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Statistics on Consumer Spending at Halloween

Halloween is a widely celebrated festival in the world. In the USA, it has been regarded as a major festival. During the festival, people make spending on souvenirs, apparels, gift items, etc. Along with conventional retail stores, ecommerce stores also gear up with various discounts or offers during Halloween to lure more consumers.

In recent years, it has been found that around 40% of people in the USA purchase goods from eCommerce stores during Halloween. With the advent of time, it is obvious that the number will keep increasing. So, it is quite interesting to check the facts and figures on how people spend money during Halloween in the USA.

halloween spending statistics

Crucial Statistic on Consumer Spending at Halloween

  1. According to the industry estimation, consumers in the USA will spend around $9 billion on Halloween. For an average American, the expenditure will be $90. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, consumer spending on the Halloween of 2020 is significantly good for keeping the economy in a steady shape.
  1. Do you know that people mostly spend money buying sweets and candies for Halloween? Like every year, 95% people will buy candies on Halloween this year.
  1. According to NRF, 45% people have planned to carve a pumpkin for the Halloween event. This data also remains similar to the data of past years.
  1. Last year, kids preferred buying princess and superhero costumes for the Halloween event. This year, demand is similar for such costumes. However, many kids also prefer buying vampire and witch costumes. The vintage Halloween dresses are making a comeback in the consumer market.
  1. Covid-19 pandemic has an impact on Halloween celebration too. Around 58% of people have stated that they will celebrate Halloween with the same enthusiasm. Others are planning to minimize their festive expenses a little.
  1. Those, who are not celebrating Halloween this year, have not restricted themselves from Halloween shopping. Since a lot of retail stores and ecommerce shops offer amazing discounts during Halloween, people will use the opportunity to buy some of the products at low cost.
  1. In the last few years, domestic box office earnings from horror movies were escalating. But, movie halls and multiplexes have to suffer a loss due to Coronavirus pandemic. However, people are going for subscription of various OTT platforms for watching movies and web series on crime, thriller, and horror genres.
  1. Total spending on Halloween is expected to drop this year due to Covid-19 pandemic. According to the industry experts, spending has dropped around 8.3% in this year compared to the previous year. In 2020, the overall estimation for consumer spending is around $8.05 billion. In 2019, the total spending was $8.78 billion.
  1. In 2019, 47% people had spent on Halloween costumes. In this year, the number has been expected to come down. However, it is only down by 1%. According to the National Retail Federation of the USA, 46% people have opined that they shall spend money on buying Halloween costumes.
  1. Halloween sales are a reflection of the mood of the consumers in the USA. Ahead of the big festive season, people start spending on Halloween. Hence, it shows how the people will be going to spend on the festive season at the end of the year.
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Crucial Spending Details on Halloween

Halloween is an important event from the perspective of the retail industry of the USA. Hence, the National Retail Federation conducts surveys to understand the mood of the buyers. Due to the pandemic-hit world economy, Halloween expenditure has gone down this year. However, the facts and figures are not discouraging for the retailers in the USA at all. There are plenty of positive takeaways. So, how do people in the USA spend money on Halloween? In the following section, some of the facts and figures have been discussed.

