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Coupon Savings Challenge That Is Easy To Follow

Would You Like To Have More Than $2,000 In Your Savings Account?

A Coupon Savings Challenge can be one of your biggest ways to save money in smaller increments but makes a huge impact on your savings account. It is something that everyone can easily do. I know for some, it can be harder for someone to set aside a certain amount per paycheck to put into a safe savings account. 

Saving the money you saved from taking advantage of sales and coupon deals means you can still save money, without having to actually go through the struggle of having to take an amount out of your paycheck for savings purposes. 

coupon savings challenge. tracking your savings. tracking coupon usage.
At A Glance Of Your Monthly Savings

You can get started with saving money faster, easier and get yourself into the habit of saving money. Then move onto that next step with taking a portion of your paycheck to place into a savings account. 

The Sales And Coupon Savings Challenge is easy to implement and you aren’t just getting to save money from it… You are also buying the things you need and want without sacrificing or trying to make a decision of whether you want to save money or if you are going to buy those things you need and want. 

Save $2,600+ By Saving The Money From Using Coupons and Sales

The Coupon and Sales Savings Challenge is a way for you to save money and you can literally see where and how your money can easily accumulate. Create a wonderful savings cushion for yourself and family; So come join us!

What Is The Sales And Coupon Savings Challenge

This challenge will help you save more than $2,600 per year just by utilizing coupons and sales from companies you will be shopping with this year.

Using the free download and print pack you will be able to keep yourself accountable, easily track how much you are placing into your savings and even plan for what you will do with that saved money at the end of the year.

We give you the free tools to help you save as much money as possible, whether that amount is $2.600 or $5,000 per year, you can make it happen with this challenge.

Stop Mindlessly Spending Your Saved Money

Typically when we go to the store we go in, get our stuff utilize in-store savings and some of us use coupons to lower the cost a little bit more. Then we swipe our card to pay and just mentally take note of how much we saved, give yourself a pat on the back and that is it.

We go onto the next activity on our to-do list and we don’t really think about what those savings mean or what to do with them after. 

We leave that money saved into our checking accounts and in our wallets. We have this “extra” money to use mindlessly without intention and usually impulsively. 

The Coupon Savings Challenge will help you instantly change what you do with that money and also change your mindset in how you think and approach it.

You can be the person who never uses coupons, to the person who actively looks for in-store deals to the person who becomes a person who utilizes both in-store coupons and manufacturer coupons along with other great ways to save money on purchases on a regular basis. 

Who Will Benefit From Completing The Sales and Coupon Savings Challenge

Do Any Of These Sound Familiar?

  • Are you in a money rut?
  • Living paycheck to paycheck?
  • Wondering where all your money is going?
  • Wondering how you will pay for emergencies and other things?
  • Tired of going to the store just for one thing, coming home with ten over-stuffed bags of items and at the end of the week you don’t have much to show for it?
  • You can’t figure out your money flow, what is coming in versus what is going out?
  • How to find the sales, discounts, and coupons.
  • When and where to use coupons.
  • Wondering how some people can stockpile on things that we use on a daily basis and be able to use those items so freely, meanwhile, you are stretching those same things so that you barely get the benefits or full results from them?

So This Challenge Is For You!

You can go from the non-user to the average user to the dedicated user of coupons, discounts, sales and even freebies too. There are so many ways to save money with this challenge. 

How Much Money Can You Save From The Challenge?

This amount will be different for each of us. Since we live in different areas of the country, cost of living is different for each of us, our use of sales, discounts and other ways to save money are different from another person. 

So for the purposes of putting things into semi-reality, we will be using actual numbers so give you a visual of what you can do. 

Here are some example scenarios of how much money you can save each week, each month, each quarter and each year.  

These numbers will surprise you, I know when I broke everything down for myself, it was very eye-opening. I looked at the figure of how much money I would have today if I was using a challenge and plan like this one from the beginning. I was disappointed because I thought I was keeping track and dong my best.

Get your teens involved! This is a very important economic and life skill that will absolutely give them many benefits.

The goal of this challenge is to compare your financial status, your savings and your spending to what you did last year. Never compare yourself to anyone else, they are not you! Increase your savings to begin using it with intention and purpose.

Click This Photo and Save It To Your Phone Or Computer Then Without Altering It Share It With Your Friends and Family By Posting It On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other place that you can so that others can join this free challenge. 

Save $2,600 Or More Using This Easy To Use Coupon Savings Challenge

Example 1:

You go for a grocery run, the cashier rings everything up and you hand over your coupons; You just saved $25.oo because you used a shopping plan, a shopping list, in-store sales or discounts and manufacturer coupons.

Old Habit and Practice: Kept this $25.00 savings in your checking account to use for mindless, unintentional and with no real purpose spending. You thought it was “free” spending money. Your mindset and thought process were not serving you as the best interest. It was working against you instead.

