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shiZZles Fashion Accessories Turns Shirts Into Unique Tank Tops

Have you heard of shiZZles shirt scrunchers? Well, now you are about to learn more about exactly what a ShiZZles is! They are cute things you use to help you stay cool, and they add pizzazz to your shirt too.

I am happy to work with ShiZZles, you know I love a business who takes action in their business to help customers find that perfect product made just for them. 

So make ShiZZles a part of your accessory collection. Let’s learn more and how to get your own ShiZZles. I asked the creator of these fun little shirt decor accessories some questions. SB = Me

SB – I’d like to know more about you and your business. Can you tell me more? 

I came up with the idea of ShiZZles while delivering mail in 120-degree weather.  All of my uniform shirts had sleeves that hung down to my elbows.  To get some relief from the heat I began I tie my shirt sleeves up with really ugly rubber bands that came with the mail bundles.  After brainstorming about what I could do to make them pretty ShiZZles were born.

SB – What solution do you offer?

Instantly transform your t-shirt into a tank top while expressing your individuality.  ShiZZles are multi-functional.  They can be worn in your hair or as bracelets.  Loop them around your purse handle or your headband.  The uses are only limited by your imagination.

SB – How does a customer benefit from using what you offer?

ShiZZles will cool you down whether you use them to tie up your hair or tie up your shirt sleeves.  Do you need to advertise a logo or need a custom gift?  We create custom shiZZles for you.

Oh wow, do you see that my friend? She offers customized ShiZZles!! ok, let’s find out more about this fun accessory.

shiZZles Was Created Out Of Need For Comfort And Fashion

Bethany took a real need and used her idea to help many of us who would love more fashionable options to cool us down. Here was her life changing moment. 

Bethany’s Problem That Needed A Solution – I was so sweaty.  My hands were full of mail.  My face was as red as my hair and I wanted to rip the sleeves right off my uniform.  Gosh, I wish those mail trucks had air conditioning!

I purposefully walked through sprinklers for some relief.  The sun wouldn’t stop staring at me.  How could I get cooled down?

Bethany’s Epiphany – Then I had a brilliant idea!  I’d take the dirty rubber bands off of my mail bundles, cut them in half and then tie up my uniform sleeves. 

Ahhhh….my armpits were instantly happy.  That’s how I spent several weeks of my summer.  I walked through my city of 6,000 people in Wisconsin with dirty rubber bands tied around my shirt sleeves.  I didn’t get any compliments.

You too want this exact feeling right! –>I like to feel pretty even if I’m dripping in sweat and my face is red like a tomato.  The blackened rubber bands were not making me feel pretty!

I decided to create something fabulous and that’s when shiZZles were born. 

As of today, there are over 100 styles to choose from.  I will even work with you to create your very own customized shiZZles!

Check out some cool styles of ShiZZles available to you. Hurry and go order some now, spring is almost here and then summer so get yours now so you are not as hot this summer.

Here it is on your shirt

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Very Nice Right! So Easy To Use Too

Go like Shizzles on Facebook and follow them on Pinterest to see their latest styles and sales.

Various Designs To Match Your Favorite Hobby, Colors, and Fashion Trends

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 *to see all photos in the slideshow, use the arrows beneath each picture. 

What Do You Think About shiZZles Sleeve Scrunchers?

Which Design Did You Like Best? 

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