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Tidy Living Saves Money And Leaves You With A Happy Home

Being organized saves money in many ways. It can be hard to look past the fact that it will be an initial investment to become organized, though. Keep reading for a discount code and a giveaway to jumpstart your organizing needs!

This is a sponsored post, here is our disclosure and other legal info.

Decide how much you are able to invest in your organizing supplies. Your investment will depend on how much stuff you have and how many people are in your family.

We are a family of seven, so we are going with a $700.00 total budget. Of course, we are hoping to spend less, but we want to be realistic as well. Looking at Tidy Living’s prices, I believe we can get it done with about half that, I just like to give myself the extra cushion.

We have many things and have already purged lots of things. So what we have at this time, we won’t be further purging, we will need to get them under control and organized. 

Which Would You Rather Messy Pile Of Shoes And To Keep Replacing Them Or To Have Neat And Tidy Shoes You Don’t Need To Keep Replacing


Plan Out Your Organizing Needs And Supplies List

We have many areas in our home and cars that need organization so this is important to think about too. We will do it slowly and not all at once. If you can do your living space all at once, that would be the best way to go. Plus right now, Tidy Living is giving you a 10% discount when you use GOODYBAG during checkout.

There are countless times that we have wasted money by not being organized. We know we should be organized, but we are only told to be organized for eye appeal mostly. 

We go around telling our family members “organize your bed, your desk, your room, your thoughts ;)”. However, those reasons are mainly to get rid of the “mess”.

Which Would You Rather Waste Storage Space And Keep Your Stuff Safe Or Use That Space More Efficiently And Keep Your Stuff Safe?

Organizing Your Home Is More Affordable Than You Think Compared To What You Have Wasted Being Disorganized

I have been looking around for various items to ensure my house is as organized as possible. It is costing us money when we aren’t organized. When we moved, some things we had got ruined, so we have to rebuild…. costing, even more, money!

No one talks about the other reasons why you should try to stay as organized as possible. I will break it all down for you here. 

I found a store called Tidy Living, a perfect name and exactly what we need and what we are going for. Right now, if you use code GOODYBAG you can save 10% off your order.

Tidy Living is going to save us money, space, and sanity! They have all kinds of items that we can be using to keep various parts of my house organized. Their items are durable, stylish, and quite affordable too. You can easily organize one bedroom with under $100.00.

We can easily and affordably keep things neat and tidy on a tight budget

  • The Bathroom
  • Bedroom Closets
  • Front Door
  • Laundry Area
  • Garage
  • Car

More importantly, we are staying within our two main goals for this year.

  1. Self Care and Self Love Needs Are Met
  2. Staying Within Budget

We have four bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, extra large split living room, garage, an office, and four cars that we need to get organized. I think we can get it all done, one space at a time with a budget of $700.00 or less. 

I am ordering these three items to get my own family started


 Laundry SorterGet Organized Today Closet OrganizerGet Organized Today 6 Cube OrganizerGet Organized Today


I want what we use as organizing to be not just affordable but to also be something that I am happy with staring at daily. 

Tidy Living does meet my budget needs and I can happily look at those organizational items every day. Look at how much better their things look compared to having such a disorganized mess and ruining our belongings. 

Having these organizational shelves, bins, and hangers give me the motivation to stay organized.

Not Being Organized Costs You Money And Other Things In These Ways

  • Have To Get Repairs
  • Have to Buy A Replacement
  • Increases Stress, Which Increases Medical Bill
  • Increases Anxiety, Which Increases Medical Bill
  • Causes Stress, Anxiety, And Problems With Family Members

Is it really worth it to be disorganized? No, it isn’t. If you are the type that needs to save lots of things, then you need to have it organized. 

If you want or need to have five variations of shoes, purses, ties, makeup, skin-care, and many other items within the same category… Then, my friend, you need to get it organized. 

You do not have to get rid of your things or go all minimalist. Simply keep it organized. If you are a pack-rat, you just need to keep it organized. 


The Initial Investment In Organizing Outweighs The Long Term Effects Of Disorganization

Let’s take a look at footwear and the amount it costs us when we don’t keep them organized. A pair of sneakers for men averages to cost roughly $70.00 and for women $50. Most of us have a few pairs of sneakers, one pair for exercising, one for the weekend household chore duties, and maybe a couple of other pairs to give us variety. 

