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How To Clip, Print And Use This Weeks Coupons

How To Combine Coupons And Sales

To Get More For Less Money

Use coupons and sales together so that you can get more products for less money. Learn how you can save money every week just by planning out your shopping trips according to sales so that you have plenty of items for your needs.

The best time to make a purchase is when it is on sale, you have a coupon and buying in bulk. Another great way to save money is finding a good deal such as free shipping or bundle-buying.

The best way to save money is buying at the right times. I will show you how right here.

What You Will Find On This Page

  • How To Coupon
  • Couponing Supplies
  • The Sales And Coupon Challenge Planner With Trackers
  • How To Get The Best Deal Listed By Each Store
  • Deals From Other Businesses Like Etsy Owners, And Home Based Businesses
  • Coupons That You Clip And Print Are At The Bottom

My team and I scout out the best deals, sales, and great buys because we like saving money so we can buy without remorse. I shop for a household of seven people and two large dogs. 

I shop for items to make care packages which I donate and I sometimes put together giveaways for you to enter for a chance to win those packages too. 

On this page, I will show you some great deals and sales going on.

  1. First, before you check out deals below and how to do your Coupon Shopping Grab Your Coupon Planner!
  2. Read through the post carefully to see how I redeem coupons combined with sales and other perks.
  3. Print Out Each Stores Coupon, Rain-check, Sales, And Other Relevant Policies just in case you need to refer to them.
  4. Sign up for each of your store’s rewards and loyalty programs. If they have an app, download it! I have listed some apps I use a few times a week.
  5. Clip, Print, Cut, Sort, And Redeem Coupons! They are found below for your convenience.
  6. Always check the prices in your area. Some prices are different as it depends on what part of the USA you are in. 
  7. Please be respectful, courteous, and don’t make a mess of stores, don’t fight with employees about deals, but be sure that you are in fact correct and the mistake is really on their part. 

  Download And Print To Keep Track Your Money Flow, Savings And Other Important Money Saving Tasks

 If you already know what you are doing, skip down to the individual deals and coupons to clip.

Please Do Not Search Through Papers And Steal The Coupon Inserts!! 

Disclosure: I am an Amazon Affiliate, which means if you click on those links and make a purchase today, I get a small percentage. This Does Not raise the price for you or affect you in any way. The earned commissions allow me to hire at home moms to help bring you the best deals. 

Couponing Supplies For Shorter Preparation And Shopping Trips

Couponing can be lots of work, especially when you are just starting out. 

I want you to get the best couponing experience possible, which is one of the reasons why I do not have multiple posts making you comb through this website. I know how time-consuming it can be, for this reason, everything is here, on one page!

Get a Sunday paper subscription so you don’t have to leave the house unless you don’t mind. Most couponers get a paper delivered and are already doing their first coupon shopping while you are out grabbing your first copy. 

Once you get the hang of couponing, you can get two Sunday papers in your subscription (if they allow it) and go to your local store to grab a few more. I get four to five Sunday papers because I do not just shop for my family, but I shop to create the care packages that I donate. You can get however many you can afford or need.

You want these extra papers so that you can have multiple of the same coupons to take advantage of each sale buying “in bulk” or what people call building their stockpile. 


Coupon Printing And Cutting Supplies

If your finances allow, even as a new couponer, I highly recommend a black ink laser jet printer. This allows you to use printed coupons. Please only print out one copy, it is traceable and your IP can be banned from the coupon sites. 

I recommend a laserjet printer because it costs less in the long run compared to inkjet does. The printer featured here is what I have. 

Shop around for the best price and system that works best for you, it can make pennies difference, but you are couponing to save money, but keeping in mind to not skimp out and get items that will not serve you long term. This can make a price difference anywhere between two to fifteen cents per sheet of coupons. 

Coupons Typically Print 3 Coupons Per Sheet Of Paper

HP LaserJet Wireless Laser PrinterHP LaserJet Wireless Laser PrinterHP 79A Black LaserJet Toner Prints 1,000 PagesHP 79A Black LaserJet Toner Prints 1,000 PagesAmazonBasics Copy Paper (500 Sheets)AmazonBasics Copy Paper (500 Sheets)


Cutting your coupons that have been printed out can be a slight hassle, here are a few coupon clipping options. Check them out and see which works for you. 

Scissors with Comfort GripScissor with Comfort GripCompact Trimmer, 5 Sheet CapacityCompact Trimmer, 5 Sheet CapacityDarice Mini Paper TrimmerDarice Mini Paper TrimmerFiskars Easy Action Bent ScissorsFiskars Easy Action Bent Scissors



Get The Best Couponing Setup That Works For You

Coupon Organization Setup Option One – What I started with

Master Craft Coupon OrganizerMaster Craft Coupon OrganizerSet of 4 Magnetic List PadsSet of 4 Magnetic List Pads


Now that I am more advanced and comfortable with the flow of my coupon redeeming trips, these items really keep things organized and easy to keep up with. I do not like doing extra work and wasting time, I like to spend as much time as I possibly can with my family. Having the right system in place for me is crucial. 

