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Kroger’s Sales Combined With Your Coupons Will Make Your Money Last Longer

Kroger’s Sales will help you save some money, especially when they have their mega events! You will save even more when you plan out your shopping trips that allow you to combine coupons with the sales, together will help you stretch your dollars. 

The Kroger’s family is a large one consisting of brands such as Fred Meyer’s, Fry;s, Ralph’s, Smiths, and King Soopers just being a few of their members. However, the savings for each are similar. 

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A Weekly Breakdown Of How To Maximize Your Savings With Kroger’s Sales

When you track your shopping trends and take advantage of Kroger’s Sales plus combining coupons, it can mean instead of paying full price, you can get an item for fifty prevent or more off!

New Kroger’s Sales Start On Wednesday, have your shopping list, deal matchups, coupons and reusable shopping bags ready to go on Tuesday night. 

What to expect from this post

  • Kroger’s Perks To Use To Your Advantage
  • Items That Give The Best Deals
  • Supplies Needed For Individual Kroger’s Deals
  • Step By Step Breakdown To Complete The Sales And Coupon Deal Matchup
  • Reminder To Log How Much You Saved This Week

If you are a Kroger’s shopper, you are pretty lucky, you get some great deals most weeks! 


Kroger Perks That You Should Use

Sign Up For Rewards Card – It takes a few minutes, sign up for the Kroger’s Reward Card and be sure that your information is up to date. Every time you shop, always use your rewards card. At the register or when shopping online curbside pick-up, enter your rewards information. Card holders get special bonuses, don’t miss out on them.

Fuel Rewards – When you shop, you earn points. These points can be redeemed to save money on your gas! You can save up to $1.00 per gallon, but you can only use points up to 35 gallons of gas.  Fuel points are earned on most purchases, please check your local store for all details. When you buy gift cards, you earn 2X’s fuel points

Freebie Friday – Yes, Kroger’s gives out a freebie every Friday only for reward card members! The free item is different each week and the freebie is redeemed by using the digital coupon loaded onto your loyalty card. 

Curbside Delivery – Pressed for time and patience? For select locations log into your Kroger’s account and shop for everything you need, yes including produce and deli. You can even use your digital coupons that you have loaded onto your rewards card!

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Kroger’s Banner Brand Guarantee – Go ahead and try out Kroger’s brand items and if you are not satisfied, they will exchange the unused portion for the name brand version! Get the store brand and be sure to keep your receipt because if it fails to meet your expectations compared to national brands, take it along with your receipt for a free exchange. 

Manage Rewards Through App – You can do everything right from their app! Get prescriptions refilled, shop for curbside delivery, load digital coupons and more. Stores have free wi-fi, so you don’t have to worry about loosing signal. 

Free Phone Services – For every 100 fuel points you earn, you get $1.00 to use for Kroger’s and Sprint’s i-wireless services. 

Catalina Coupons – Get Coupons and other offers printed out through the Catalina machine at the register. Sometimes you get money off certain purchases and other times you get coupons that could be either store or manufacturer for you to use. 

Manager Specials – Managers Specials are always great to get, they are typically really good deals. Look for the yellow and red price tags for any WhooHoo Great Deals that you can save money on. They aren’t located in any special place or in one spot of the store. Look for them in carts, endcaps and similar places. 

Closeout Discounts – Most stores have them and they are some pretty great money savings deals. Sometimes you can get things at 90% off! They are usually items that are going to be discontinued. 

Senior Discounts – Seniors can get a little discount off their grocery purchases. Depending on your location this can be a 5% or 10% discount and please note that some locations require the age of 55 years or 60 years old. Do go in and ask about which senior citizen discounts you can apply to your shopping. Make sure to write it down in your coupon and shopping planner binder the age requirement and the day(s) that they will take that extra discount off to help you save a little more money. 

Click Clip and Print Coupon Banner To Go Directly To Page Of Coupons

clip and print coupons here
Opens In New Window So You Can Easily Clip and Print Coupons


Best Way To Shop The Kroger’s Sales To Get The Best Deals

  1. View Kroger’s Sales Ad Online Here
  2. Write Out All The Sale Items You Will Be Buying
  3. Clip All Kroger’s Digital Coupons That You Will Be Using
  4. Go Through Your Paper Coupons Take Out Ones That Match Sale Items In Kroger’s
  5. Paperclip All Coupons To Your Shopping List And Store Paper
  6. Be Sure You Have A Printed Copy Of Kroger’s Sales, Coupons, And Raincheck Policy
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You want to write C next to items you will be using coupons with, this means coupon and FP (final price) with the end cost next to the C; (ex:) It should read Meow Mix Dry Cat Food -C-FP $0.34. Easy to glance and take note for your end cost.

Now It Is Time Shop, Collect, And Log All Your Savings

  1. Eat A Meal Or Snack That Has Complex Carbs, Fresh Fruit, And Protein About Thirty Minutes Before You Leave
  2. Grab Your Shopping List, Coupons, Sales Paper And Reusable Shopping Bags
  3. Do Not Add Anything Else Into Your Shopping Cart Until After Your Sales Shopping Items Are All Inside Your Cart
  4. After Loading Items At The Register Give ALL Coupons To Cashier
  5. Triple Check To Make Sure That All Sales, Coupons, and Other Rewards Have Been Properly Applied
  6. Snap A Picture Of Your Savings And “haul” So You Can Share With Us Using #couponcolleagues and/or #coupondeals Blur Out All Personal Info
  7. Triple Check To Make Sure That No Items Were Accidentally Left In The Car And Put Everything Away ASAP
  8. Log Your Savings And Dollar Round Up Amounts In Your Money Savings Challenge Log And Planner
Don’t Forget To Print Out Your Coupons! 

Be Sure To Track And Log All Your Savings In Your Sales And Coupon Savings Planner

tracking coupons. tracking sales. how to use coupons. planning your shopping trip
Download And Print To Keep Track Your Money Flow, Savings And Other Important Money Saving Tasks

The most important thing I want you to take away from this is to help your bottom line. Help you reduce the amount of money you have going out versus the amount coming in. I want you to feel better about your purchasing decisions. 

Don’t Forget To Update And Balance Your Bank Accounts Every Week

balancing your bank acount
Click Me To Get Tips On Balancing Your Accounts And Sharing About Your Own Progress


Please Share Your Kroger’s Story In The Comments

  1. What Is It Like Shopping At Kroger’s?
  2. Share 1 Positive-Pro Kroger’s Experience
  3. Share 1 Negative-Con Kroger’s Experience
  4. Why Do You Like Shopping In Kroger’s?
  5. Anything Else About Kroger’s? You Want To Share? 

*Be honest, but be respectful and we can ONLY get positive change when you offer solutions that work for you.

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