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How to Camp on a Budget

Camping is an activity that has been popular all over the world for decades. There are various types of camping and outdoor activities that people like to explore as it is a chance to live in the outdoors and get in touch with nature.

Camping activities depend on the location, the equipment needed, and also the terrain of the area. Camping is an outdoor activity with an overnight stay in the outdoors usually in a tent in forested or mountainous areas.

Camping is popular in the woods, by the sea, by the lake, on banks of rivers, or even in plains and empty fields. The expense incurred during a camping trip depends on several factors and camping on a budget is also possible.

camping on budget

Factors that Influence Camping Budgets

Various factors influence the camping budgets for families and groups who decide to camp on a budget. These factors include planning the trip, deciding on the travel plans for the camping trip, deciding on the food and shelter for the trip, planning the entertainment of the trip, and also buying the camping gear for the trip.

The following are some of the details about how camping can be done on a budget:

  • Make a Proper Plan – Camping is like living in the outdoors away from civilization in almost a stone-age style with a few modern-day amenities that campers can carry with them to the camping site. This means that proper planning will save money. It is a great idea to make a list of all the equipment, gear, food, utensils, and other essentials to be made in advance before the trip to buy everything on a budget.
  • Decide the Location Available on Budget – Camping in a very remote location without any access to basic facilities can be dangerous, expensive, and difficult. For camping on a budget, it is a good idea to select camping grounds or known camping sites with some basic facilities. Decide on a location that can be gotten at a small cost or better free of cost. Take time in choosing the right location and decide on different factors that make camping cheap, safe, and yet fun. The campsite should be easy to travel to, on a flat surface, should have access to clean drinking water, and should be away from hazards. The campsite should be large, should have direct access to morning sunlight, and should be easily accessible.
  • Avoid National and Local Holidays – Camping is a very exciting activity for many and during the holidays and festive occasions; known camping sites are usually filled with campers. In peak season, camping gear, tents, and equipment are all expensive and camping sites also charge higher rent. Offseason camping is much cheaper and it gives campers a chance to explore the wilderness without it feeling like a city full of people again. While choosing on offseason camping choices, it is also important to check the weather or else the camping will be ruined and all the camping gear will also be damaged which will make the camping trip a very expensive proposition.
  • Take Safety Precautions – While camping, it is important to be safe to avoid dangers and also to save money. Getting bitten by some bug or getting a sprain or a fracture will not just be dangerous but medical costs will make the budget for the camping trip go for a toss. First-aid kit, antiseptic spray, bug spray, tool kit, flashlight, compass, knife, gloves and other safety equipment should be bought at departmental stores or online with discount prices.
  • Get Affordable Camping Gear – Planning a camping trip should be done over a period of time. Buying camping gear on the cheap is a great idea and is available online or in outdoor equipment stores with discounts available especially during offseason. Camping gear can also be borrowed from friends and family as it is only needed for a few days for the camping trip. This will help campers camp on a budget. Camping gear includes backpacks, sleeping bags, headlamps, hiking boots, camping mattresses, camping chairs, blankets, and pillows to name a few.
  • Cooking During Camping – Taking cooking vessels from home for the camping trip saves money while camping. Camping kitchens need to be set up as campers are likely to spend a few days on the campsite and need food. Camp stoves are cheap but it is free of cost to simply cook on campfire, if firewood is available in a cheap way. Camping cooking requires pots, pans, plates, cups, tongs, spoons, and ladles. These all are easily available in home kitchens as well so there is no extra added cost. It is a smart choice to carry some packed food like noodles which can be boiled and non-perishable food items like cans of food which are easy to cook make sense. Camping also can involve foraging for food, fishing, and so taking salt and a few spices and herbs is advisable.
  • Camping Tent or RV – Renting an RV for camping makes the camping a more domesticated experience as RVs provide basic amenities. Renting tents and RV is cheaper than buying them and borrowing RVs and tents from friends and family is free of cost and helps with the budget. It is a good idea to test the tent or RV before using it for the trip.
  • Personal Items- Carrying personal items that can be bought cheap at departmental stores will save money as searching for a shop near the campsite is an expensive idea. Personal items like extra clothes, nightwear, raincoats, umbrellas, toiletries, eyeglasses, sunscreen, medication, insect repellent, towels, and extra shoes are needed while camping.
  • Travel – For camping on a budget, it is important to camp in a nearby area which is easily accessible and does not require a long journey. Adding train, air, or long road travel will mess up a camping budget. It is a good idea to use an RV or a personal vehicle to travel as carrying all the camping equipment on public transport can be difficult.
  • Decide on Outdoor Activities –It is a good idea to simply decide on fun camping activities which are within the budget and cost-effective. Activities like trekking, hiking, camping on the beach and enjoying beach activities, and building safe campfires are all within budget. Camping games are a fun way to spend time while camping and playing outdoor games, reading books, playing board games and cards are all fun activities.
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Camping is an activity enjoyed by all age groups and friends and families usually like to camp together. It is a good idea to camp on a budget as people with even small budgets can enjoy a beautiful camping vacation. Camping is great for both physical and mental health and the above mentioned are ways in which it can be done on a budget.

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