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It’s very clear that everyone needs food, clothes, and shoes. But why are we expected to spend so much money on basic living expenses? And what are we are not taking advantage of? If you want even more help with saving money on every purchase, check that post out too.

how to find the best deals

Save Money By Earning Perks

Every store now has a rewards system, all the way from grocery stores, to toy stores, that send you notifications and emails about the deals going on each day. Learning how to plan around the deals are the key to success. Maybe this means changing up meal plans, or maybe it means shopping at different stores each week.

Take advantage, and find out what your local stores have to offer!

Target Circle

I am sure you have heard of Target, and if you work or live near the city, you probably have one pretty close to you as well.

Target is known for just wanting to make their guests happy, and recently they introduced a new rewards program called Target Circle. You can earn 1% back on all your purchases, like a gift card. (This is separate than their red card.) This comes in handy, especially when holidays like Christmas and Easter roll around.

Majority of the time, Target has some sort of discounts on their personal brand food items. This can range from bread, eggs, to chips and salsa.

The key to shop at Target is to utilize their app and scan every item you place in your cart. The app will automatically load the offer to your ‘wallet’ and you will be set! Be sure to do this as you shop, and not at checkout while loading items onto the conveyor belt.

It is common courtesy to be prepared to pay and have your coupons/app ready before getting into the line. If you decide to put an item down while shopping, no worries! The app will just not use that offer, and save it in case you use it for next time.

The great part about the app, is that the offers are usable for multiple trips, as long as the offer is still on the app, you can still use it. They are not coupons.

However, make sure you check your wallet section in the app to see if there is a coupon, sometimes Target comes up with great deals, like a $5 gift card for purchasing $15 worth of beauty care. You never know, so keep checking back!

They also give you a birthday gift every year!

Kroger app

Dependant on the state you reside in, Kroger will have a different name. Kroger, Fry’s, Ralphs, ect. Kroger has been moving forward, and has been getting more, and more advanced by the day.

You can participate in their ‘Scan and Go’ shopping experience where you take a device provided at the main entrance, and scan the items in your basket as you shop. Then, go to the self checkout, and scan the barcode on the register and pay there.

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Not having the hassle of scanning your items at the end. This can also keep you conscious of what you are doing, and how much you are at for your total.

Not only do they have this option to keep track of the running total, but they also have the Kroger app. This app, like Target Circle, offers coupons, and discounts on items we need every day.

The great thing about this one is that it includes manufacturer’s coupons, and you can order all your grocery items online, and doing a curbside pickup when you are ready for it. They keep all your cold and frozen goods in a cooler at the front keeping them at the correct temperature.

Kroger has hundreds of coupons on their app everyday. Many of these deals are healthier grocery items like apples, deli meat, organic salsa, and many more. This is great for influencing the community to make these healthier choices.

This app also features the weekly ad with all the sale items, and exclusive kroger card sales so you can plan your trip, or groceries for the week without even going to the store.

There are so many other stores that offer apps and great deals using their apps, like Walgreens, CVS, McDonald’s and so many others.

Do not forget to use the rebate and cashback apps too! A couple of good ones are iBotta, Coupons (dot com), Fetch, and a few others. These are additional savings. All the money you save needs to be placed into your savings account.

Newsletters and Online Only Deals

Newsletters or newspapers offer coupons for specific items at the store. These manufactures coupons can usually be doubled, or added on top of other deals.

These coupons are also harder to find, and sometimes can be a much better deal, like reducing the price of gatorade that is already on sale, or allowing you to choose any product from a certain brand instead of a specific product and about 3 flavors to choose from.

Make sure you check online on the store app and weekly ad to make sure you are not missing out on anything. Stores that sell groceries tend to have online-only offers near major holidays to take the strain off of in-person crowds.

Create an email specifically for emails from stores. Check them once a week for their deals.

This also allows you to ditch the hassle and just drive to pick it up. Deals aren’t guaranteed online, however sometimes you can save up to $25 on cleaning supplies, paper products, and groceries you would need otherwise.

Make a list, and check it twice

Have you downloaded any of our free printable planners? We have a few to choose from.

By using a planner you can organize all your information in one spot, and it is a perfect way to meal plan for the month, to get a good estimate on what you actually need.

Why buy something no one will use or eat right?

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Usually there is a section on the right hand side with lines to give the opportunity to make notes on things you need. Build a grocery list during the week as you run out of the everyday items you use.

If you do not use a list, you risk getting items that you did not need, or that you forgot you bought a few days beforehand. This also minimizes the amount of junk you put into your body, and keeps you more health conscious.

Do you really need those cookies and takis? Probably not, however, if you get mostly healthy food, there is always room for rewards!

Make sure you do not bring anyone shopping either. All the little kids will pressure to get all the unhealthy food you are avoiding putting in your house. By leaving them home and taking your list, you save time, energy, and you are able to relax and focus on getting the best deals on the best food for you and your family.

Other ways to shop for the best deals to save the most money.

Some other ways may not be so obvious or well known.

When shopping online, use the “incognito” browser, there are some companies that may raise prices based on your search for their product or service, airlines are known to do this for example. So clear your browsing history, cookies, etc., and go “incognito” so that you are not tracked.

Buy discounted gift cards, this can save you lots of money. You can get discounted gift cards from places like Gift Card Granny or even taking advantage of those target deals I talked about earlier.

Do not forget about price matching, this may seem obvious but we can often forget this easy way to get a better deal.

Another trick you can use is after adding items to your cart, leave them there. Many shopping carts offer to “keep” your cart on hold, mainly so you can add more items before checking out. If you create an account, they may save your cart. If you walk away or leave your cart abandoned, you may get an email reminding you of your cart, along with a possible discount to entice you to check out.

To get deals on shipping, if at all possible, have it shipped to your nearest location and go pick it up yourself.

Clearance items, this is another that we know about them, but forget to head on to that section. You can find great items, especially for gifting in the clearance section.

Open box items is another way to get a good deal, I bought a nice desktop, brand new but open box for about half its price.

Managers specials and flash deals is also something to keep an eye out for too.

What are some ways you like using for deals?

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