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I love Shopping With Direct Sales Reps

Here Is Why I Suggest You Give It A Try Too

Shopping with direct sales reps gives you a personal shopping experience and can help save money too! Have you shopped with a direct sales rep or party plan rep-consultant? What was your experience like?

I choose to shop with direct sales reps for a custom experience

When I shop with a direct sales rep I do it because I am looking for

  • Special Treatment
  • Customized and Personal Service
  • Get My Exact Needs and Requirements Met
  • Someone Who Can Pay Attention To Me and My Details 
  • Someone Who Can Get Me Exactly What I Need

It is all about the Super Customer Service for me

I have had both good and bad experiences over the years. The positive ones outweigh the negative ones for me. I still choose to shop with various directs sales reps and party plan reps-consultants. 

I don’t just shop with any ‘ol rep, I always watch them and how they conduct them-self personally and way more importantly, professionally.

What I Look For In A

Direct Sales Or Party Rep Consultant

  • Integrity
  • Genuine Customer Service
  • Uses The Product Or Service – Can Provide Personal Usage Proof
  • Ethically Runs Their Business – I Can Tell
  • Product And Service Knowledgeable – I Can Tell If They Aren’t Informed About Their Product Or Service
  • Can Think For Them-Self – They Don’t Only Vomit Company Provided Scripts
  • Runs Their Business Legitimately 


If they use their personal Facebook profile as a spam-file with having 95% of their status’ all about their business, their products, testimonials, their rewards, their paychecks and recruiting;

It tells me they don’t really know much about connecting or how the relationship should be between a client-customer and the rep-consultant. It tells me they are way into the Me, Me, Me mindset. <- I can’t deal with that. 

I also don’t like to do business with those who consistently and knowingly break will break any social media platform’s TOU/TOS by using their personal profile as a spam-file used only to make sales.

Now, of course, those same reps-consultants would 100% tell me I am wrong, but I am not at all wrong. It just needs to be accepted and they need to learn new skills and work towards mastery of their skills. 

I didn’t make this post to be completely negative towards direct sales reps or consultants. I needed to point out the negative to help them become more aware and learn from it. I was once them, though social media didn’t exist back then.

And I needed you, the community to know that I will never just recommend any ‘ol rep or consultant to you.

I look for quality and those really focused on customer service, sales come with customer service, I know it does for me. I wont buy from anyone who is so focused on sales they can’t see anything else. In order for me to put this post together, I posted about what I was doing and my exact specifics in order for me to include the most prestige direct sales reps and consultants.   

I want you to know that literally, out of over twenty-five thousand direct sales reps and party plan consultants, only a few have met my needs for you and requirements for elite and prestige hard-working home business owners I have met.

A Couple More Perks Of Shopping With Directs Sales Reps

There are various perks to shopping from a direct sales rep or party plan rep-consultant. It depends on which products they offer. Some products need just a generalized approach and other products would need a more intimate and very detailed approach.

Someone selling candles and candle accessories has an easier set of tasks to make sure you get exactly what is on your shopping list or something similar or better!

Someone selling something that is related to health, wellness and fitness they have a harder set of tasks and would require them to have knowledge not just on their products but they need to also have fact based knowledge within the health, wellness and fitness areas. 


  • Party Hosts Can Earn Free Products
  • Shop At Any Time 24/7
  • Personal Discreet Customer Service
  • VIP Specials
  • Product OR Service Sampling
  • Delivery To Your Home

Let Me Introduce Some Of

The Best Customer Needs Focused

Direct Sales And Party Plan Reps

These are reps and consultants that I interviewed. I did some digging and researched them personally and professionally. I watched how they are running their business. I wanted to be sure that whom ever made the cut to be represented in this article would be people who have met all the points above and someone who I would shop with.

Click through the Direct Sales And Party Plan Rep Consultant Slide Show 

Stacey Acti Labs rep

Picture 1 of 1

Who is Stacey? -- "I am a busy mom of 4, I work a part time job and am able to work my business around everything! Direct Sales is helping me help others in many different ways through building a team and all of my happy customers!"

What are perks or benefits of shopping with you? -- "My customers are getting high quality products at 70% below big "shop" prices. You are paying a small amount of shipping, the products are Spa quality, saving money in gas, not waiting in lines and shopping in the comfort of their own home."

