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Spending time with friends is a must! But what are some cheap things to do with them? Well, there are lots of things, let me tell you about them. Make sure you allocate a small amount of money into your budget to live life too.

Friends are the best. They’re always there when you need them, and they make your life more fun. Here are some cheap things to do with friends that will give you a good time without breaking the bank!

One question I get over and over again from readers is the simple question of “what can we do that doesn’t cost money?”

The great thing about hanging out with friends without spending any coins is how relaxing it feels. With so many people living in such close proximity these days, you don’t need to travel far for your dose of socializing! Plus, doing things like watching a movie together or hosting an impromptu potluck dinner will give you more time to catch up on each other’s lives as well as lessening feelings of loneliness among those who live alone.

Some people try to make themselves feel better by minimizing their costs and cutting back on grocery shopping. Others, however, choose a more drastic step: they stop going out with friends altogether.

Some may be quick to point fingers at the individual for being selfish or irresponsible but this is not what it seems; in fact, there are many reasons why someone might want to give up socializing during tough financial times such as stress levels or feelings of guilt over putting others burden you financially when your own finances aren’t doing so hot.

These days, people are looking for cheap things to do. I usually have a few ideas on hand and am ready to send them their way.

Cheap Things to Do With Friends

Board and Card Games: Board games and card games are a great way to spend time with friends. There is an infinite array of board and card games out there that you can try, from inexpensive ones like poker or blackjack that only use ordinary decks of playing cards for game pieces all the way up to epic strategy-based style like Risk which takes days upon end in order to play it successfully – but nonetheless worth every minute! Whether your favorite theme is pirates, ninjas, or something else entirely; you’re sure have found what’s perfect for you amongst this wide variety available.

Geocaching: Geocaching is a game of hide-and-seek made modern. Using GPS systems, players can track down hidden containers that are disguised as leaves and rocks from afar. The thrill comes in the discovery process when you finally find what’s been hiding all along right before your eyes! Geocaching is an adventure sport that requires a GPS and the Geocache website. The player tries to find caches in parks or forests for fun, which becomes addictive because it’s really challenging but rewarding when you finally locate one!

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Community Events: Check out your city’s website for free events nearby. You can also visit the websites of colleges and universities near you, as well as local newspapers which list upcoming happenings in town. In addition to searching on these sites, find other people who like doing things similar to what you enjoy by visiting Meetup’s website or check out Facebook groups!

Eat Meals Together: There is nothing more enjoyable than when you get together with friends and make dinner. When it comes to cooking, we want the most bang for our buck so that’s why everyone should share in food prep! That way every person only cooks half of what they need on their own – but instead of worrying about leftovers, there will be twice as many meals ready for your freezer. It’s a win-win situation because not only do you spend less time preparing and cleaning up; now all these delicious goodies are waiting patiently inside your fridge or freezer knowing someone will come along soon enough and eat them right up! Many people have busy lives today which means finding time to cook can sometimes feel like an impossible task.

Volunteer Together: When you volunteer with a friend, it can be much more enjoyable. Spend the day volunteering for Habitat For Humanity or donate some time to your local food pantry! You could work together coaching youth sports teams such as baseball and basketball. Not only would this make an impact on kids in need of guidance but also help create stronger friendships through shared experiences – which is something we should all have at our fingertips no matter what age group we’re in! When you spend quality time working alongside friends that share similar goals, there’s nothing better than bonding while making a difference in others’ lives. Be sure to find opportunities where you’ll get involved with community projects like donating clothes at a shelter or planting flowers around town!

Go Camping: If you are looking for an immersive, memorable experience with your friends and family this weekend consider camping. Camping is a great way to spend one or both nights over the course of 48 hours. If campers share food they can come in at under $10 per person which makes it affordable even in these tough economic times! You’ll get plenty of time talking around the campfire late into the night swapping stories and connecting about life experiences. Best memories will be formed from sitting by a fire all day long telling jokes, playing games like “Never Have I Ever”, sharing our thoughts on what direction we want our lives to go before drifting off after another round of ghost stories (it’s not scary!).

Play a Sport Together: Spend more time outside with your friends. Go to the park and enjoy playing catch, throwing a frisbee around, or kicking soccer balls. It doesn’t matter how good you are at sports because most of your friends will be just as bad!

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Ride Bikes Together: Go for a bike ride together with your friends. Ride around the neighborhood and talk about your common interests. Your conversations will be much more insightful because you’re able to explore each other’s thoughts without distractions from TV, phones or work!

Tuck Encouraging Notes Around Town: Go to the library and grocery store with notes in hand. Leave these encouraging and uplifting notes in various places for someone to find. Finding an uplifting note while doing errands will be a nice surprise.

Watch a Matinee: Matinees are cheaper, eat some lunch at home together then head to the movies.

Have a Picnic Together: Picnics are the perfect way to stay connected with our natural surroundings. Picnic baskets filled with delicious food and a blanket invite all of your senses for an outdoor experience that will transport you away from everyday life. You can venture into nature, pop up at the arboretum or find any other secluded spot in town to enjoy delicious food and connecting with some friends.

Visit the Museum: If you have an EBT card, many museums offer a discount and some offer free days too. The only thing better than seeing dinosaur bones or paintings is getting to see them for free! Check out museum-free days before you take a trip if there are any museums nearby that offer special deals on certain days of the week (especially weekends).

Karaoke Night: A cheap way to have fun is heading out to a show during karaoke night. You’ll have the chance to show off your singing voice and enjoy a cheap night out with friends.

Spa Day: Head to your local beauty school that offers cheap rates for spa services. A great way to get some bonding time with your friends.

Nature Adventure: Go to a national park, getting out into nature is good for you both. Some of the national parks cost money, but again if you have an EBT card, you can get in for free or at a discount.

Tour Your City/Town: Grab some friends and tour your area. Have you truly seen everything? Do you know its history? Go on a ghost tour.

Friends are the best! It’s so easy to get caught up in work and other obligations that we start neglecting our friends. The next time you think about what to do with your free time, consider spending it with a friend. Whether you go out for drinks or stay in for board games night, there are tons of fun activities you can enjoy together without breaking the bank. What is your favorite way to spend quality time with friends?

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