New Habit and Practice Using The Sales and Coupon Savings Challenge: You took this $25.00 and deposited it into your Savings Account or Jar. You are creating a way for your money to accumulate for better use.

  • You have shifted into the mindset of using your money more mindfully, responsibly, more intentionally and giving it actual purpose. 

$25.00 may not seem like lots of money right now, but don’t think about it that way. You will be adding more money each week to this amount so this “small” amount at the end of the year will actually accumulate, grow and earn interest possibly. At the end of the year, you will have added a few number places and go into the thousands place.

The Math: If you planned out your shopping efforts to get the most out of combining sales and coupons together to allow you to add $25.00 per week into your savings account; You will have Earned and Saved by week fifty-two… $1,300 πŸ™‚

$25.00 multiplied by 52 weeks is a grand total of $1,300!

Example 2:

You went and did a large shopping trip that included both household items and groceries. You planned, you made a list, you used both in-store sales or discounts and coupons too.

You have saved a total of $85.00, congrats you utilized various resources to get all the things you need and want while spending less money. And hopefully, you didn’t have to downgrade and get cheaper versions and actually got the brands you truly like. (that is a whole different post coming soon btw).

Old Habit and Practice: You see this “extra” $85.00 and spend it mindlessly on things that you didn’t initially plan to buy because you didn’t have the money before.

Most of those things are on your extra shopping list and not necessarily on your needs or want lists.

They are most always impulse buys, this is where, why, how and when you will have buyers remorse and if the items are returnable…. You most certainly will either return it fully, exchange it or get stuck with it, which intensifies the thoughts and feelings associated with that purchase.

New Habit and Practice Using The Sales and Coupon Savings Challenge: These $85.00 savings is an excellent addition bi-monthly to your savings account πŸ˜‰ huh. For this example, we will go with bi-monthly since this shopping trip also includes household items. 

This is an additional $170.00 per month you are adding to your savings account. Imagine how much money you have wasted last year because you were not putting these numbers into perspective this way. 

The Math: If you saved $170.00 every month and added it to your savings account for twelve months,  you will have increased your Savings with an additional $2,040.00 :O

$170.00 multiplied by 12 months is a grand total of $2,040!!

Example 3

We will make this a monthly recap to give you a bigger picture. This example will include household and grocery list shopping for the entire month. 

For the entire month, you used your shopping plans, your shopping lists, coupons, sales, and discounts and you were able to save a total of $275.00! WHOA :O

Congratulations you super saver. How proud you should be of yourself because you are taking control of your money flow and making it obey you ;)!

Old Habit and Practice: Last year you took this money and used it for other things. Things you didn’t plan for, how many of those things do you still have today? For things that you no longer have, how beneficial and was it a positive impact for you? 

So for twelve months you basically wasted $275.00 per month or at least a great chunk of it was a waste.  You are not alone, I along with thousands of others have done the same. 

This has had a negative effect on you in these ways

  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health
  • Emotional Health
  • Relationship With Money
  • Late Payments On Bills
  • Unnecessary Fees Due To Late Payments
  • Hopeless Thoughts and Feelings
  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Caused More Illness
  • Anxiety

You see where I am going with it right? You can absolutely change this all just by taking this challenge and challenging yourself to save the money instead of spending it so quickly or in such negative and impulsive ways. 

Don’t worry, I too have fallen into this very depressing money hole too. I really don’t even want to find out how much money I have wasted at all. Instead, I just want to focus on what the positive outcomes and results will be at the end of this year after completing the Sales and Coupon Savings Challenge.

Join Me And Let Us Save More Money This Year. Join The Sales And Coupon Challenge Today. Even If You Are Just Reading This And It Is June, Get Started TODAY!

How To Get Your Free Sales And Coupon Saving Challenge 

  1. Click on the photo or any of the hyperlinks of the challenge preview to grab freebie.
  2. Request the download to go straight to your email inbox 
  3. Save it to your computer, preferably in a folder that also has your banking info. Makes it easier to find.
  4. Print it out on paper or cardstock and laminate printables that you want to use it over and over. For certain pages, you may want or need multiple copies so be sure to print out more of those specific pages so you don’t have to worry about it. Think about how you will be using it to decide how you print it out and if it’s a one-time use or reusable printable for you.

I printed out the whole pack once, just one page each and it was about $2.00-$3.00, I printed it out in color. It sits right inside my coupon binder so that I can easily access it each time I go shopping. 

Click Here To Get Your Free Downloadable and Print Out Your Sales and Coupon Savings Challenge To get Started Today.

Download And Print To Keep Track Your Money Flow, Savings And Other Important Money Saving Tasks

How Do You Think You Will Do Following The Sales And Coupon Challenge?

Ask any questions you have below about how the challenge works and how you can apply it to your own life. 

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