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 Here Is a Thanksgiving Planner To Ease Holiday Stress

These Thanksgiving Planners are here to help you with all tasks related to having an amazing celebration. There are two to choose from. 

It’s no secret that this time of year is super busy for all of us. Getting everything ready, organized, and in order for the big feast and festivities is a lot of work.

Especially if you’re hosting the event for your friends and family! The more organized for Thanksgiving you are, the easier it’ll be to get everything done and be able to have an enjoyable holiday.

thanksgiving planner

Also if you prepare ahead of time you can control your budget better which is such a shopping saver. It is a great way to be an efficient and effective shopper.

Decorating, cooking, and shopping for the big feast is simple when you can get help from a planner. Using a Thanksgiving planner keeps it focused on one goal. You will feel stress-free while doing it!

Even though there’s still the pressure of having everything perfect, taking a few simple steps to pre-plan and brainstorm will definitely help.

4 Things to do to Decorating, cooking, and shopping:

Plan the Meal and Holiday Out

 There is no worse feeling than feeling like you’re forgetting something – especially part of the meal AND for Thanksgiving!

Get a simple three-ring binder and download and print out this Thanksgiving Planner to get everything organized and planned out.

You can write out all the recipes you plan to make, along with a list of ingredients you’ll need for each.

A simple two page Thanksgiving planner with a checklist with budgeting page will help you stay organized and focused. We have filled in all the details for you, we all forget things, so this will help you stay on track.

You can choose this multi-page version if you are looking for more or grab them both! You can grab the multi-page Thanksgiving planner here.

This creates somewhat of a checklist that you can both take with you to the store while shopping and to have while cooking. A list so you don’t forget any of your dishes and the recipes are then all right at your finger tips!

You can even add a section of things to not forget for your guests such as guest toiletries, place settings and noting which guest is bringing what.

While organizing the recipes and lists into a binder isn’t necessary, it’ll be extremely helpful and something you can keep to have for years to come as well. Such a cool memory to have, share it with future family members to show them how you were able to execute amazing Thanksgiving celebrations.

Start Your Shopping

 While some things for Thanksgiving are for last-minute shopping trips, there is a majority of the items you’ll need that you can start to shop for ahead of time.

Purchasing all pantry items and frozen food items ahead of time will ease a lot of stress within the next couple of weeks. After purchasing what you can, make a list of the items you still have to buy that way you aren’t going crazy during the next shopping trip!

Having a Thanksgiving planner helps you in the long run.

There is no worse feeling than realizing you need something and completely forgot.

Place Settings

Count your guests and the amount of Decorating, cooking, and shopping you have to make sure you have enough matching sets of each. Thanksgiving is one of those rare days to pull out the nice place settings; So making sure that you have the right amount is super important!

You can also start to make the center piece if you choose to have one and place cards or a seating chart if you want to get a bit fancy. There are simple ways to dress up the table for Thanksgiving and making some quick and easy DIY projects is the way to go – and something you can get done ahead of time.

Clean and Organize

Just a few weeks before the holiday season really kicks off, start to clean your home! The kitchen, guest room(s), the list is likely never-ending. Clean your appliances (especially your oven) to prepare for all the cooking that is to come. Also start to clean out your fridge to make room for all the ingredients you’re about to buy and leftovers you’ll soon be storing.

Recipe tasting

 Have a new recipe that you’re dying to try for Thanksgiving? Test it out now! Making it once before hand will give you a better sense of the time said recipe takes, what’s involved and most importantly – if you like it.

Decorating, cooking, and shopping

Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Holiday!

Please tell us below how these tips and the planner helped you.

And tell us how you celebrated. 

With these tips and cooking/baking and decor items, you’re sure to have a more stress-free and exciting holiday with friends and family! Are you ready for Thanksgiving? What is on your menu?

By the way, head on over to Ambitious Parenting’s blog to grab your kids’ free Thanksgiving activities too!

free thanksgiving kids activities
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