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Non-Extreme Couponing for Real People

My life is so busy most of the time, I need a more non-extreme couponing mindset and money-saving skills to work together.

A non-extreme couponing mindset is more realistic for most families and that is ok! 🙂

Like most people,  you might want to use coupons but you’re just quite not sure how to use them and you sure don’t have time to make couponing a full-time job.

Saved $44.88

Come on, admit it. You watch the Extreme Couponing social media accounts and think the same thing! Although, I am sure you look on with envy when the couponers hit the register and spend 3 cents on a $1,897.00 order.

It’s OK To Be a Non-Extreme Couponing Shopper

While not saving money at the grocery store is just not an option neither is spending 8 hours a day cutting and organizing coupons. So what do you do?

Create your own system of course! This will depend on how much time you actually have. If all you have is an hour per week, don’t stress, you can still take advantage of great coupooning deals. Sometimes, an hour is all I have myself! 

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Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Subscribe to a paper in multiples or find a local coupon clipper to buy your inserts from.

$Yes, in order to save money, you will have to spend some. But here’s a trick, there is someone local to you who sells clipped coupons! This means you can get multiple copies of the Sunday paper inserts, without having to spend too much money on the entire paper.

I find getting my coupon inserts from a coupon clipper is not only easier for me, but I don’t have to get an entire paper just to get them. 

For example, if you can only afford five sets of coupons, then get that. It is better than nothing. Also, if you do not have money to actually get this week’s deals, I encourage you to still grab the coupons from your local coupon clipper! You may need them or another sale comes up before it expires. Also, you will be getting rainchecks for out of stock items, and yes you can use the coupons with the rainchecks, even if they are expired.

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How many you get will depend on how many people are in your family. I personally get ten sets because I have seven family members and we give away the rest here through our giveaways. When you get just a few extra sets, you can begin having a stockpile when the product goes on sale.

Don’t go crazy! The sales cycle restarts every eight weeks and I promise that you won’t use fifteen bottles of ketchup in eight weeks. Just think one sale cycle at a time.

Cut Coupons Right Before You Use Them & If You Actually Will Use It

It’s a novel idea, I know. But seriously, have you ever wondered just what the extreme couponer is going to do with 50 packets of soy powder? Well, so do they. Don’t waste your time cutting out coupons on items you wouldn’t normally use if it wasn’t on sale.

Truth is, money spent on items you don’t use is money wasted, not money saved. Save yourself the hassle and the trouble and just cut coupons on products you already use.

So if you do not drink coffee, please refrain from buying it, just because it is on sale. This goes the same for anything on clearance. Just because it is on sale or has been clearanced out, does not mean it should go home with you. 

Before I Forget, Print The Free Discount Savings Challenge Pack

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Download And Print To Keep Track Your Money Flow, Savings And Other Important Money Saving Tasks

Every cent you spend needs to have a purpose, if the purpose is questionable, leave it be.

$Hint: If you truly want to save money, you can’t have brand loyalty. Mayonnaise is mayonnaise is mayonnaise. So, seriously, skip the mock loyalty and throw whatever is on sale in that cart. You will thank yourself later.

non extreme couponing. coupon deals. how to use coupons.

Orgnizing Your Non Extreme Couponing System

Use a dollar store accordion-style folder and sandwich baggies. 

How you label them is up to you. You can do it by the item type, such a toilet paper, shampoo, deoderant etc. Or you can do it by brand, I find it easier for myself to organize by brand. 

Label each baggie accordingly, either by brand or item type. Place your coupons inside this baggie. Then use the accordian folder to eaily find whichever baggie you need. 

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Easily Redeem Coupons In a Non-Extreme Couponing Way

Download your store’s app, lets you easily put together your shopping lists and stalk the sales. Don’t forget to download cash back apps too!

Review the sales ad for anything you might need in the next 8 weeks that is currently on sale (think staple pantry items) or, that is a good deal or that you simply need to feed your family that week. Make a list as you go.

Decide how many items will be used within an eight-week time frame. For example, your child goes through eight bottles of conditioner and four bottles of shampoo, you go through sixteen bottles of conditioner and four bottles of shampoo and your husband goes through one bottle of each a shampoo and a conditioner.


Remember The 8 Week Sales Cycle, It is The Only Wheel You Can Stay On Forever.

This means in total, your receipt will have twenty-five bottles of conditioner and nine bottles of shampoo. Your receipt should not have more than these amounts unless they were a BOGO deal.

Make your shopping list reflect what you will be using within the next eight weeks. If you aren’t going to need it or use it within eight weeks, it must stay on the store shelf.

Then go through your file folder, pull any matching coupons you will be redeeming. 

Save Money Using The Non-Extreme Couponing Way

Saving money with coupons doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t have to spend hours on clipping, matching, numerous stores, and coupon clubs. You can save money with a limited time investment.

What are your Non-Extreme Couponing tips? 

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