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You do not have to spend a lot of money to present greats gifts to others. Here are some great gifts for under $10. Which ones will you be making?

Although you can get plenty of gift options online or in shops, something that is hand made has a more personalized touch and value compared to these ready made gifts. The time and effort you put into making a gift has a special meaning and is worth more. There are plenty of DIY gift ideas that are specific for your friends, family, your loved ones, or a party.

Instead of a regular showpiece, DIY gifts are practical and can be used day to day. We have put together a list of easy and creative DIY gift ideas that are just under $10 or less. So get your crafty skills and stationary ready, and let’s do some DIY.

gifts under $10

1. Scented Wax Candles in a Mason Jar

Candles are endlessly customizable and are very easy to make. You can go for a fruity fun scented candle or a relaxing aromatherapeutic candle. All you need to buy: base wax (any kind), long candle wick, fragrance oil of your choice, a thermometer, and a Mason Jar. Just melt the wax, add in the fragrance oil and wait for it to cool down to 140 degrees. Keep your wick in place and pour your wax mixture and allow it to set at room temp. You can also add flower petals if you are using a floral fragrance or use crayons for a colorful candle.

2. Customized Soaps With A Surprise

Soaps are a wonderful option that can be customized in a lot of ways and is not as complicated to make as you think. You can create a great impression with your gift by addressing the skin needs of the person you choose to gift. Within our $10 budget, we can make about 10 pretty and fragrant soaps. You would need a soap mold of your choice, a soap base ( shea butter, olive oil, goat’s milk, etc..), essential oils, soap dye (optional), rubbing alcohol, and a small surprise gift ( toy, jewelry, laminated note). Melt the base and mix in the ingredients, pour it halfway into the mold, and place your surprise gift. Pour the mixture again to cover your gift once set.

3. 3D Resin Coasters

Coasters are something everyone uses daily and gifting them a coaster reminds them of you every time they put down a cup of tea. What makes it more special is when it is customized with a personal touch. To make these 3D coasters you’ll need to buy: Art resin, silicone mold, acrylic paint, wooden sticks, and beads or small sequins( optional). Art resin is very easy to work with, you’ll have to add the resin in a cup and add a few drops of the paint of your choice. Pour it into the mold, add tiny beads, sequins or toys and allow it to set. To create a marble effect pick an assortment of colors and pouring it into a ripple effect.

 4. Liquid Phone Case

You can create a liquid glitter phone case or an aquarium resembling a phone case for your friends. To make this you will need a transparent phone case, vinyl sheet, stickers, glitter, sequins, iron or hair iron, liquid soap. Start by tracing out two sheets of viny, using your phone case as a guide. Cut it out and seal 3 sides of the vinyl using an iron or straightener. Add in your sequins, glitter, or anything of choice. Pump in some liquid transparent soap and seal the top again. Place it below the phone case and you’ve got a liquid phone case.

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5. Personalized Coffee Mug

A DIY mug is one of the easiest and cheapest options for gifting. You can get a plain mug at a dollar store and decorate it according to what the person receiving likes. You can write something meaningful on it for the person you are going to gift or paint beautiful floral decorations or scenery.

6. Potpourri

Potpourri are a great gifting option and are very quick and easy to make at home. You can gift them to your loved ones. You’ll need flowers ( rose, lilies, etc), orange peel, cinnamon sticks, pine cones, fixative (eg: Orris root powder), essential oils ( lavender oil, rose oil, geranium oil, jasmine oil, etc), and a bowl or mason jar. Get a mixture of flower petals and whole flowers, add few drops of essential oils and bake for 2 hours at 200 degrees Ferentheight or until dry. Add in the other ingredients, fixative powder, and a few more drops of essential oils and mix it well.

7. Earring Holder

This DIY earring holder can be made in just 5 minutes!! All you will need is a plain picture frame and lace cloth that is slightly larger than the frame. You can paint the frame according to your choice or customize it according to your wish with glitter, sequins, etc. Once done remove the glass in the frame and glue it in the lace cloth. You can then hang in your earrings on the lace. This would be a cute and thoughtful gift for your girlfriend.

8. Self Care Kit

A self care kit contains treats, skin care and little notes. This will surely aww your friend or loved one and will make their day. You can get an old shoe box, or buy a gift box from the store. Fill it with little candy and chocolates. You can also fill it with faux fur, pom poms or cut up coloured paper. Add in some nail colour, sheet masks, rubber bands, bath bombs, chapstick, makeup, or anything you think your friend or loved one may like. It would be nice to tape in a few sweet hand written notes on them as well.

9. Colorful Dream Catcher

A dream catcher can be hung above your beds and is believed to repel negative thoughts and bad dreams. It is also quite easy to make and makes a wonderful gift. You will need a metal hoop of any size, colored yarn, gemstones(optional), and things to decorate: beans, sequins, pom poms, feathers, etc.. Use your imagination and create a beautiful dream catcher and customize it according to your preference.

10. Customized Attire

Imagine if your whole gang wears a customized shirt or jeans made by you. It would look so cool, won’t it? You can get a plain Shirt or jeans to begin with and customize them with glitter, sequins, fabric paint, and more. This would also make a great gift for your grandparents, as what grandma would not love a beautiful shirt made by her grandchild stating “ worlds best grandma” in glitter.

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11. Photo Collage

A photo collage is a gift someone will always remember forever. You can collect your best memories and print the pictures out. Get a frame or even make a DIY frame at home and stick it to the back of the frame and gift it to your friends, family, or loved ones.

12. Sea Shell Frame

A seashell frame looks gorgeous and goes with any decor. It is a wonderful gifting option for both adults and kids alike. To make this you will need, a hot glue gun, a plain frame with a wide border, and assorted seashells. You can stick the seashells to the border by covering it fully and make sure it’s intact and does not fall off. You can also color the seashells with paint or glitter if you want to.

13. Clay Jewelry

Jewelry is always the best gift option, so why not make it yourself. You can make colorful and beautiful bangles, bracelets, rings, or pendants using your imagination. If you are a beginner you can start by making simple bracelets. To make clay bracelets you will need polymer clay, paint (optional) and a tin can (a small one for kids and bigger for adults) Knead the clay well and lay it around the tin can in a 1⁄4 inch thickness. Sculpt your bracelet to the design you want, and smoothen it with your fingers. Bake it in the oven as directed in the back of your clay product. You can either color your bracelets or use colored polymer clay of your choice.

14. Mason Jar Lanterns

A mason jar lantern will look beautiful when hanged outdoors or even in your bedroom. This a thoughtful and beautiful looking DIY gift. To make a mason jar lantern you’ll need a mason jar, tiny LED fairy lights that are battery-operated, a glue gun, glass paint, and a string of yarn. You can start by painting your mason jar however you like, you can also write some cute or motivational quotes. Once the paint dries out, put in the fairy light and stick the on/off button to the lid. Stick in the yarn on both sides of the lid so it is easy to hang. The light will pass through the glass paint and give a colorful and enchanting experience.

15. Customized Succulent Jar

A succulent jar makes a wonderful showpiece and goes well on shelves, office tables, or even on bedside tables, and makes a classy and wonderful DIY gift. They are also very easy to maintain. You’ll need a Mason jar, succulents, colored rocks, pebbles, gemstones, soil, and decorative lace. Fill in your mason jar with the pebbles in the bottom then add some sand and place your succulent gently in the middle. Add in some more sand to keep the succulent intact. Add few succulent trimmings so the surface of the jar is filled. Finish off with the lace around the mouth of the jar.

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