Take a look at these items and see if they are a fit for you too. I will list a few options, the first coupon setup is what I do. 

Coupon Organization Setup Option Two – How Mine Is Currently Set Up

ShopKeeper Coupon Book, Coupon OrganizerShopKeeper Coupon Book, Coupon Organizerbloom daily planners Grocery List - Grocery Pad - Shopping Pad 6bloom daily planners Grocery List – Grocery Pad – Shopping Pad 6


This coupon set up is easy to use and is not just affordable but attractive too. I can easily sort my shopping trips by store, which is super easy for me. I get easily distracted so having everything sorted and ready to go makes all my shopping trips efficient. 

Coupon Organization Setup Option Three

Grocery Coupon Organizer Set| 2 PocketsGrocery Coupon Organizer Set| 2 PocketsSet of 4 Shopping List PadsSet of 4 Shopping List Pads


This set is nice because it is smaller s it may be easier for you to handle. It also sits nicely on the shopping cart handle, always a plus unless you have a child there. It has two pockets which allow you to separate food items from non-food items, I know this can be quite handy. 

Coupon Organization Setup Option Four

4-Pocket Coupon Organizer Portfolio - SouthWest4-Pocket Coupon Organizer Portfolio – SouthWest52 Weeks of Meals w/ Perforated Grocery List Magnet52 Weeks of Meals w/ Perforated Grocery List Magnet


What I love about this combination is that the notebook style binder is so nicely decorated but also have lots of pockets to clearly see your coupons with just a glimpse. I also love the take-along shopping list that comes off the weekly menu planner. My family can easily plan the week out and list the ingredients that we would need to shop for those particular meals. 

Couponing And Shopping Accessories

Sharpie Accent Retractable Highlighters, Chisel Tip, Assorted Colors, 8-CountSharpie Accent Retractable Highlighters, Chisel Tip, Assorted Colors, 8-CountPaper Mate Profile Retractable Ballpoint Pens, Bold (1.4mm), Assorted Colors, 12 CountPaper Mate Profile Retractable Ballpoint Pens, Bold (1.4mm), Assorted Colors, 12 CountFrienda Multicolor Paper Clips Number Shape Paper Clips for Bookmark Office School Notebook Agenda Pad, 0 to 9, 10 Stlyes, 60 PiecesFrienda Multicolor Paper Clips Number Shape Paper Clips for Bookmark Office School Notebook Agenda Pad, 0 to 9, 10 Stlyes, 60 PiecesEarthwise Large Insulated Reusable Grocery Bag Shopping Hot Cold Thermal Cooler w/zipper closureEarthwise Large Insulated Reusable Grocery Bag Shopping Hot Cold Thermal Cooler w/zipper closureEarthwise Large Insulated Collapsible Reusable Box Shopping Grocery Bag w/ zipper top (2 Pack)Earthwise Large Insulated Collapsible Reusable Box Shopping Grocery Bag w/ zipper top (2 Pack)Earthwise Deluxe Collapsible Reusable Shopping Box Grocery Bag Set with Reinforced Bottom (Set of 2)Earthwise Deluxe Collapsible Reusable Shopping Box Grocery Bag Set with Reinforced Bottom (Set of 2)Magnetic Weekly Meal Planner and Grocery List Notepad.Magnetic Weekly Meal Planner and Grocery List Notepad.Knock Knock All Out Of Pad (Red)Knock Knock All Out Of Pad (Red)



Know The Coupon And Money Saving Methods Lingo

  • MQ or mq = manufacturers coupon
  • SQ or sq = store coupon
  • RP or rp = regular price
  • RB = rebates
  • BP or bp = Bonus Points
  • SR or sr = store rewards
  • RR = register rewards
  • SP or sp = sale price
  • OOP or oop = out of pocket
  • BCS or bcs = before coupons and sales
  • ST or st = subtotal before any deals, sales, coupons etc.
  • IS = instant savings
  • DC or dc = digital coupon
  • B1G1 or BOGO = buy one get one. Sometimes it is a free or a half off the second item, double check that particular sale


Please share and save this page for easy references, the coupons, sales, and deals change weekly.


Here Are The Store By Store Coupons Combined With Sales Breakdown



Be sure to sign up for the Dollar General newsletter and to get their rewards too. Also, text SIGNUP to 34898 to get text messages of special pricing and digital coupons too. 

