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Save Money This Year

You can save money this year in various ways. Some may be easier to do and others may take some sort of effort and self-discipline.

However, the rewards will amaze you and you will be so proud of yourself! The goal I want to help you with is getting your life to where you are Financially Living, on your own terms.

Not something that is dictated by something else, like your paycheck. You can make your paycheck obey you and you can control how, when and where it is used. 

save money tips, tricks, challenges, trackers and planners

I want to help you dominate your goals so that by December you aren’t disappointed in yourself that you weren’t able to meet any of your goals. All while also letting yourself go, not taking care of yourself and not showing yourself some love. Are you ready to get started? 

Let’s Begin Saving Money The Easy Ways 

4 Main Tips To Save Money This Year
  1. Set Realistic Goals
  2. Automate Some Of Your Savings
  3. Set Realistic Shopping Lists, Goals and Plans
  4. Take Better Care Of Yourself

Save Money By Setting Realistic Goals

One reason why many people have a hard time saving money is because – they over promise them-self, yet under deliver. They set the bar way too high that it becomes overwhelming. 

If you get more realistic based on what you bring home you can save money for whatever you want to use it for. If you want to put $50 from each check into a savings account but realistically you can easily do $15 per week, then use what is more realistic. 

If you want to put $50 from each check into a savings account but realistically you can easily do $15 per week, then use what is more realistic.

You can actually do more because you are still saving money but it isn’t taking away from something else. 

One way I do this is using my Money Savings and Challenges Planner. It is very easy to do, it is realistic, it doesn’t cause any setback, it isn’t overwhelming and I can watch as my money accumulates too. 

You Can Save A Decent Amount Of Money With This Planner And Its Challenges. That Can Mean An Extra $10K In Your Savings Account In 1 Year.

Please Go Download Your Free Money Saving Challenge Printable

And Let’s Get Started Together! 

Automate Your Money Saving Effort

Some banks have a system where they will “round-up” to the nearest dollar of whatever your purchase is and then place that “extra” into your savings account. 

For example, you make a purchase of $12.23, the transaction will go through as a “$13” purchase and only $12.23 will actually be for your purchase and the other .77 cents will get deposited into your designated savings account! Now imagine how much will accumulate in your savings account by the end of one year. 

If you made four purchases per week that added .77 cents to your savings account for each purchase; At the end of the month, you will have saved $12.32. It may seem like a little bit, but with all the other ways I am going to show you, this all will add up quickly. 

4*.77= 3.08 *4= 12.32

If your bank does not offer this, you will have to do it yourself. I recommend doing it yourself as well, just so that you can visually see your savings progress. Take note of each purchase you make, round-up each to the nearest dollar.

At the end of the week, add it all up and transfer that amount to your designated savings account. You can go a step further and match it penny for the penny! Inside the Savings Planner, there is a tracker for you to use, it is the Dollar Round Up Challenge page.


Set Realistic Shopping Goals, Plans, and Lists

Shopping Goals

 When you are creating your goals for what you want to purchase whether it is a large or small purchase, try to be as realistic as possible. Answer questions like do I really need or want this and why, how soon will I get it in my life, what can I realistically afford?

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Shopping Plans

Create your plan for those purchases, when you plan ahead especially for larger priced items you will actually save money and other things too. The plan can include using money from the above money-saving challenges. The plan can include using loyalty and reward systems given by certain companies. Just have a clear plan.

Shopping Lists

So let’s talk about shopping lists. Create different lists for specific types of purchases. This helps you stay realistic and organized too. You can print out our shopping lists, which we will soon be releasing for you to easily download and print. We will have blank ones, semi-blank ones, and preset lists too. But to get you started today, here are some ideas for specific shopping lists.

  • Needs Shopping List – Ideally, you want one for each month of the year that lists out things that are needed on a monthly basis, this list of items rarely changes. If you can handle it, you can also have a yearly Need Shopping list. These are your larger priced items and are items that are true of absolute need; such as a water heater if you know that you would be needing to replace it by the end of the year. Needs Lists Typically Consist Of Survival Related Things. Know ahead of time things that are a need. You can plan and save money for it. You can also save money by using discounts, coupons and cashing in rewards and loyalty points.
  • Wants Shopping List – Ideally, this is a list of items that you want to buy. They are things that with planning and discipline you can buy them. So make this list also realistic, things that you know can be purchased at some point this year. 
  • Extra Special List – This list you can be a little adventurous with. Allow yourself at least a few challenges to work towards. This list can have things on it that you wish you can buy, they can be lower priced or a higher priced. They just don’t really fit in with the other two main lists. They can be things that have no real purpose but only to make you happy, help you feel special and can be used as rewards too. 
Take Better Care Of Yourself

Remember, this year you will be the year that you will be setting yourself up to be Financially Living and Shopping without sacrificing your Self Care and Self Love Needs. This means that on your shopping lists above, you have listed things that you need, want and added a little extra in order for you to take better care of yourself. 

