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Bess - Gotta Get Blogging conference Ooooh! It is my pleasure to shout from the hills (okay the flats of Florida) about Marilyn’s Goody Bag service! I run the Florida Blogger & Social Media Conference, which has grown into one of the largest conferences of its kind in the nation, and until I met Marilyn, I dreaded those darn goody bags. Imagine stuffing over 400 bags full of a variety of things sponsors sent to my house - the boxes would stack up ceiling high in the garage and my entire living room would be lined wall to wall with bags as I spent days stuffing. It was the absolute worst thing about putting on the conference, but then Marilyn’s Goody Bag service saved me!  I would simply give her address to the sponsors for delivery of goodies, and she magically did the rest as I concentrated on putting on a great event. On the day of without fail, Marilyn would arrive with the beautiful bags in tow and our attendees loved them! She has been handling all our goody bag needs since 2013. And even better, Marilyn would offer free publicity on her blog for each of the participating sponsors, giving them even more bang for their buck - it’s a win-win all the way around!
Marilyn's PR Team and goody swag bags were such a life saver for my DIY Spa Workshop! Talk about being on your game she had hand picked beautiful baggage with 8 different promotional items with a perfect combination of everything spa related. And as if that wasn't enough, she had our swag bags delivered directly to the venue and it was there waiting for us before we even stepped foot in the building! She ensured the vendors and sponsors presented inside the bags were related to my event. I was so relieved she took hold of the extra headache in planning an event by handling the the swag bags and advertising, promotion, and  marketing making it easier for me to concentrate on other planning essentials. Hence turning my event into a success! TruEssence Event Services is a repeat customer of Marilyn's Goody Bag and PR Team.
Marilyn was a godsend for my business. As a speaker holding high end mastermind retreats we had often thought about doing gift bags for our attendees yet, it just never made it past our long to do list. Marilyn was amazing. She handled everything for us and delivered the beautiful bags to us at our event. It was like Christmas to see the wonderful surprises! My guests were thrilled with their gifts and Marilyn's work really was the the "extra polish" that made our event truly shine!


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