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Save Your Family Money Without Sacrificing Living

People With Disabilities Can Financially Plan for Today, Tomorrow, and the Future

I’ll show you how to save money, even if you are disabled and is considered either as having a very low income or having to depend on government assistance such as supplemental social security income.

service for disabled people to save money

  • This post is sponsored by ABLE United. Please view my disclosure page for more info. 

ABLE United is going to be your money-saving friend. It stands for Achieving A Better Life Experience and it is the perfect name since they really do offer those with disabilities some new hope. Before ABLE United, there was no real way or really any options out there for people with disabilities to save money. Especially when it came to the issue of either having to save money or get cut off from getting any type of assistance. 

Some of the benefits of ABLE accounts include:
  • Access
  • Flexibility
  • Funeral and burial payments
  • Doesn’t require attorney
  • No monthly cost or cost to open
  • Already approved by SSA and Medicaid

Thanks to having the option of saving money through ABLE United, you can save money and have peace of mind that your assistance will not be affected negatively. It is 2017, why should disabled people be forced to still choose either pay rent, medical bills and get relief from medications or save money. Now you can have it all just like other people do and can. 

Before those getting assistance were very limited, they were not allowed to have more than $2,000 in assets. If they did, they could be denied assistance or the assistance they were given were mere dollars. They were forced to stay living in severe poverty as if being disabled was not hard enough!

This $2,000 asset limit is no longer a barrier. ABLE United offers individuals with disabilities the opportunity to save up to $14,000 each year, tax-free, without negatively impacting federal benefits. Isn’t this exciting!! You just have to go ahead and get your account opened today. 
I want you to check out this webinar from Travis. Join ABLE United and Special Needs Attorney Travis Finchum in a discussion of the attributes of both types of accounts offered, to help you determine the best choice for yourself, your loved one, or the people you serve.
 Able United Savings for disabled people

Opening Your ABLE United Savings Account

Opening an ABLE account is easy. After watching the webinar and you have determined the savings account right for you or the person you are opening it for. Head on over to ABLE United’s Website use code GRADCAPS17 to get started. 
  1. Click On The Green Open Account Button
  2. Click Enroll and Review Eligibility Criteria, then Click Continue
  3. Create The User Account ID
  4. Enter All Needed Info
  5. You’re All Set! 
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Able Allows You To Be Prepared For Expenses At Any Time

Now you don’t have to stress about future expenses that are going to be needed. Being able to save up to $14,000 per year without it negatively affecting your assistance is such a huge relief and a really large burden that has been lifted. We all know there will be some sort of reason that will come up, needing that money to pay for it. You do not have to worry. just go into your account and pay easily. You won’t have the time, energy, stamina or much of anything when t comes to those times, You just need to quickly access those funds, pay and get on with whatever is happening, go right ahead and do it.  

able savings account for disabled people

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