What Do The Colored Dots, Diamond And Stars Mean And Why It Matters

Whenever you go into any store, they all have these things that help their employees and customers quickly view their sale items. Some tags are for clearance marked items and some are those buy one get one deal. A huge color for Dollar General are the brown dots. Look high and low, they are not advertised at all.

  • Brown Dot Are 90% Off! Sometimes you can get things for a penny

New Sales Go Into Effect On SUNDAY

Kellogg’s Cereal  

SP  = $2.50

MQ  for each box = – $1.00 – use four MQ’s

IS = – $.3.00

  • Buy 4 boxes = $10
    Instant savings = $3.00
    Four $1.00 manufacturer’s coupon = $4.00
  • OOP = $3.00


Iams Dog Food

SP = B1G1 Free

MQ = B1G1 Free (from a few weeks ago insert) or use any MQ that matches your purchase, in case you missed it

DC = $2.00 off $10.00 purchase 

  • Buy both Iams Minichunks 11lb (get 2)  and 3.3lbs bags = $29.85                                                                                             B1G1 Free = – $5.95                                                                                                                                                                MQ for B1G1 Free = – $11.95                                                                                                                                                  IS = – $2.oo                                                                                                                                                                                
  • OOP = $9.95 for 25.3lbs of Iams Dog Food!


Gain Flings Or Tide Pods

SP = $3.95

DC = – $3.00

  • OOP = $0.95 cents

Gain Fireworks Or Downey Unstoppables

RP = $4.50

DC = – $2.00

MQ = – $1.00 (if you still have any from previous weeks)

  • OOP = $1.50



Be sure to sign up for their rewards to get many types of benefits You can easily clip in store coupons to use, you get lots of Catalina coupons, points to turn in for products and other reward benefits. 

New Sales Go Into Effect On MONDAY

Various Hair Care Products

Buy any 2 Get one free. Be sure to bring all your hair care coupons to see which ones you can save even more on. 

Arm & Hammer Laundry

SP = B1G1 Free

MQ = – $1.00

  • OOP = $7.29
  • Bonus if you have points to redeem 

Ziplock Freezer Bags

SP = 2/$5.50

RR = – $1.50

MQ = – $1.00 (if you have any left from earlier weeks)

  • OOP = $3.00 for 2 boxes
  • Bonus if you have RR 
  • Bonus if you have points to use

Black Forest Or Trolli Candy

RR  = – $1.50

Various Types Of Household Cleaners

B2G1 Free

  • There are many coupons to use with this deal
  • Use Catalina, RR, earn points and use points on things that you can

Buy 1 Get One 1/2 Off

Dove, Soft Soap, Well Acne Care and Well Sun Care

  • Dove gives BP’s
  • Use Points and MQ’s on both Dove and Soft Soap if you have any left



Publix does have digital coupons. Signup with your phone number to clip and redeem them. The weekly sales including all the BOGO Free items do not need or use coupons. That is what I absolutely love about their sales! 

Also, Publix does have great customer service where they do their best to bag every customer’s purchase but the bagger will also go with you to your car and load it all up, correctly into your car!

New Sales Go Into Effect On MONDAYS

B1G1 Free Deals 

Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent

MQ = – $1.00 

  • OOP = $5.49 for both bottles

Colgate Toothpaste

MQ = – $1.00

  • OOP = $1.99 for both tubes

General Mills Cereals

MQ = – $1.00 or $1.50 

  • OOP = $2.39 for both boxes

Glad Zipper Bags

MQ = – $1.00 

  • OOP = $2.59 for both boxes

Soft Soap

MQ = – $1.00

  • OOP = $2.99


New Sales Go Into Effect On WEDNESDAYS 

Winn-Doxie has now partnered up with Plenti so that you can get their sale prices and earn perks like the fuel rewards. So be sure to get them linked together. 


Be sure to sign up for their rewards program. They give you their CVS Extra Bucks that you can apply towards purchases. Get their app so that you don’t miss out on good deals.

New Sales Go Into Effect On SUNDAYS

Various deals on cosmetics, skin care, and household items.

  • Spend a certain amount or buy a certain quantity of select items and get Extracare Bucks. 
  • Use your saved Mobi app items to use on the B1G1 Free Shea Moisture to get a bigger discount on their B1G1 1/2 off sale. 


New Sale Goes Into Effect On WEDNESDAYS

Be sure to sign up for their rewards program. Their perks include fuel points and digital coupons. Get their app on your phone too. 

Kroger’s Milk

1/2 gallons are 10 for $10.00

General Mills Cereal

SP = $1.88

MQ = – $1.00

  • OOP = $0.88

Yoplait Yogurt

SP = 10 / $6.00

MQ = – $1.00

  • OOP = $5.00



Go Clip, Print and Redeem These Coupons!

Please save this page so you never miss a great deal, offer or sale.

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