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Use streaming services instead of cable to save money.

Many people are questioning if paying for cable these days. years ago, you needed cable if you wanted some type of entertainment besides the few comedy shows and game shows that were playing on TV.

We found in our family that cable was no longer worth it. While we really are not big TV watchers, we do like to sit down and become couch potatoes sucking down snacks at times. We got tired of paying for the same movies being played over and over and just not much variety.

ditch cable save money

Cable subscriptions are much more expensive for channels that you don’t end up using. Most individuals use about 5-10 channels on the TV consecutively, meaning you use less than 10% of all the channels offered to you through your service.

So how much are you really using of your subscription? Why would you pay $70+ for “everything” when you don’t use everything? Sit down with the family and learn about each other’s TV habits and what each member enjoys watching.

How often do you use your fancy sports package? What about HBO? They aren’t cheap.

How often do you find yourself purchasing movies that your subscription cannot include? Way too much?


DIRECTV is one of the most well known TV providers in the United States. With a current 21 million subscribers, DIRECTV seems to be a very popular cable service.

Can we be honest? DIRECTV has pretty much ran the cable industry for many years. Only recently, they have been dominated by third party streaming sites.

Why are they being dominated?

Well, not only are they more expensive, but the third parties are more accessible. You can’t watch cable on your phone without streaming issues because its not made to be mobile.

Cable is also very picky with houses. The service has to be available in your area, not all areas have the ability to attach a dish to your home, or is an area that is accessible by the company. In my location, if we wanted cable, we only have one company choice, ugh.

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DIRECTV starts at $60 a month. For the basic 150 channels. Then guess what? All channels owned by HBO will be $60 extra every month. Movie channels? $5 extra every month! And you want multiple TVs connected? Forget about it! You have to pay extra for each additional TV you want to be added to the plan.

This is just the basic TV package, and mind you, this is just a promotion, the 2nd year this basic package will rise to $81 a month without any extra channels, taxes or fees.

Now, what does the big plan look like? I know for a fact that I do not have the money to pay roughly $200 just for cable, and if I did, it would not be a good use for my money in general.


There is a reason why HULU outsells DIRECTV by 4 million subscribers, and is constantly growing. First of all, HULU is MUCH cheaper than DIRECTV, and they offer much more.

The perfect way to describe HULU, is that it is the combination of Netflix and DIRECTV combined. They keep all the good parts, and aside from the occasional bugs that most sites have, HULU tends to be extremely reliable.

For the basic package without the live TV you can pay as little as $5.99 a month, or $11.99 for the ‘premium’ version, which simply takes away all the ads. You can get HULU no ads plan which is $60 for the year.


Disney+ is now online and offering their own streaming services! This streaming service is perfect for a family with little, and with teens and young adults who love to reminisce on their childhood when they would sit around and watch the ‘OG’ shows.

Disney+ has also begun offering shows exclusive to their app as well as the very popular Mandalorian show taking over the memes on Twitter and Facebook.

To get the best deal, only if your family will regularly watch each, HULU, Disney _ and ESPN has a package you can get from Disney + for $70 for the year, this is the best deal i have found and what we have.


At this point, Netflix is never a loss. They have been around longer than any other TV subscription service.

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They were RedBox, before they even existed. Coming in fresh with the ending of Blockbuster.

Netflix you can take to school if you are in college, and in between classes, you can take it on flights, and those historic train rides, and you can even download movies and episodes to watch on the go.

Netflix is only $18 a month, and has a lot to offer for streaming services.

They even have their own set of Netflix shows, and it’s quite the collection. Your kiddos can have their own “profile”, that restricts all adults, and older aged content from children, so you don’t have to worry about them getting into any shows that are too old for them.

Amazon Prime

Lastly, Amazon prime, well if you have it, you also have access to great movies and shows there too. If you are on food stamps, you can pay a discounted price.

What service do you have? What is your experience with it?

How much money are you saving by switching from cable to a streaming service?

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