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How To Organize Your Coupons For More Efficiency

I have a large family, so I get between ten to twenty coupon inserts. Having that many coupons mean I must be organized so that I am not wasting time, space or forgetting to redeem the coupons because they are all over the place. 

First I take apart each insert so that each page will become a pile of that same page. If I got ten inserts, it would be a pile of ten pages of that same exact page. 

Then I take about five pages at a time to cut out each coupon. As soon as I am done cutting out the coupons, I use paperclips to keep the same exact coupon clipped together. Each paperclip will have all ten coupons that are exactly the same. 

Next, I use a larger clip to hold the same exact brand together. For example, I have 5 different coupons for Gain Detergent, I will clip those all together to keep coupons of the same brand together. 

Then they all go into my couponing binder which has separate sections such as frozen-cold items, baby items, pet items, household cleaners etc. 

Organizing Your Shopping Trips

I have to go shopping with my children, I don’t have anyone to stay with them. So when I am shopping, I need to make sure that I redeem every single coupon that I possibly can. In order to do that, I need to have each shopping trip as organized as possible. 

I make sure that we all eat before we head out, that is the most important, never shop while hungry!

I use either a food shopping app or the notes app on my iPhone to make my list. After the list is done, I grab all the coupons for each of those items. I take note of each stores coupon redeeming policy along with the rules for each coupon such as one coupon per transaction and organize a transaction. 

Walgreens Coupon Organizing Example – My list includes Herbal Essences, Irish Body Wash, Diapers and a few other things. I take the paperclip off of each mini stack and separate them into transactions. If I can use three of the same coupon in one transaction, I create three piles of coupons to create three separate transactions. I now have organized my Walgreens shopping trip into three different transactions. All I have to do is grab a transaction set of coupons and redeem them. 

Make Coupon Redeeming Easy For You

The more organized you are from the beginning, the better. It just becomes a habit and reduces the amount of time spent on prepping. I do have older kids, I get them involved with coupon organization. They help me sort sheets of coupons into piles, they help me cut, they help me clip all the way through to actual redeeming them. I get them to hand them to the cashier because the more involved they are in the whole process, the better it is for them. It helps create efficient and effective shoppers who are in tune with money management. 

Coupon and Sales Savings Haul Show Offs!

I would love to watch your stockpile grow and your savings grow, come show off all the Deals You Have Scored.

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