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Why You Should Shop Clearance After the Holiday!

Anything holiday-related is going to be expensive. it is around once a year, so companies use that time to maximize their profits. But you can use holiday clearance shopping to save money.

The best place to be after any holiday is hitting sales. Stores have to get rid of their seasonal product somehow, so they all go on clearance!

holiday clearance shopping

Wrapping paper. You better stock up!

Target and Walmart get hundreds of extra wrapping paper every year. You can find some great deals on those pretty rolls. Instead of paying $5 per roll, buy from those clearance days and get it for at least half off.

What do you think happens after Christmas? Stores put holiday-related items on clearance, they want to get rid of as much stuff as they can.

During the period after Christmas, Easter, and Halloween items will begin marking down and go up to 90% off. Wrapping paper can go as low as $1 per roll, mini toys you can find for under $2 as well as bags of candy too.  These rolls also include popular characters from toddler TV shows, making them perfect for birthday gifts throughout the year! 

For a standard family of 7, we go through 6ish rolls every Christmas, not including when we have to wrap gifts for birthday parties, and family members. Last year, I spent under $12 for future wrapping needs. Remember, it may not seem like much, but every little bit helps.

We put it in our utility closet, out of the way, out of sight. Now that we are wrapping up Christmas wrapping, all we have to purchase is scotch tape! That’s it! No wrapping paper, no stick-on name tags. Nothing.

This tip can save you hundreds of dollars over the years. So, grab your wrapping paper storage, and prepare to get all your necessities for years to come!

Get some tasty treats! Inexpensive, and the good stuff!

Just like the wrapping paper, pretty much anything deemed ‘holiday related’ will go up to 90% off. 

All the candy you love in the Christmas packaging? 90% off! This includes Lindor, Godiva, candy canes, Merci, hot chocolate, Recess, Hershey’s, literally everything. 

Candy is typically good for 8 months to a year, and when you purchase holiday ‘fun-sized’ candy, they do come individually wrapped making it a lot easier to ensure freshness.

Why buy this candy? Do you have a toddler? Or younger kids? Or work in an office?

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This candy is a perfect bribe, or treat for when they are being extra good. Kids love fun cool designs on anything, especially when it comes to fun treats. They do not care if it is leftover candy, or that it is not Christmas anymore, candy is candy. Usually, it will not expire for a few months at the minimum. Having a candy bowl at the office is also a good idea. I work in fast food and bring candy as treats when they help me keeps things where it is supposed to be.

Potty Boxes and Behavior Treasure Chests

Do you have a little one learning to go potty or have you set up a behavior chart system? Get some of the stocking stuffer toys and candy to stick in their prize box!

Some of these toys are very popular, like kinetic sand, or little surprise balls. There may even be bath bombs. Kids thrive with bribes, and by bribing them with sweet treats, and fun games, learning how to go to the bathroom and behaving in more appropriate ways is a lot more fun than it is a chore.

There are a lot of great finds in the holidays. When my siblings were little, their prize boxes were the only incentive that got them potty trained.

Instead of spending $100 on a prize box, spend $10-$20, and get a lot of interesting prizes to choose from!

Christmas Sweaters and PJs!

Every year, without fail, there are tons of in-store returns of Christmas sweaters. This is the opportunity to stock up for next year and think ahead. You can save $20 on something you will probably only wear once or twice.

PJs are returned just as much, if not more. Especially women’s PJs. Christmas is the perfect time to stock up on all PJs for the year. Women’s Christmas PJs, also get clearance out up to 90% off on select styles. Christmas pajamas are always super soft, and cozy. Getting them for a lot cheaper than originally is always a victory!

This is also the opportunity to purchase any Christmas sweaters, or PJ’s that you really wanted but sold out before you could get your hands on it!

There are very punny and more useful than just one party every year. Wear them to the office next year, or even wear them to bed as Christmas PJ tops. They tend to be very comfortable and perfect for the cool weather.

Although I do not recommend waiting until after Christmas if there is a ‘must-have’ item you see on the shelves, this is an amazing way to shop for anything else you may need that you didn’t get for Christmas. 

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Clearance Gift Sets

Pretty much any store in the country offers gift sets for Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

However, these are perfect to stock up on for toiletries. If you are running out of everything, including razors and shaving cream, grab some of these kits! 

Most shave kits come with a razor, shaving cream, and either post-shave balm or lotion depending on what gender it was geared towards. These typically go for $15 before going on clearance.

 Shaving creams that are nicer can cost $5-$10, let alone having to get razors.

After Christmas and Valentine’s Day are the perfect opportunity to stock up and get everything you need while it is cheaper than the normal bottles. Typically these sets lower the price by $2-$3 for the set to be able to get more for the price, however when these sets do not sell-through, and the price is lowered, you get even more for the price.

Bath and Body Works! 

Bath and Body Works also make cute gifting sets. Getting these sets for cheaper is always a lot more fun considering the products can cost up to $15 apiece. 

Any holiday that has gifting that accompanies it, is the season for being financially conscious. Being financially conscious means looking ahead at the items you will need to purchase.

Toiletries, body care, and looking out for items you will for sure use, are things that you should always look for at a cheaper price. Why would you walk away from a potential savings of $100+? 

Think ahead. You will always need shampoo, conditioner, and everyone always uses wrapping paper at Christmas. Why keep yourself from these savings?

Make it a Challenge to Shop Holiday Clearance

When you make it a challenge it will force you to check around for the deals. From actual gifts to decor to gift wrapping needs. You can find Walmart offers toys on clearance and their annual sale of buying 2 get 1 free deal. Challenge yourself to save a certain amount of money or set aside a certain amount of money and not buying more than that. All monies you have saved must go into your savings account.

How much money did you save shopping the holiday clearance items?

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