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Here are some subscription boxes teen girls you will actually look up and smile about once they open up that present.

gifts for teen girls
Give Her Something To Smile About.

Subscription Boxes Teen Girls Will Inspire Them and Keep Them Smiling

<Shopping for teens is always a complicated task. With trends changing constantly its hard to figure out what they would like, and what they would actually use.

Getting subscription boxes gives the opportunity to give your teen a jam-packed gift with all their wants, so you can use the rest of your budget on what they really need!

If you have no holiday plans when it comes to the money you will be spending, please check out our Holiday Planning post.

Here are the top subscription boxes to get your teen girl for this holiday season.

Health and Beauty Subscription Box Gifts For Teen Girls

Boxy Charm is a beauty box with five full sized beauty products. This box is only $25 a month, and is perfect for a teen with a makeup addiction.

Boxy Charm takes nicer brands like Two Faced and Tarte and pairs them with natural makeup brands, and smaller brands starting out, giving them the ability to discover something new!

Right now if you sign up for Boxy Charm, you can get a free pallet and another free gift on top of it.

If your teen is more into fashion then there is always the Fab Fit Fun subscription box!

Fab Fit Fun is an all around beauty box. When you sign up, you have to take a quiz on what you are more into. If you focus on fashion, hair care, or skin care. This quiz is then utilized to perfect your box.

Fab Fit Fun is $50 and is a seasonal subscription box, so you only get one every season, and the Winter box is now available.

Fab Fit Fun does promotional or “starter boxes” all you have to do is find someone who already is subscribed to the box and ask for them to email you the link. These starter boxes are worth $50-$100 and they only charge the cost of the shipping, $5.

subscription boxes for teen girls

These starter boxes come with useful items such as sunglasses, a large bottle of leave in conditioner, rose water face spray, and many more! They take extra items from subscription boxes that do not fit their subscribers needs and put them in fun colorful mini boxes, that anyone would enjoy!

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This makes an extremely affordable gift for your teenager when you are on a budget!

Cause Box is very similar to Fab Fit Fun. Cause Box takes health and beauty products produced from small companies who give back to the community, and directly impact third world countries. These companies also produce their products ethically and ensure the employees are being paid a livable wage.

The Cause Box is $55 annually or $200 for a year, and is sent out quarterly just like Fab Fit Fun. Many people prefer the Cause Box over Fab Fit Fun because they ship faster, help with any issues quicker, and they go to a better cause.

subscription boxes for teen girls

When you go to their website, they will offer a 10% off code simply by subscribing your email!

Just like Fab Fit Fun, there are opportunities to get discounted boxes to take the weight out of that large price tag!

Scent Bird takes high end, popular cologne, perfume, and body spray and puts them in tiny reusable containers.

scent bird subscription boxes for teen girls

For $15 a month with a current 25% off your first order, you can get a 6oz bottle of perfume, this is perfect for a teen who is constantly traveling or is thinking of going to a college away from home, or even your athlete who likes to apply perfume after practice or a game.

Scent Box is another subscription for great perfumes for her to try out and fall in love with. With free exchanges and shipping, she will be able to try out various scents and keep the ones she loves with ease.

Fashion Subscription Boxes Teen Girls Can Try Out

Ellie is a clothing box that provides a range from 2-5 items for up to $50. Once on the website, there are a range of options for every taste in sporty clothes. There are sherpa athletic jackets, velvet pants, colorful prints, and basic black prints!

Every month, Ellie releases 3 new styles to mix up your fashion, and to push your teen out of their comfort zone, while keeping their style in mind.

The best part of this subscription box, is that if your teen isn’t a fan of the outfit, it can be returned for a refund, as long as it is within 30 days.

Strong Selfie is a subscription box filled with items to help boost her self love and confidence. It is a great way to help her learn about self care as well.


Universal Yums is a great monthly box, that sends out snack from around the world!

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Each month they promote a different country and fill it with different types of candy. Sweet savory, chocolate, gummy candy, and even popular drinks! Each month they announce the new country on their website and on their Facebook Universal Yums.

The boxes range from $14 for 6+ snacks to $36 for 20+ snacks, and they even have a gift a box option, so you would not have to sign up for a monthly subscription!

Candy Club is a monthly box that features in gummy candy galore. From sweet, sour, tropical, and pretty much any other gummy candy you can think of.

They are on the pricier side, however they provide delicious quality candy for your loved ones.

The Candy Club gives the opportunity to treat two different sizes of candy cups with a few different gifting options. They have a six ounce and a thirteen ounce option to choose from.

Graze is a healthier snack option for those who don’t like sweets, or for athletes who need something quick to snack on.

Graze is a $15 biweekly box that sends 8 healthy snacks that you can customize, and change based on what you discover about your palette.

This box has different types of trail mixes, chocolate covered nuts, and just plain nuts. Some options come with different spices on the trail mix to add some unique flavors to the mix!

graze subscription boxes for teen girls

Shaving box subscriptions such as Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s Shave Club are the perfect gifts to purchase your teen their beauty necessities while getting them a little bit of extras.

These subscription boxes are a fun way to try out new shaving products such as shaving butter, after scrub, and different shaving creams. Although these are typically for men, their shaving products always tend to be better quality, and last longer.

Shaving products are able to be used in multiple ways, like the shaving scrub turns into a relaxing way to massage out leg muscles after a hard day at school. Shaving creams are always useful to keep skin soft and moisturized all day long, and its always fun to have an excuse to hide away in the bath and soak all the problems away!

<What are some of your own subscription boxes you enjoy getting and why?

subscription boxes teen girls need
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