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Kids Wish List Tips

Wow, I know right, November means its time to look for deals! I will be posting some gift guides but wanted to show you that deals have already started. Here are some kids wish list tips to help your family.

Let’s start with the kid’s holiday wish list. Did the kids begin their list of demands? We have five children to buy for, so we get started before the holiday rush. Mine have started their lists already.

why a kids wish list

Its better to get started now, your plan, your budget and where to hide that special gift so it can be a surprise.

Do you have your budget yet? I’ll be sharing some holiday shopping tips we use. But for now, have the kids browse Amazon, it’s just easier. Create a wish list for each person person. Show your child how to add items to their wish list.

Then use that list when the time comes to buying. You have enough to worry about, why stress over gift giving? Create your own wish list too, share that wish list with anyone who asks you that tired question, “What do you like?” “What do you want?”


Create a wish list on Amazon and share the link. Using wish lists makes it really easy to shop and has fewer headaches, stress and wondering will the person like it.

Become a prime member, I am one, it saves me money too, not just the two-day shipping including Sundays. Have you been checking the trends and deals Amazon is offering now?

Amazon has become a favorite place to order from. Not only do they have great deals, but fast shipping for the prime members. Even if you don’t have prime, I have received things within the same week of ordering. We enjoy shopping from home, though we do go out to shop, ordering from home is just as nice too. It helps saves stress and frustration with the kids too, they can stand in that toy isle for over an hour just trying to decide what they want.

I can have them do all their browsing and checking right here at home and they can add and drop their items into their wish list. Then all I have to do is order directly from that wish list.

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This same wish list is easy to share too. I just share the wish list link with family and it makes it easier on them to just click order now.

Helping the kids with their holiday wish list can be fun, yet tiring, exciting and interesting to watch them figuring out what to add. Some kids get stressed too though. Do your kids get stressed trying to figure out what to add to their list, do they get overwhelmed? Help them learn about prioritising. You you listing things in order of importance to them. This  helps them narrow down their choices.

Just a few steps and holiday a kids wish list making can be easy.

  1. Talk about why your making this list. Some things can be about time management, budget, items you really need now versus wants and desires. Helping the children learn the differences between wants, wishes/desires and needs are useful skills in many areas, especially when it comes to shopping. Help them get started with shopping smart from a young age.
  2. Make columns – Wants, Needs and Desires/Wishes. Using each of these three columns will help rank as well. Also be sure to ask why do they wish, want and need each item. Hashing out any misunderstanding about what that item will do for them.
  3. Browse the goods – Now its time to window shop. Check out the featured items, the hot items and the trending items. Don’t forget to check out things you’ve heard your child talk about all year-long too.
  4. Add your items to the wish list as you browse, don’t worry about adding “too many”. You will go over the list again and pare down.
  5. Now go over the list with your child. Talk about each item to get a feel and understanding why they added it. Did they add it because it looked nice, was it a featured item, what made them add it? Help them place each item into the 3 columns listed above  wish, need and want.
  6. Narrow each column down to 10 items each. This helps you when its time to buy your child’s items. You have a smaller list, it’s a thought out list and it has meaning.
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There are many skills you are teaching your child by having them create a simple wish list for the holidays. A few of those skills are;

  • Budget
  • Learning how to prioritize, ( need, wish, want)
  • Thinking critically
what i need
wish i had

Here are a couple of things to use, either save and print the two graphics below or print this easy to use  Shopping list.

Were those steps easy to follow? How did it help you? How do you get ready for the largest shopping season of the year?

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