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Shopping For Gifts For A One Year Old Seems Easy – But It Is Not

When each of my kids turned one I would always say to myself, “They Are a year old, they don’t know the difference”. While this part is true, I also wanted to get items that are fun, engaging, last a few phases and stages too. 

  • More importantly was the affordability and durability of the toy, service, book, clothing or whatever it was I wanted to buy for a one-year-olds gift. 

I knew I wanted to get the quality items, educationally related and not skimp out on things that satisfy a one-year-old and my own needs when buying toddlers toys. 

When I am buying toys I look for ways the child will learn from it, how long with they be engaged with it, and can I pass it along to someone else when we are done!

What Do One-Year-Olds Want On Their Wish List

They just want all the toys, books and games on all the shelves they can reach of course! But to be reasonable, create a budget that allows you to buy just a few items that are versatile. 

Whether you are a first-time parent, a seasoned parent or buying gifts for one-year-olds that aren’t yours, gift shopping doesn’t have to be hard or stressful. 

What To Keep In Mind When Buying Items For One-Year-Olds

They really don’t know any better, they aren’t going to be disappointed if you can not afford or don’t want to buy them a hundred dollar toy.

Most times the most simple toys and books will be the thing they are entertained by the most. 

A few more things to consider are sensitivity, over stimuli, durability, fun enough, learning ability, battery power and who the child is as well. For example, does the child get bored easily, you want the item to have different things to keep them engaged longer. Does the child have a sensitivity to noises, this o=would mean getting a quieter item? 

I remember once I went and bought ten items for one of my kids and he could not even play with them for many reasons. Thankfully I didn’t waste money getting them, I gifted them to others which helped them save money, but I needed to buy more items for him to play with though. He needed simple and items that had zero noise, not just low noise. These are things to keep in mind when buying gifts for kids. 

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A Few Facts About One-Year-Olds

  1. Attention Span of 1 – 3 Minutes Per Activity
  2. Fast Language Development
  3. Needs Lots Of Gross Motor Activities
  4. Music Helps Learning
  5. Reading In Different Voices Helps Develop Language

How To Put Together An Incredible One Year Olds Gift Package

Need – They need things that will keep them entertained while meals are being prepped and cooked or while being chauffeured around town. Their attention span is very limited, for almost five minutes tops per activity. 

Want – Toddlers love to do things like putting things in and out of stuff. They like to make various types of noise, even if they don’t like noisy environments, they like to do it themselves. They really enjoy all things cause and effects. 

Something To Read – They can’t really read at his age, but it is crucial that they are exposed to it right now. Regular books and sounding books are always great for toddlers. They want to be entertained and don’t want to get bored. Though with books give them some options. Some great books are ones they can be interactive with, like those touchy-feely books. 

Something To Wear – Toddlers are still growing, so they will always need clothing and other things to wear of course. Think about fun stuff too, like pieces of costumes! They are great for helping stories come to life, increasing and encouraging language and can make going out more interesting. One-year-olds do not have a dress code, they can easily wear anything they want to!

Educational – Encouraging learning through fun will help them retain way more than just sitting at a desk. Education is all around the world, explore it, have fun. 

Just For Fun – Toddler life as a one-year-old needs to stay fun. Give them enough stimuli of the right kinds and they won’t give you too much trouble. Keep whatever one-year-old gifts you have in mind with fun in mind and it will be the best present ever. 

Here Are A Few Things To Consider In A One-Year-Old Gift Guide

These few items can help any one year old in the above areas. 

Green Crafts

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Eco Centric Mom
Ecocentric Mom box

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Edwin The Duck – Toddler to Kindergarten Toy Plus App Set


What Kinds Of Gifts For One-Year-Olds Did You Like, Find, Or Get?

Help Us Fill Up Gift Lists For One-Year-Olds With Your Own Suggestions



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