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Kids Holiday Gift Guide For Ages Zero – Nine Years Old

Bonus – Plus Easy To Use; Download and Print Holiday Packs

Here’s a Kids Holiday Gift guide to make shopping for all the little ones easy.

Shopping for the kids is easier when you have a Kids Holiday Gift Guide to help you. Going to the mall can be so overwhelming. You walk in the front door and your eyes glaze over. Ugh, what store to enter first, is typically my reaction; what is yours?

Planning to shop and shopping the plan will keep your sanity straight.

Fun, Unique, Useful and Practical gifts

Here is a Kids Gift Guide to use when you are making those shopping lists for all the kids you are shopping for. 

Bonus: Kids Gift Guide Plus Free Printable Holiday Packs

Looking for fun, interesting, long shelf life kids items for the holiday season? I have been looking all year long and finally pulled some things together in this Kids Holiday Gift Guide for 2016. 

I also put together some fun and very useful free printables for you to easily download and print. So be sure to keep going to get them. 

When I have a plan for my holiday shopping I don’t get as stressed and all frazzled. I wanted to help you out too. 


Use a gift guide to help narrow down some items you know the children will enjoy, they will be able to play with it for more than a week and more importantly, you can afford them!

I am loving all the toys, games, books and other activities available this year, how about you? The kids have so many options to choose from.

The greatest gift you can give children is a combination of these 

  • Inspiration
  • Motivation 
  • Clothing
  • Personal Care
  • Imagination
  • Creativity

Find one item from each of those categories to create the greatest gift package. 

In this years Kids Holiday Gift Guide I looked for things that are affordable to fit most budgets. We all know about the typical things so I wanted to show you some other things that are out there. 

You will find a great choice of items that range from

  • Personal Care
  • Useful and Practical
  • Outdoor Play
  • Indoor Play
  • Special Needs
  • Books
  • Clothing
  • Board Games

And so many more items to choose from, your child will be so entertained. And don’t forget to get your free printable set. You can choose which easy to download and print holiday pack you are interested in. There is also a Black Friday and a Christmas Planner too! 

And here it is! 

Kids Holiday Gift Guide 2016 WHOOOOOOOOO

Companion Satchel - Baby Bag

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This satchel is actually a diaper bag! It has lots of style, easy to use, fun to carry around and it doesn't force you to go into that dreaded "mom look" everyone talks about. Water-resistant coated soft quilted nylon with leather trim. Large front zipper pocket and two side bottle slip pockets. Easy access center slip pocket. Get a satchel here | Thank you Twelve Little for your contribution!

Click on the Elf Photo to get your Free Printable Pack to Download and Print at Your Convenience 


Click on the Hanukkah Preview Photo to get your Free Printable Pack to Download and Print at Your Convenience 

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