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Lessons for an Urban Goddess

Laney Zukerman is a professional counselor, empowerment coach, author and mom.
A life long native New Yorker, she grew up in Brooklyn and presently resides in Manhattan.
Her new self-help book, Lessons for an Urban Goddess is a practical, no-nonsense guide to help women tap into and excavate their inner goddess wisdom by creating a stronger sense of self. With practical Goddess Pearls of Wisdom, Laney encourages the reader to make smart heart decisions in life, love and relationships.
What she believes sets her book apart from the thousands of self-help books on the market today is that it is written in down to earth, encouraging way that enables the reader to resonate with the material and feel inspired and motivated.  This in turn helps to create realistic, long-lasting bliss.  Her emotional beauty tool box is filled with simple and effortless ways to learn to change one’s
actions and reactions.  These tools help to decrease stress and improve relationship and communication dynamics.

 Laney has created and facilitated workshops and events to help women empower themselves.  She also has a private empowerment coaching practice. Have you heard of them? Have you been to one, what was your experience?
She also works as a professional and personal counselor at a college in NYC.  She loves being a mom, playing with her Cavachon puppy, doing yoga, meditation, exploring New York City and writing in her blog.
Humbling moment:
 Having clients contact you years later and saying thank you for encouraging me.  It makes it all worthwhile
“Confidence means believing that you matter.  If you want to make positive changes in your life, begin by changing the ordinary into the extraordinary.  You are the artist of your
masterpiece. What are you waiting for?”
Laney Zukerman, author, Lessons for an Urban Goddess
Hopefully I will get to review this lovely book, then I can give you a more in depth viewpoint. For now, this definitely sounds like one I would buy, I recommend you do to.
Get Lessons for an Urban Goddess on Amazon or Barnes and Noble online in paperback and e-book editions.

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