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My LaLa Leggings Has New Patterns!!

My LaLa Leggings are always so cute! We can wear them any day, to any place. 

These Items Were Just Added and Ready To Order

New Releases!!!

I absolutely ♥ the cute prints, how about you?

Check out each design individually. Which two are you adding to your must have and which two are you adding to your thinking about My LaLa Leggings sales shopping lists?

They have more than only leggings, there are shorts, tops, dresses, and skirts too!

new release blouse. skirts. tops.

I Love When There Is a My LaLa Leggings Sale

No, we can’t have too many leggings! But I don’t want to break my money saving contract with myself either. 

musical design leggings

Just because I have a money-saving contract with myself doesn’t mean I can’t take advantage of a sale. It is because I have this money contract with myself that allows me to plan for the sales. While I can’t take advantage of them all…. I do try to use a sale to my own advantage

One thing I plan for besides the sales for My LaLa Leggings is their designs! Many of them are limited, which means once they are sold out, they are most likely gone

This is both good and bad! If I couldn’t get a pair of that limited stock, it would upset me. However, if I were one of the lucky ones to grab a pair of leggings before stock ran out… I’d be excited! This is because you won’t see them all over the place as much, they are almost unique!!

So while you are out and someone stops to ask you, “Where did you get your leggings?” Please do give them this website link!! Thank you for sharing it. Unless you become an affiliate, then, of course, give them your own link!

ultra-stretchy, super soft and durable! Made from 92% polyester and 8% spandex, peach skin fabric hugs your body for pure comfort.

You will forget you are wearing them, but you will get some nice compliments on the designs from others who will be wondering where they can get that design too. 

How To Take Care Of Your LaLa Leggings

Every single order will come with a thank you card and care instructions. Leggings should be hand washed and hung dried. My Lala Leggings should not be put in a dryer for any reason.

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New Designs Every Month ♥

♥’ing those leggings huh.

Designs May Sell Out Fast

>Styles and designs rotate out frequently through the website. Sometimes we will have the ability, to purchase a fast selling pattern and get it back in stock and sometimes we won’t. Many times, when the item is gone, it is gone.

What Do You Think About These Styles? Fun, Aren’t They…

What do you think about the My LaLa Leggings clothing line? 

LaLa Leggings Sizing

Adults Sizing: Capris: 17” | OS: 26” |  Curvy: 26 1/2″

Kids Sizing: Small fits sizes – 4/6 | Medium fits sizes -7/9 | Large fits sizes – 10/14 | S/M- Ages- 4/7  | L/XL- Ages 8 to Junior size 1/2 | Toddler Sizes: S/M 2t-3t  L/XL 4t-5t

  • These are the approximate, un-stretched lengths of out leggings. My Lala Leggings will stretch

Earn Some LaLa Money On The Side

I love working from home. Well, I am not truly home all day long, I have the kids who have me all over the place. 

I can easily help keep my kids from being homeless by earning some money part time becuase I am an affiliate for My LaLa Leggings.

I love leggings, have since I was younger and I knw you will love wearing them too. 

become my lala leggings affiliate
If asked, please put into the referring affiliate box “Ms. Butterfly, Marilyn Arriaga if it asks.

Have you been wanting something to do a few hours per week that will help you build your financial safety net, or use for holiday spending or even save money for a vacation? 

Become an affiliate for My LaLa Leggings today! I am happy to help you along the way, I wouldn’t leave you to do it be yourself, unless that is what you want. But that isn’t recommened, we are a team to help you. Once you join, I will add you to my Facebook group to help you with anything you need. 

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