Why would a customer want to be a party host? What do they get from it? -- "When you are a host/hostess for a party you are able to simply invite your friends and family and then let your Direct Sales rep do the rest! It's a fantastic way for you to shop for holidays, birthdays, many other special occasions and even just a little something special for yourself!"

What are some ways customers can use the services you offer? -- " ADDD WAYS CUSTOMERS CAN SHOP AND WHY EACH IS GOOD AND WHEN"

What are the types of products in your line? Who are they made for? -- "Acti-Labs we offer an exquisite beauty house of products to help you look and feel beautiful, from cosmetics to skincare, detox to weight-loss, hair care to hair growth, inch-loss wraps and more!"

Check out Stacey's Product Line Here | Stacey has a Facebook Pagecheck it out | For additional help, you can Email Stacey Here

Listen, I get customized help from someone who is very knowledgeable about the product I am interested in!

Getting customized help from a direct sales rep is great customer service. I know for me, I have sensitive skin, or picky children and various other needs or requirements. I need someone who can pay attention to MY needs.

I can ask the rep directly any questions I have and they don’t need to rely on anyone else or direct me to some random ‘800’ number to call. Even with brand new reps, I can get a quick answer as they work with their team …

All To Satisfy My Personal Needs And Requirements

I am very picky when it comes to buying from a direct sales company and representative-consultant. I need to know that if I am going to support them in their home based business, that they will return the support back to me as a customer who is spending my sacred money with them. 

Some of the things I look for are

Attention To Details – I need and expect the seller to be quite attentive to details. If we are in person, I expect them to gauge interest, get a feel for my needs, if I am having trouble or concerns my body language will be a tell tale sign, listen to my voice fluctuations and try to decipher what I am trying to get out. This skill is very hard to learn, I know, but it is important if you are trying to sell me something. If I say I want or need one thing and I am dismissed and they continue with something else, then they aren’t a rep for me. Details of all kinds whether they are prominently visible or audible or not they truly matter.

Listening Skills – I want and need the seller to listen to not just what I am saying, but also the inaudible parts too. Not all the time I know exactly what I want or need, but I do sort of know the type of result I need to happen. 

Problem Solving Skills – Some have this ability as if it is like breathing to them. I have come across some people that it literally is their life calling, even if they haven’t recognized it yet. Others have the skill and can get the job done and I have found some that they are a copy/

Others have the skill and can get the job done and I have found some that they are a copy/paster, meaning they will copy and recite what the company or one of their teammates tells them to say. Trust me, I can tell the difference. I am not saying that this skill needs to be fully mastered, especially in the first year of their business, but I can tell if they are or aren’t interested in really solving problems and are all about just waiting for that sale to come on in. 

Trust me, I can tell the difference. I am not saying that this skill needs to be fully mastered, especially in the first year of their business, but I can tell if they are or aren’t interested in really solving problems and are all about just waiting for that sale to come on in. 

Look for a rep that has the about qualities and then uses their problem-solving skills to offer you multiple solutions. Then helps you go through each of those options to help yu determine which is the best fit for your exact needs. 

Customers Are All Different. We Are Not Alike, The Same Or A Mirrored Copy; So One Solution Is Not A One Size Fits All.

Honesty, Integrity, Transparency, and Authenticity – These four very important qualities are a must with me. I am very happy with spending money with someone to help support their home business, what I will not tolerate is someone who is just looking for their next sale. 

I mean, I have placed small orders with certain reps that needed that one sale to keep their status active. However, they were up front that they were needing that sale due to whatever reason and for the most part, I have seen them struggling through a difficult time like illness or something that kept them from working on and in their business. I have been there myself. 

Being honest and having integrity is always one of the best qualities I need to see even if not a business owner. It is more important when they are a business owner to have them though. I wouldn’t want to spend money with someone who is known to not have these qualities as a person, it is part of their overall character.  

If a direct sales rep is doing a fundraiser for something, I expect that they are going to do as they say. I’d like proof that the fundraiser was fulfilled. If they are misrepresenting a product or service, falsely advertising and other activities that go against my own core values, I can not make that sound decision to work with them, buy from them or recommend you to buy from them. 

What Qualities And Skills Do You Look For When Shopping With A Direct Sales Rep Or Party Plan Consultant? 

Tell Us Some Of The Best And Worst Times You Have Experienced With Direct Slaes Reps Or Party Plan Consultants.


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