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Open Giveaways To Enter – USA

Entering giveaways can be fun! These are some giveaways I have found that are family friendly and I think you would enjoy getting if you win.

Giveaways to enter for a chance to win!

Who doesn’t like to win prizes and get free stuff? I know I like to enter giveaway to get a chance to win, and love them even more when I win of course.

With five kids and a large dog, yes winning something surely helps. That is why I urge you to enter any giveaway that you can. If yu win omething, yu don’y have to buy it. However, do make sure that you keep track of your winnings. You will need totrack the item name, date you win, date you recieve and what the cost of that priz is, this is becuase legally you do need to disclose that winning on your taxes forms.

It is also a great way to try products and services you have wondered about or learn about brand new items that just hit store shelves.

Good Luck on your entries, I will update this page as Giveaways become active or end.

mini easter pail

>Enter Giveaways at your own discretion. We do our best to make sure they are legit and being held responsibly. Small Budget Family Life is not responsible for any entries, winner choosing or prize shipping.

If you have a Giveaway you would like us to list, please email marilynprteam@gmail.com

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