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Holiday Food and Drink Guide

This Holiday Food and Drink Guide will help you find those tasty dishes, drinks and items to make it all possible!

You want everything to be perfect for the holidays, but you also want it stress and anxiety free. Another important part is affordability! No one wants to spend their entire paycheck on items they may only use once a year.  

If you took a look at my Holiday Savings Post, I gave tips on how to save throughout the year to help cut down on cost and having to do impulse stress and anxiety filled last-minute shopping. 

Making sure our table is filled with all the holiday food and drink trimmings is a very important part of the holidays. 

Having a Holiday Food and Drink Guide comes in handy because it will have all the important essentials together along with tasty foods and smooth drinks to wash it all down with. 

Financially Shopping means to set yourself up financially so you can shop for items you need. Stressing and struggling with money is harmful to your health, we are here to help you stop this. We also want you to enjoy life too! So setting yourself up in a way that allows you to buy things that have multiple uses, you can just go buy it!

Holiday Food And Drink Essentials

Let us start with the essentials. What will we prepare, cook, display and eat off of our tasty foods and drinks with? What can we use that will also get great use during most of the year? 

Food Prep Essentials

Be sure you have plenty of pans, mixing bowls, storage containers and other kitchen essentials to make preparation time, space and cooking stress and anxiety free. Here are some suggestions to help you from the start of preparations to the finishing touches of all your holiday dishes. If you would like to get many of these free, you can host a virtual online party. You would get 20% in products plus bonus items when you host. Host a Party Here.

Now that we got that out-of-the-way, you now have all the items you need to prepare all your foods and drinks as well as present them and store them too!

How about table decorations! What will you do with your table to help make it visually appealing? Centerpieces. place settings and other fun things will get your guests interested in staying seated longer so everyone can enjoy eating their meals at a normal pace with having some fun heart-felt conversations. 


Now we can focus on the fun part! Tasty Foods and Drinks for the holidays, Yum. There were so many tasty treats, dishes, drinks and ingredients to choose from. I have narrowed it down from over 300+ submissions! However I loved them all and if you are following any of my social media accounts, I will be sharing them there. 

Cherry Limeade Mocktail

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Very tasty and refreshing drink, especially when paired with a snack.

Get Cherry Limeade Recipe Tutorial Here | See what else she is Insta-cooking up | Thank you Sadie for your contribution!

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