  1. Spooky Spending Data – Halloween spending data brings surprises for the market researchers, experts, and economists. Halloween has not been regarded as a festival where expenditure is a ritual. It is a relatively inexpensive holiday compared to Christmas and Thanksgiving. Despite being an inexpensive holiday, people love to spend money on Halloween. With the rising popularity of ecommerce stores, people have started making higher expenses on Halloween than earlier. Various online retail stores offer unique discounts and luring deals to the buyers. Hence, buyers grab the opportunity to purchase some of the products from their festive wish list.
  1. What People Buy on Halloween? – In 2017, National Retail Federation (NRF) had noted that more than 70% of Americans spend money in buying candies. The trend remains the same for the successive years. Hence, people will continue to spend money on candies and sweets on this year’s Halloween. During Halloween, an average American spends around $25 for purchasing the candies. After the candies, Halloween costumes are the most popular thing to shop for the buyers. According to NRF, 50% of buyers look for costumes for Halloween. Interestingly, men buy more Halloween costumes than women. Around 16% consumers buy Halloween dresses for their pets. Buying Halloween costumes for pets is a progressive trend. More people buy costumes for their pets on Halloween in the successive years.
  1. Shoppers Are Opening Wallets for Halloween- Halloween was not a popular shopping festival in past in the USA. In 2007, average Americans used to spend $65 for the Halloween. The expenditure graph had observed a sharp hike in 2011. In that year, an average consumer had spent $72.31 on Halloween. Industry experts attribute the rise on Halloween expenditure to the popularity of ecommerce industry. With the expansion of the e-commerce industry, buyers have started spending more on Halloween. Hence, Halloween is also turning into a big shopping day for the consumers.
  1. Young People Shop More on Halloween- Around 39% buyers during Halloween belong to the less than 45 years age group. Overall 99% customers belong to ages less than 55 years. Another interesting thing is that younger people prefer buying online. On the other hand, older people prefer to purchase products for Halloween from physical retail stores.
  1. Steady Increase in Expenditure- Since 2016, Halloween expenses have set the new bar in every year. People have spent more in successive years till 2019. In 2020, the expenditure has declined a little. Covid-19 pandemic is the reason behind the decline. Not just an increase in expenditure, participation of more people in Halloween shopping has been noted in the past few years. For example, 171 million people took part in Halloween shopping in 2016. In 2017, 179 million people had participated in Halloween shopping. The number is progressive till 2019. In 2020, lesser people have taken part in Halloween shopping compared to 2019.
  1. Interesting Online Search Data- Around 35.2 Americans search for Halloween inspiration. Large number of people prefer using social media websites like Facebook and Pinterest to look for Halloween inspiration and shopping materials. On the other hand, 30.3% people check various online retail stores to find the exclusive Halloween products. Another 20% of people rely on their friends and relatives to obtain innovative ideas for celebrating Halloween. More than 50% of buyers in the USA prefer using the ecommerce stores for buying Halloween costumes.
  1. Halloween Shopping Starts in October- For a majority number of people, Halloween shopping starts in the month of October. Around 64% people start their shopping for Halloween in October. However, many people start their shopping from September too. Men show more patience in online shopping than women during Halloween. Around 24% men wait till the last minute to complete their shopping. On the other hand, only 17% women wait till the last moment to complete their festive shopping on Halloween.
  1. Spending Is Increasing on Halloween Décor – In last year, people spent $1.88 billion on Halloween decoration items. However, the highest expenditure goes into candies and costumes. After those two things, people love spending on the home decoration items for Halloween. With the advent of time, many sellers have come with innovative home décor products for this event. Hence, sales of the home décor items during Halloween will rise sharply in coming years.
  1. Post-Holiday Deals – Halloween brings the festive feeling among the people. As Halloween comes, everyone starts planning for the festive season ahead. This is why many people like to choose post-holiday deals on Halloween. They purchase goods for Halloween. They also purchase the goods that are not for Halloween. Many buyers buy the products for Christmas and New Year during the Halloween sales on the retail stores. There are around 57% buyers who love to opt for the post-holiday deals during their Halloween shopping.
  1. E-Tail Fact Check – Online shopping is a popular option for buyers. During Halloween, online shops observe a sharp rise in sales. For shopping via e-tail stores, the following trends have been noted.
  • During the Halloween weekend, 20% ecommerce sales occur.
  • 49% e-tail stores start marketing two to three months before Halloween.
  • Around 40% online buyers purchase at least one Halloween related item.
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According to the US Census Bureau, there were 42 million trick-or-treaters on last year’s Halloween. Due to the 2020 pandemic, the number will drop in 2020. Halloween is an important event for people in the USA. It is crucial for many retail shop owners.

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