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Shopping At The Right Times Helps You Afford More To Suit Your Lifestyle

When is the right shopping time for bargains?  Catching items at just the right time will allow you to purchase it without guilt. Whether your family needs it or wants it, you won’t have the feeling of buyers remorse if you purchased it at just the right time. 

Timing your shopping needs is important because retailers introduce new items on a schedule.  For example, it’s a good idea to buy out of season for clothing to get the best deals, and at the end of the year for cars as the new models come out. 

Best Times To Buy Things On Your List

Take a look at the planners you have, keep note of what you have on there because you will be referring to these planners throughout the whole year. Including your Christmas and Black Friday planners. If you don’t have any of our planners yet, be sure to grab and print them all here – Shopping Planners.

Take note of what is seasonal, so that when the end of a season is nearing, you can plan to shop accordingly, or take note of when new appliances come out so that you can take advantage of great savings on models that are coming off the shopping floor. 

Choose These Times To Get The Better Prices When Shopping At The Right TIme

  • End of Day –  If you frequent garage sales, thrift stores and flea markets, one of the best times to shop is right at the end of the day. The sellers are more interested to not have to pack those things up and lug them back home, most are willing to lower the price slightly to avoid the process of bringing it back home. 
  • End of Season – All products have a shelf life, they are made for a certain length of time or a season, even if it isn’t the typical seasonal item. New models of cars come out every year, usually starting around October you will see the new models being presented. So if you are looking to buy a new car, consider buying between October and January. 
  • Before the New Styles Come Out – Find out from the stores where you shop when they bring in new merchandise. They usually have a schedule for each week, month, season, and year. Then make it a practice to come in right before that day. They’re going to be more interested in making shelf space than sticking to that full price.+
  • Before the New Model Comes Out – For large purchases like kitchen appliances, new models come out less often than for seasonal items like clothing. Ask your local store when the new models arrive. That way, you can plan to shop the week prior to the new model showing up, allowing you to get the biggest discount. (Don’t forget to ask for the best price.)
  • Black Friday – While many Black Friday offers are just ploys to get you to the store, if you have the stomach for it and can plan for it, you can pretty much buy things at more than half price on this day. But, be prepared to say no to things you had no intention of buying and sticking to the items you did plan to buy.
  • Cyber Monday – This is an excellent day to shop for items on your list that you wanted to buy but didn’t find. Look for deals for only the things you want to buy. What’s more is that you can often use Ebates.com and still get some cash back on your purchases.
  • Amazon Prime Day – Each year Amazon has what they call Prime Day. It’s a day where they sell over a billion dollars of discounted merchandise to their Prime members. That means all the items have free shipping, the items are limited in number and come at steep discounts. Again, look at your list and buy from your list, not from just browsing.
  • When You Have Cash – Don’t go shopping when you have no money to shop. You don’t want to be tempted to spend more money than you have, no matter what time it is or what good of a deal it is. If you can’t pay for it right away or at least make one payment toward the six months same as cash deal, it’s not worth it.
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how to save money. when to buy products
Save The Most Money When You Are Shopping At The Most Ideal Time


Study when the best time to buy the items you want is. Look at your list and write down the months or times that are best to buy that item. But remember, your area might be different, so keep your eyes out for sales.

Some Proof Of How You Can Save Money On Shopping At The Right Time

We needed a grill and a deep freezer, these two things are bigger purchases. We waited until the end of the summer to buy the grill, we saved $200.00 just by waiting a few more months. For the deep freezer, we happened to get lucky when the new model was being placed on the display shelf, we saved $250.00 on that.

*So while we did have to wait just a little longer, we still got those two big purchases and saved $450.00, which we placed into our savings account. 

Tell us in the comments below about some examples of when you saved lots of money during the right shopping time. 

What We Do With Some Of Our Saved Money

The money we earn from this and our other blogs allows us to donate a portion to different charities. One thing we do is purchase winter items and food for homeless families and foster children. So we wait until the end of the season to purchase more items to give away to those in need.

Many times we can donate double the items by buying at the right time. We love when the store offers buy two get one free, this allows us to buy one for our own family and the other items are donated.

For example, Walgreens had a buy two get two free sales of toys for younger kids. This allowed us to purchase a toy for our own child and the other three went to donation. We love when they have their personal care items on sale buy two get two free, it allows us to donate full sized products without spending extra money

Another example is when Dollar General has their clearance sale, we were able to donate double the amount of clothing to those in need because we bought at the right shopping time. 

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We do the same when it comes to foods and personal care items. When we make a purchase using sales, this means we are buying at the right time, especially freebie sales. We take those freebies and give them away. 

Your Family Does Not Have To Sacrifice Living The Life They Want – The Key Is Buying At The Right Shopping Time

I am not saying that you must donate, you can build a great family stock of items all purchased at the right time. You can spoil yourself and family by shopping at the right time. Your family does not have to sacrifice the life they want to live, it just takes some elbow grease and a little bit of homework to do it. 


What Are Some Things You Bought At The Right Time? How Much Did You Save? 



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