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White elephant gifts teens will enjoy taking from their friends.

Before you go on, if you have not already grabbed your free Holiday Budget Planner, go ahead and grab it now. Stay within budget this year, especially with gift buying.

White Elephant Gifts For Teens

Children are always hard to shop for, but when kids become teens, and the communication between parents and adults may get thinner, its even harder to help them out with gift giving.

white elephant gift game

With high school teens, remember that they are beginning to learn how white elephant gifts work, and they are beginning to get into gag gifts.

Gag gifts sometimes don’t go over too well with teens, as they would rather focus on the really cool gifts that everyone wants to sell, then the gag gifts. Or for others, they will love to trick their friends.

Chances are, there will be only 1-2 gifts that people actually want, so try to pick a good one!

White elephant gift games are now a very popular game among teens who participate in extra-curricular activities. Here are a few gift ideas that are always a big hit at holiday games and parties.

White Elephant Gifts For Coffee, Tea, and Drink Lovers!

Reusable water bottles filled with candy or a gift cards to the popular coffee shop in your area, are always perfect for teens. If you live in Arizona, Utah, Colorado, or northern California, Dutch Bros is a very popular drink spot. If you are from anywhere else, Starbucks is usually a great go-to.

This is a perfect gift, as you can get a reusable, insulated water bottle for $10 at Walmart or Target, or you can order a nicer more durable water bottle on Amazon Prime for about $18-$20. The reusable water bottles with a spout top, are the best for school aged Teens, as it minimizes spills, and is easier/ more convenient to drink from.

A lot of teens love to place stickers on their plain colored reusable water bottles, so maybe adding that option inside the bottle would be a great idea to allow them to add some personality!

Starbucks tumblers are out for Christmas! These festive tumblers typically fall right at, or under $20. Starbucks released about twenty different cups this holiday season to get everyone in the Christmas spirit!

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Starbucks tumblers are great for water, or keeping us from spreading more waste, so by getting a white elephant tumbler, not only are you getting a gorgeous product, but you are contributing to helping save the planet.

Reusable Straws are perfect for teens who want to help reduce waste! On amazon, you can get a two pack that go on a key chain for less than $10, and it comes with a cleaning brush!

Tea/ Advent CALENDARS! Advent calendars are a great way to survive through the last few days of the semester. Instead of utilizing this calendar days before Christmas, they can use it as a great countdown to the end of the semester, giving something for them to look forward to opening every morning!

You can find these advent calendars on Amazon for $18-$20, or you can opt for a $2 upgrade for K-cup advent calendar. This one would be more popular, as many households find their Keurig as a necessity.

The tea advent calendars are a little more difficult to come by, so those are from $20-$25, however if you are willing to spend that extra $5, this advent calendar makes for a great gift.

Tea and coffee are essential for any teen. Getting any of these will sure make you a winner.

White Elephant Gifts Are Perfect for Stress Relief

Adult coloring books! These are the best for any teen, any age! Try finding these on Amazon, as they have a larger variety than any bookstore, or retailer around! Some are very comedic, like the series ‘People of walmart.com’, and cuss word coloring books.

You can also find some that are great for all ages about sea animals, flowers, and land animals. These are great for teens so they can get their mind off of the stress around them, especially with finals coming up.

Paired with felt tip markers, this creates a perfect set-up for a white elephant gift, sure to win a crowd!

Essential Oil rollers are great for a very stressed out teen! There are many essential oil rollers that serve various purposes. Some include:

  • Stress
  • Mediation
  • Sleep
  • Calm
barefut essential oils

These essential oils have different blends of scents to help induce a certain emotion, and to help throughout the day. My personal favorite is a mixture of lavender, orange, and frankincense creating the ultimate stress relief for a very busy season.

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Cozy Gifts. Absolutely anything cozy will go crazy at a white elephant gift party! Cozy socks, gloves, beanies, and scarves!

Although if you want to be a real winner mix fuzzy socks, with a pair of long socks, and some candy. That will surely get stolen a few times! Stocking Stuffers

Friends Night In

Movie night for 2, is a gift basket that Walmart sells during the holidays. However, you could also create your own basket!

Starbucks hot chocolate is $2 for a 2 pack, popcorn $3 for 3, grab some dollar candy boxes, and a $5 movie from Walmart, and you have the perfect night in basket for one of the teens and their friends!

This will encourage the teens to stay at home during the busy season, and away from bad habits like parties, drinking, and drugs. This basket is also perfect for the teen with no interest in taking part in these things.

Beauty Baskets are a great overnight kit. Grab a few different colors of nail polish, a few face masks, (the mud, and peel offs are always more fun!) some nice smelling lotion, and a cheap movie to create something fun and exciting for teens to do together on the weekend or break when they do not have to worry about school!

If you want to get a really cool face mask, there are bubble masks. These masks bubble up a few minutes after putting on and make your face look all sudsy and bubbly!

Gift Cards are always a winner! This could include the perfect pizza point near your home, or your local ice cream shop. Giving gift cards always gives the teens the ability to go out and do something at minimal to no cost.

gift card granny-discounted gift cards
Buy Discounted Gift Cards!

This is important for those teens who are not of working age. This gives an opportunity to get pizza after a high school football game, or for a teen who does not want to rely on their parents for money.

Have your teens participated in a white elephant game? We would love to hear about their experience and what git they were dying to get.
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