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Layla Down Under – A New Baby for Christmas

Layla Down Under by: Bron Whitley

Layla a lovely little six your old girl who lives in Australia and will soon to be the middle child. With a new baby on the way just in time for Christmas, Layla has many adventures and questions ahead of her.

I really liked Layla's story. She is just like me with a baby worrying how much the baby will cry, where it sleeps and her trip to the zoo was funny. She likes the beach just like me.

I recieved this book as an E-book to read and tell you all about it. I have also read this to my seven year old. Though our baby is six months old, he still asks many questions about the baby. This book has helped him learn and understand that he isn’t alone and that it is ok to ask questions such as “What will life be like with a baby” and “Where will baby sleep” and many other questions.

She enjoys the beach, sand in her toes and making bracelets. She is excited to meet her Mema in person for the first time. Her Mema lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Layla made a fun list of things that she would like to teach the new baby, that list is pretty cool! What do you think of the list? Have your children done something similar?

Layla is hoping and assuming the new baby is a girl and has even made a list of names to give her baby sister the coolest name ever.

A New Baby For Christmas (Layla Down Under) (Volume 2)

Layla is excited to see her grandmother but then has a conversation with her best friend Penny from school that makes her unsure of her grandmother’s visit now. So she asks her dad about Mema’s visit, she wants to keep her bed since she loves to make forts underneath. Will Mema be just visiting or staying?

During a car ride home from school Tom, the older brother begins to wonder about the baby and if the baby is visiting or staying. Tom and Layla aren’t too sure about the baby either now.

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Then it becomes time to pick Mema up from the airport. The kids eagerly and anxiously go along for the ride, they see all kinds of things along the way. Layla begins to imagine what it’s like to be in an airplane. Wondering where all the planes are flying to and from.

I like how detailed the scenes from picking up Mema at the airport and the experience of first family trip with Mema is. Made me think I was right there along with them. How about you, what did you feel and think?

A New Baby for Christmas
A New Baby for Christmas

Layla is still keeping her interesting and growing list of things like what Mema gives her that her parents do not.

It becomes Christmas day! Oh the lovely things under the tree, the sparkly lights yes! Ozzie the dog has now become a reindeer.

When will baby be born, why on Christmas Day of course! The day after Christmas they kids wake up and they begin the day with Mema making breakfast and their dad walks in through the front door with the wonderful news!

Did Layla have a new baby sister or brother, what do you think?

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After hearing about their newest little sibling, Layla begins to wonder how things will be when baby comes home.

Check out the interesting list Layla continues to add to. What did you think about Laylas adventures to the airport? Did the first family trip with Mema remind you of any family outings you have had with your own family? What was some similar occurrences that your family has had like Laylas?

Layla Down Under is a children’s book series.

Layla Down Under – Layla Learns to Behave is available right now for free, download the book today.

A New Baby for Christmas is the second installment in the Layla Down Under series of early reader chapter books for 6-8 year olds.
A New Baby For Christmas (Layla Down Under) (Volume 2), this children’s book is one that 6-8 year old readers can easily navigate with its large font, easy sentences, everyday relatable situations, cute illustrations, and warm family-centred themes.
The paperback is available for purchase now, and the e-book will be released on 19th November.

About the author

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Bron Whitley lives in Brisbane Australia with her husband, three children and an old, faithful dog. She has always loved books, and the books she read as a child still hold a very special place in her heart. Her list of favorite books has changed very little since childhood, and she goes back to those books over and over, to read them again like old friends. Now that her children are getting old enough to listen to or read these treasured stories themselves, Bron decided to write down some of her own stories and imaginings.

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