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How to avoid being scared by your finances this Halloween 

Halloween is literally all about dressing up in scary outfits, eating lots of candy, carving scary pumpkins, and decorating the house with all sorts of spooky stuff. But when you look on the other side of the spectrum, it’s about figuring out a budget, getting all the candies and decorations in that budget, and many more things. 

So, if you are struggling to celebrate Halloween on a budget, we’ve got you. In today’s article we are going to give you some valuable and helpful tips to have a blast this Halloween, but on a budget. 

It doesn’t matter if you are planning for a trick and treat or not, candy is the center of attraction when it’s Halloween time. Candy industry is in luck this year, regardless of the pandemic and other stuff going on in the world, candy sales have risen by 4.5% compared to other years. And that percentage isn’t gonna go anywhere until it’s Halloween. 

The NCA states that Halloween is on a big fat boost this year. But regardless of the sales and other stuff, we still need to figure out how to celebrate Halloween and afford all those sugary goods in a budget. 

So, without any further discussion, let’s just get into the tips –

Try out the dollar and thrift stores 

Why spend tons and tons of dollars on Halloween costumes at a fancy shop, when you can go thrifting? You will be amazed by how many different kinds of stuff you can get, that too at extremely cheap prices. You just have to be creative and put together a nice outfit for Halloween. You will also find a lot of decorations at the dollar tree or any other thrift store. 

Some thrift stores can be really expensive but you need to look around and find the stores that offer bomb stuff at rock bottom prices. A dollar store is one of the best places where you can get simple decorations or at least the stuff you will need to make them at cheap prices. 

Do not go shopping without having a perfect plan of what you want your dress or decorations to look like. Sort everything out, and decide what type of a dress you’d like and shop for stuff that will fit your idea of a perfect Halloween costume. 

Most of the good Halloween stuff at dollar or thrift stores run out of stock real quick, so be fast and shop for stuff a little earlier if you want the good stuff. 

Buy candies in bulk 

More the candies the better it is, so you should remember that there is no such thing as extra candy. They vanish into your intestine before you know it. Do not go for the extremely overpriced brands for candy and instead prefer individually wrapped bulk candy. 

This way you will get a lot more candy by spending a lot less money on it. One thing you should definitely take into consideration is to get individually wrapped candies. The parents that attend your party will most likely not allow their kids to eat loose candy because of the stuff going on in the world right now. 

If you get the brand name assortments, it will definitely smash your bank account. Because you will definitely need a lot more candy than you expect and getting brand name assortments is not practical. The number one reason to not choose brand name assortments is, they are hella expensive (obviously) and you will get a lot less candy for the price. So, it’s not worth it guys. 

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I do agree that brand name assortments taste amazing, but your bank account is obviously more important than candies that taste slightly better. Right ladies and gents. 

Customize your costumes 

It’s all about how much fun you have on Halloween not about the money you spend. Just sit down with your kids and start coming up with costume ideas for Halloween. You will definitely be surprised by how many different kinds of ideas they have. You will also realize that you are definitely killing their creativity by getting expensive readymade Halloween costumes when you and your kid can customize them. Let’s just not focus on that aspect and continue with the tips, shall we. 

You can check for tutorials on YouTube and can also go on pinterest for inspiration. It’s all about how creative you are, come up with something that is either very fun or something that will scare the hell out of a person. 

It’s not the ghosts that people are more afraid of these days, it’s the tax collectors, am I right or am I right? Just come up with something that is competent without having any elaborate costumes and stuff. Do not go for extremely uncomfortable and elaborate costumes. While picking or making a costume consider the fact that you should be able to go to the bathroom without any trouble when wearing the costume. 

Think smarter 

If you can’t find time to customize a Halloween costume, then there is another solution that will not even cost a penny. 

In case you have costumes from previous Halloween and are neither deciding to wear the same thing because you don’t have the time to customize nor the money to buy a brand new one. And are struggling to make a decision whether to repeat the same Halloween costume or not, there’s a solution. 

Gather a couple of friends that are in the same situation as you or ones that are not willing spend money on Halloween costumes. Ask if they still have their Halloween costumes from the previous year or the year before that. If they do, you can exchange your old costume with there’s. 

This way, neither of you will have to either spend money or repeat the same costume. By doing this, you will get more use out of a particular costume or material. And you are saving money at the same time, so it’s a very good method to follow while picking costumes. 

Reuse/recycle and make your own decorations 

Just sit down with your phone and look online for easy and affordable DIY decorations for Halloween. You will find tons of tutorials; videos and blogs showing simple decorations that will cost you anything. 

Search your stationary items, you will definitely find something attractive that can be turned into a perfect piece of decoration. Any household will have some craft paper in fun colours and some glue. Use such simple stuff to make decor items for Halloween. 

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You will not need to come up with ideas of your own, which will tend to take a lot longer. There are many sources out there through which you can get inspiration and new ideas for DIY Halloween costumes. 

Not only DYing stuff, you can also reuse old decorations from previous years. You will hang them up once a year so no one will most likely remember the decorations. It’s better and will save you a lot of money, because to buy decorations every year, it will take away a good amount of your budget. 

The decorations will eventually get damaged, so you can get up to 1 or 2 decor pieces every year in order to make up for the damaged ones. It’s just wonderful how you can turn a piece of craft paper into something extremely pleasing to the eye. It is possible just by spending a little time and creativity on it. 

Be patient and wait till the last minute

Most of the best sales are available either the day before or on the day of Halloween. At the time the retailers of different shops get anxious to put up stuff for upcoming events like thanksgiving. 

Waiting till the last minute is especially good for candies. If it’s difficult for you to not eat up all the candies before Halloween, then prefer buying them a day before or on the day of Halloween. 

If you get a ton of candy 10 days before Halloween and all of it goes into your intestine way before Halloween comes around. You will have to head back to the store to get more candy again, this will definitely double the amount of money you will spend on candy. 

The method is not suggested for clothing. Because all the good stuff will be sold as soon as they arrive at the store. So, if you wait till the last day to buy clothing, you will most likely not find a good costume. But it’s definitely not the case with candy. It’s definitely not possible for stores to exhaust the candies a day before or on the big event. 

So, consider getting costumes a little earlier but you can wait when it comes to candy. 

Host a bring-your-own party 

If you are willing to host a party this time but don’t want to spend much money on it the Bring-your-own parties are the best. 

A bring your own buffet is amazing because you’ll have a lot of guests that means you’ll definitely get to taste a lot of tasty treats that they’ll bring. You can turn the party towards your advantage by setting a particular ingredient list. 

Prefer non-candy treats 

The major expense in a Halloween celebration is buying candy. A small toy is way cheaper than a bag of chocolates. You can get a few toys to give people and reduce the amount of chocolates and candies. 

This also allows you to be a little different because the neighbors will obviously get a lot of candy. Gifting toys will make you stand out a bit as well along with saving money. 

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