (Boston, Ma)

This p[rogram offers Thanksgiving dinner and gifts for Christmas. The gifts are offered to children 16 years old and under.

Local Churches

Some local churches, especially Catholic ones may have programs that help as well. Some only help with bills others offers meal assistance and gift assistance. Call your local Catholic church to see what they can offer you.

Operation Christmas Child

They offer decorated shoeboxes filled with different items from clothing to small toys to school supplies. See if they offer this in your area. This may be offered in your area, check the Operation Christmas Child site to see if it’s in your area.

Free Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree Santas: They offer this program only in these states. California, Massachusetts, Georgia, Minnesota, New Jersey, Texas, Maryland, Maine, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.

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The Christmas Tree Project: Their trees are often given fully decorated! See if the program is offered in your state.

Trees for Troops: Some military families are given a live tree the first weekend of December. You have to contact them early though.

Trees for Troops

P,O Box 3279

Littleton, Co 801601


If you know of an organization please tell us about it in the comments. give as much info as possible thank you!

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