 This means at any given time, we on average have about $280 in footwear. 

 Revolving Shoe SaverGet Organized Today




Don’t have much space? This shoe tree organizes and saves your footwear from damage.


How are you storing them all so they don’t get messed up? Are you just taking them off and leaving them in one spot, all around the house, or actually having them organized? 

Two of those ways of storing those sneakers will ultimately cost you money and the other way saves you money. You can either spend that $280.00 in footwear once a year or spending $420.00 (or more) per year as a result of repairs and replacements. 

If your footwear is not organized, the materials get worn out faster. You will have to replace them more often. This can be a total waste of your money, you would be spending at least $140.00 more than a person who keeps their footwear organized from the beginning.

Writing Down Your Initial Investments And Comparing It Against Repairs And Replacements

Now go through your closet and start writing down how much you invested into your wardrobe. Is it organized? Are you taking care of your belongings? Are you having to repair and replace them before they have really had a chance to get worn? 

Now go and write down what items you have had to repair or replace in the last two years because they initially were not organized. How much more did you have to spend because of it?

Writing it all down puts things into perspective. You will visually see what is going on and understand the importance of how being organized saves money. 

It doesn’t stop at footwear, go through your entire house and do these comparisons. Start thinking about how you will stop wasting your money with being disorganized. 

I Tallied Up How Much I Wasted Being Disorganized

So I took it a few steps further in going through my house and my car too. One of the vehicles we have is a minivan, which I drive the most. I do all the shopping, driving the kids around, and when we go on longer trips it fits us all. 

When I go shopping it is my children’s job to get the stuff from the car, bring it into the house, and put it away. 

In 2016 we have thrown out an estimated $700.00 in food! Yes, it may have been more, but most certainly not less. This is and was the direct results of two things

  1. No Organization In The Car Or Home
  2. Lazy Kids Rushing To Get Things Done And Myself Not Supervising 

How will I fix this huge money wasting problem from here on out? I will be using various ways to keep organized and I need to get better at double-checking the car myself too.


 Utility Tote With Side PocketsGet Organized Today




This utility tote is perfect for cars because it will fit many items. The kid’s toys, a diaper bag for the car, and other items that will be handy when you need them.


Cleaning out that car so many times has resulted in not just food wasted, but money on cleaning out the interior too. We live in Florida, so things like fruits, vegetables, and other perishables that slip out from their bags get caught in many crevices in a minivan. 

Those things fermented and you get the picture, it is nasty and costs money. We could have avoided it all if I had things more organized. 

Tidy Living Will Help Me Stay Organized Saving Me Money, Stress, And Anxiety

** Now before you go off saying, why wasn’t I checking and or doing it myself…. Well, my children’s ages were 16, 12, and 8 at the time; Very capable of bringing in the items and putting it away. And at their ages, shouldn’t need supervision, especially after being asked a few times if they checked under seats and stuff. 

In 2016 we have wasted an estimated $1,200.00 in various other household items from disorganized clothes, shoes, cleaners, and other things. 

Between just those two things alone, that would have been an additional $1,900.00 that would be sitting nicely in one of our savings accounts. 

This is why I give you the suggestion of going through your own home and other areas such as your car and put things into numerical perspective. 

Am I disgusted with myself, of course, I am. I admit and acknowledge it. Now I am putting into place a plan and strategy of actionable steps to save our money for better usage. 

Do you want to keep repairing items that get broken?

Do you want to keep replacing items you shouldn’t need to?

Get Started On Organizing Your Home With Tidy Living and a 10% Off Discount Use Code GOODYBAG At Checkout

 Shoe RackGet Organized Today Floating Wall ShelfGet Organized Today Under bed StorageGet Organized Today


How Much Money Did You Waste And Overspend Last Year As A Result Of Being Disorganized?

Use the comment section below to answer this. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed, I laid out how much we wasted. What is your number? How will you be changing this number from this day forward?

Let Us Work Together With Tidy Living To Stop Wasting Money

To get you started, Tidy Living wants you to get an opportunity to win a nice shoe rack. Start with your shoes and get them organized. Next pair of footwear you buy will be on your own terms and because you actually want to buy them. Not because you are having to replace them. 

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Tidy Living Show Rack Giveaway

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