Taking better care of yourself helps you save money in different ways. 

If you smoke or drink alcohol/soda regularly, where and when can you reduce this? Now I can’t tell you to stop altogether, especially if these things are a habit for you. If you want to quit them altogether, I will encourage you to do so. If you just want to cut down on them, I will urge you to do so too. If they are a habit for you, Please Do Not Go Cold Turkey! This Is Very Unsafe.

Think about it in these terms. Reducing or quitting altogether will affect

  • How much money you Spend or Save on these items
  • How much you Spend or Save on health insurance
  • How much you Spend or Save on life insurance
  • How much you Spend or Save on related miscellaneous things

If you aren’t physically fit or nutritionally filled are spending more money than you need to.

Investing in a healthier lifestyle such as getting your nutrition under control, eating and drinking things that nourish your body more effectively and effectively helps you save money on a longer term basis. Don’t worry, I will never tell you that you can’t have that sliver of cake!

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Investing in a fitness system that you are excited to do at least a few times a week will also help you save money. 

Making these few adjustments in your life will help you in different ways. You will satisfy a number of things such as 

  1. Taking Care Of Yourself
  2. Giving Yourself Love, Care, Gratitude, and Understanding
  3. Saving Money On Health and Life Insurance
  4. Saves Money On A Longer Term Basis
  5. Saves Money On Various Wants and Needs Purchases – Remedies To Fix Damage

Money Savings Recap

Let’s put this into numbers. This is not an exact set of numbers. This is only an example of what your potential savings can look like by following these small steps and using all three challenges!

The Dollar Round Up Challenge and The Coupon Savings Challenge will be different for each of us, since we all eat, drink and use different things. However, we can estimate what those savings can be so that we can see the bigger picture.

So we already know that the 52 Week Money Savings Challenge will land you $1378.99. The other two challenges are pretty variable, amounts for each of us will be different.

We will continue with the above example from the Dollar Round Up Challenge. You put into your savings $160.16 each week just from rounding up to the nearest dollar from each of your purchases. We low balled with four purchases a week and from each purchase .77 cents was added to the savings account; for that total of $160.16 per week! Take this amount and multiply that by fifty-two weeks is a grand total of $8,328.32!!

Click This Photo and Save It To Your Phone Or Computer Then Without Altering It Share It With Your Friends and Family By Posting It On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other place that you can so that others can join this free challenge. 

Save At The Very Least $8,328.32!!

For the Coupon Savings Challenge, we will also estimate since our numbers will vary from person to person and from purchase to purchase, just like the Dollar Round Up Challenge will.

So we will use this example and I will use whole numbers for simplicity reasons. I just want to put things into Numbers and give you some perspective of what Your Money Savings Totals Can Be.

Use This Sales And Coupon Binder To Keep Everything Together

(Amazon Affiliate Links, if you have questions please read my disclosure.)

Say you go shopping once a week and used coupons. Your original price before coupons and store sales-savings was $150 and after all the deductions your cost is $100; You have now saved $50.

When you multiply this by fifty-two weeks you get a grand total of $2,600!! ** This is based on the average person who uses coupons irregularly or not at all and just uses in-store sales **

Click This Photo and Save It To Your Phone Or Computer Then Without Altering It Share It With Your Friends and Family By Posting It On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other place that you can so that others can join this free challenge. 

Save $2,600 Or More Using This Easy To Use Coupon Savings Challenge

Grand Estimated Money Saved From The Coupon Savings Challenge, The Dollar Round Up Challenge and The 52 Week Savings Challenge Is An Ultimate Grand Total Of …

$12,307.31 In Total Money Saved!!

What Will You Do With This Amount Saved?

What Will You Be Doing To Help You Save Money This Year?

Don’t Forget To Grab Your Free Download and Print Tools To Help You Save Money.

Grab Your Money Savings Challenges, Trackers and Planner Here

What Are You Planning To Do With Your Saved Up Money?

Use The Comment Section Below And Let’s Talk About Your Struggles, Questions,

And Ways To Get The Most Money Saved. 

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