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Grab Easy To Print Logs, Planners and Checklists

Easy To Print Logs, Planners, and Checklists To Help You With Saving Money And All Your Financial Control Needs

Download and print these logs, planners, and checklists to help you get control of your money.

Some of these should be printed on cardstock thicker paper. This helps it last longer, I don’t want you having the need to reprint them when you can print on cardstock for durability. 

Things you print on cardstock should also be laminated. This keeps it protected and is a handy trick we do to use it as a dry erase “board”. 

Add a couple of magnets to the back and place it on the refrigerator, some things just need to be right there in constant view so we can stay committed and determined to keep up.

Others can be printed a little larger such as a place mat size to keep on your dinner table where you can eat dinner or a snack while filling it out nightly. 

How To Get Your Logs, Planners, and Checklists

  1. Click through the slide show using the arrows at the bottom of each photo.
  2. Choose printables that you will use and the fits your needs
  3. Click on the photo, the hyperlink or the title so it will bring you directly to that printable
  4. Request the download to go straight to your email inbox 
  5. Save it to your computer, preferably in a folder that also has your banking info. Makes it easier to find.
  6. Print it out on paper or cardstock and laminate printables that you want to use it over and over. Think about how you will be using it to decide how you print it out and if it’s a one-time use or reusable printable for you.

Please Share These Printables Using The Easy To Use Sharing Buttons, Thank You!

Also come back to tell us how it worked for you or if we can add something else to it to be more useful to you. We will add it, update the printable and resend it!

Black Friday Planner

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2016 Black Friday Planner

[caption id="attachment_23560" align="aligncenter" width="800"]black friday. shopping on black friday. saving money for black friday. Grab This 2016 Black Friday Planner To Help You Save Money And Make Your Shopping Easier[/caption]

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