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 Introducing Marilyn – Fitness and Health Coach Plus Mentor

Marilyn’s Bio: Marilyn has helped women with their health and fitness journey for over 10 years. She leads groups mainly online giving advice, support, help, recipes, how to’s, routine sets to do and more. She know and understands exactly what you are going through as Marilyn has also been through many of those same issues.

Types of products and services offered: Marilyn is now a Beach Body Coach and offers programs like the 21 Day Fix, Free Monthly Challenges, Jackpot Challenges and recipes too.

What does she believe in: Marilyn believes in a Tuned Up Body which is maintained on a daily basis. This daily maintenance helps you stay fit, lean, energetic, alert, happy and your overall health improves. Imagine lower the amount of medicines and health insurance on a monthly basis. Doing these things in a small way ends up being bigger than anything else that is out there.

Marilyn also has a medical background and continues her education in health, nutrition and fitness. She keeps her knowledge on many topics including for mind, body and spirit as well.

Marilyn Arriaga

What does Marilyn do on her spare time? She has 5 boys! What spare time, just kidding! She enjoys her family and the many in-depth conversations she has with her children. She has many topics of interests and is not closed-minded, she is upfront and pretty blunt about life. She enjoys help people supporting them in different ways that she can. Photography, chatting with people, meeting people, music and comedy are what interests her.

How does she serve her community for non monetary reasons? She not only donates to causes such as abused children, abused pets but also helps those who just need help in many areas whether it is personal or business, she is there with open hands.

Her website Tuned Up Body is brand new! Even though she has worked privately with others she decided to open up her blog to share things that she is doing. For example monthly jackpot challenges, recipes, how to’s and more.

Marilyn Arriaga

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